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Captain's Orders

Location: Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2) -> Rhubarb -> Quests -> Captain's Orders
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Boxes of Ninjas
Release Date: May 10th, 2007

Objective: Captain Blackberry has brought you to a cave where Drakath is hiding with the Wind Pearl. The passage is dangerous but with the Wind Pearl within reach you must risk it.
Objective completed: Whoa! It seems that Drakath activated the Wind Orb and used its power against you but it looks like he does not have control of that power yet. You HAVE to get to him before he figures out how to use that power!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(11) Galeocerda
(1) Drakath - Boss

Captain Blackberry
Galeocerda (1, 2)

Brrrzerker Blade
Eye Scream
Freezing Point
Icy You

Brain Freezers
Cold Fright
Frosted Tips
Snowman's Arms
The Scranton Branch

Hail Warning
Shimmering Scythe
Staff Of Coldness

Black Pearl

Rhubarb: The note from Sepulchure makes me think that Drakath must still be on the island hidden somewhere.
Rhubarb: I sent a message to Captain Blackberry aboard the Red Betty and he says that he has tracked Drakath down.
Rhubarb: The captain would like to speak with ye. Head to the Red Betty and don't ye waste a second... Blackberry is not a patient man.

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    Captain Blackberry: Ahoy there matey, welcome aboard the Red Betty, the most feared pirate ship in the eight known seas of Lore!
    Captain Blackberry: Remember to keep your hands and arms inside the craft at all times... OR I'll gut ye with me hook and feed yer giblets to the sharks!
    Captain Blackberry: I may not keep my word often but I've never made a threat I wasn't willing to keep, so now ye understand how things work on me ship.
    Captain Blackberry: People do what I say or they walk the plank. But IF you do what I say, then you get your share of the booty this vessel takes on board...
    Captain Blackberry: ... after I get my cut o'course. It's as simple as that.
    Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb says that yer pretty suave fer a landlubber... that ye get what needs doin', done.
    Captain Blackberry: He may be an honor-bound idiot, but he has a good eye for talent... the eye that I didn't take from him.
    Captain Blackberry: That was the last time he will let the ship's cook overcook my steak, by Triton! Har Har Har!
    Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb has told me that you've gotten closer to capturing the Wind Pearl than any pirate so far.
    Captain Blackberry: He explained that this Drakath guy took the Wind Pearl out from under yer nose!
    Captain Blackberry: I don't allow failure on this ship but considering yer performance so far I'm giving you a chance to redeem yerself, swab!
    Captain Blackberry: I've tracked Drakath to a cave on the southern tip of the island... you'll have to take the UNDERWATER path to get to him quickly.
    Captain Blackberry: I guess ye get to test the quality of those Underwater Breathing Potions the ninjas flooded the sea with. Har Har Har!
    Captain Blackberry: I've a dinghy ready to take you to the cave's underwater entrance which should lead ye to Drakath.
    Captain Blackberry: I understand that ye have some history with this bilge rat. Kill him if it pleases ye, but bring me that Wind Pearl back.
    Captain Blackberry: I went through too much trouble tracking it down to Sho Nuff Island...
    Captain Blackberry: ... and keeping it's location hidden from those poxy monks in the Temple of the Four Winds.
    Captain Blackberry: Their prophecies say that the Wind Pearl will only be safe when it is returned to their temple, but I'll take good care of it. Har Har Har!
    Captain Blackberry: They know nothing of the power that combining the Wind Pearl with the spell written on... but I'm saying too much.
    Captain Blackberry: Just know this, <Character>... get me that Wind Pearl back and you will replace Rhubarb as my number one...
    Captain Blackberry: ... you will earn your share of that power! Get moving!

    Galeocerda 1: Another land-creature is invading our sanctum!
    Galeocerda 2: Haha! They only have one row of teeth! These things are no threat!
    Galeocerda 1: Remember, they have other natural defenses! Stay clear of the warm patches of the water!

    <Character>: There you are, and with no friends this time. You'll be easy.
    Drakath: <Character>. I heard that you were on Sho Nuff Island. Why do you have to be everywhere that I am?
    <Character>: I'm the hero of the story. It's my job.
    <Character>: Since we both know that I'm just going to beat you senseless, why not just hand over that Wind Orb and make it easy on yourself?
    Drakath: You dare speak that way to me!? YOU SHOULD BE BOWING TO ME!
    <Character>: I don't really see that happening any time soon. This is your last chance, Drakath... the Wind Orb... Now.
    Drakath: There is nothing that you could do to me that is worse then the price for failing Sepulchure.
    Drakath: Besides, I would never give it to Captain Blackberry's stooge. If you want the orb, dog...
    Drakath: ... then come and fetch it.

  • Battle!

    <Character>: Drakath... what did you...?
    Drakath: I... I did nothing... the Wind Orb... Such power...
    <Character>: That was... Dragon Magic.
    Drakath: HAHAHA! The orb must know that I am the rightful king of this land! It responds to it's master's desires!
    Drakath: With this power, you're no match for me! No one is! HAHAHA! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
    Drakath: MAN! That felt so good! Look! Look! My hands are even shaking a little!
    Drakath: Now... to FINISH you with the orb's power!
    <Character>: ...
    Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, obey your master! Stop this! Finish <Your Character>!
    Drakath: NOOOOOOOOooooo...
    <Character>: I can't let Drakath keep that orb, or worse, give it to Sepulchure...

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