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The Inn Shop

Location: Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2) -> Up -> Serenity -> Shop,
Location: Falconreach Inn (Book 3) -> Up -> Gaelan -> Shop
Requirements: None

Glorious Dawn Blade
Serpent Sting
Ultimate Pony Shank

Axe of the Elders
The Scourge
The Singing Edge
ShadowReaper of Doom

Rod of the Fiery Fist
Talon Magic
Ultimate Pony Hobby Horse
SkullStaff of Doom

Frozen Kris
Obsidian Dart
Ultimate Pygmy Pony Daggers
Twin Blades of Doom

Merge Ingredient
Merged Item
Ragged Tunic
Shiny Chest Plate
Stackable Item

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

Serenity: Welcome, <Character>! Can I interest you in a room, or perhaps some fresh bread?

Falconreach Inn (Book 3)

Gaelan: Hello! Welcome to the "Serene Inn"! May I offer you some fresh bread, with a touch of magick? Or perhaps you'd like a room?

Other information
  • Serenity's dialogue previously changed occasionally.
  • Spruce used to run this shop after she replaced Serenity; retired dialogue from Spruce for this shop has been archived here.

    Thanks to
  • iamed for original entry.
  • Brilliancy for entry rewrite approval.
  • Stephen Nix for updated contents information.
  • Kain and Occavatra for updated information.
  • Jay, Peachii, and SalvationXI for corrections.

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