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Access Point: Testopia -> Dragon Attack at Willowshire! scroll -> Go there!, Falconreach Portal (Books 1 and 2) -> Willowshire
Requirements: None
Release Date: June 16th, 2006

Quests Available
Dragon Attack at Willowshire!
Gorgok Returns!

Guardian Bruce
Guardian Chuck
Guardian Fortuna
Guardian Steve

During the Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

Guardian Fortuna: Thank goodness you are here, the Dragon and his army are destroying the entire town!

  • Mission! - takes you to Willowshire Burns! quest.

  • Talk
      <Character>: What is the situation?
      Guardian Fortuna: They attacked without warning. The focus of their attack seems to be the Guardian tower!
      Guardian Fortuna: I was instructed by the Tower Commander to get as many villagers out of town as possible and call for reinforcements.
      Guardian Fortuna: But when I got back.... the Dragon and his army had already reached the tower!
      Twilly: Twillies brought as many people as Twillies could!
      Robina: I will do what I can to help!
      Ash: Let me at those Dragonheaded goons!
      Guardian Chuck: You can count on my blade!
      Guardian Steve: My spells are ready for battle!
      Guardian Bruce: I am ready for the hardest, toughest, most dangerous, and crazyiest missions you can throw at me!
      <Character>: I am at your service as well.
      *! appears above Guardian Fortuna's head.*

      Guardian Fortuna: By the light.... you are <Character>! If you are here, we can retake the town! Your fellow adventurers are already down there.
      Guardian Fortuna: There are a lot of us, so if we run strategic we can help those who are trapped and push back the invaders!
  • Team up!
    • Yes - adds Ash and Robina as Guest A and B, respectively.
    • No
  • Dragon
      Guardian Fortuna: I heard his minions say his name.... and I am certain. That Dragon is Gorgok
      Robina, Ash, Twilly (in unison): Gorgok!!!?
      *! appears briefly above Gorgok's head.*

      <Character>: .... who is Gorgok?
      Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok the Terrible Earth Dragon! He is infamous for all sorts of horrible tragedies and known by so many terrible names...
      Robina: The destoryer of Deconville
      Ash: The terror of TempleTerrace!
      Twilly: The sheep shredder.
      Robina, Ash (in unison): The reaper of Redville!
      Robina, Ash (in unison): Hey, that was mine!
      Robina: Jinx!
      Ash: ...
      Twilly: The dingleberry destroyer!
      Robina: You just made that one up....
      Ash: ...
      Guardian Fortuna: Guys... this is serious....
      Ash: ...
      Guardian Fortuna: *Sigh* Robina...
      Robina: Fine.... Ash, you are unjinxed.
      Ash: Thanks.
      Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna, Twilly (in unison): Lets take Gorgok and his army down!
      <Character>: .... Jinx.
      Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna, Twilly (in unison): ...
  • Quit - returns you to Testopia.

    Pop-up headlines while clicking around Willowshire:

  • How are we doing? Dial 1-555-Slay-Dragon
  • Robina
  • Ash
  • That is you... the Hero!
  • Guardian Fortuna
  • Twilly
  • House sitter? This house was sat on!
  • The Baker's shop is toasted!
  • The Guardian tower of Earth is almost destroyed!
  • The weapon store is sold out!
  • Gordok is one big, ugly, mean Dragon!
  • School is closed on account of Dragon invasion.
  • Hey! I can see my house from here!

  • After the Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

    Guardian Fortuna: The Dragon's Army has been driven back, thanks to you. But there is still work to be done...

  • To The Tower! - takes you to the Willowshire Guardian Tower.

  • Gorgok!
      Guardian Fortuna: I hoped that I would never see that day, but Gorgok has returned.
      Guardian Fortuna: We've been trying to rebuild since that dragon's first attack, but the Dravir that it controls destroy things as fast as we can build them.
      Guardian Fortuna: Its wounds from the last battle have healed. It has grown too strong for an average hero or even a guardian to defeat...
      Guardian Fortuna: ...and it is preparing to finish Willowshire off with its renewed strength.
      Guardian Fortuna: We will never find peace until Gorgok is destroyed!
      Guardian Fortuna: Dragon Lord <Character>, Do you think that you and <Dragon> could battle the beast?
      Guardian Fortuna: It will be a hard fight but even if you don't finish Gorgok, any small defeat will cause the Dravir to fall back.
      Guardian Fortuna: That will give us some hope of taking our town and our Guardian Tower back! Will you help us?

    • Battle Gorgok! - takes you to Gorgok Returns! quest.
    • Run Away!
  • What Happened Here?!
      Guardian Fortuna: A while ago the nature dragon Gorgok attacked our town. Willowshire was mostly destroyed as you can see. But Gorgok was defeated.
      Guardian Fortuna: After Gorgok's last defeat it flew away while its Dravir kept attacking anyone they could find.
      Guardian Fortuna: They burned our fields and our homes and set up a camp in our old town square. Most of the survivors went into hiding.
      Guardian Fortuna: Those of us who refused to run set up a resistance movement.
      Guardian Fortuna: We've been holding out for King Alteon to send us reinforcements but the Dravir have stopped every messenger that we have sent to Swordhaven.
      Guardian Fortuna: It took us months but we discovered that Gorgok was in a healing sleep in the hills near here.
      Guardian Fortuna: The dragon is heavily guarded by Dravir while it sleeps... not that we could hope to kill it even in it's sleep.
      Guardian Fortuna: We heard that you were showing up and Lady Celestia sent us a magic message telling us about you and your Dragon, <Dragon>.
      Guardian Fortuna: Her magic must be too subtle or too strong for the Dravir to block her messages to us.
      Guardian Fortuna: We believe that you have the power to defeat Gorgok or at least put it back into its healing coma. Will you help us?

    • Battle Gorgok! - takes you to Gorgok Returns! quest.
    • Run Away!

    Other information
  • The town was left in ruins ever since the Dragon Attack at Willowshire! war.
  • The Guardian Tower most likely held the Nature Orb before it was stolen by Valencia.
  • Replaced by Willowshire Outpost on August 27th, 2010 in order to gain access to Willowshire.

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  • Crynsos for original entry.
  • Tolkienfanatic for dialogue information.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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