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[image][/image]Honda's Accord

Location: Shadow of the Wind Village -> Thyton -> Quests -> Honda's Accord
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Jewel of the Four Winds
Release Date: December 14th, 2007

Objective: Thyton, jonin of the Shadow of the Wind ninja clan has asked you to save his village! Honda, the Iron-Fisted Giant has been turned from the town's guardian into the town's destroyer!
Objective completed: The Shadow of the Wind Village has been saved! You and your dragon were more than a match for the Iron-Fisted Giant! You have saved the village twice in one day... that's gotta be a record!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded : 3001
Gold rewarded : 400

(1) Honda - Titan Boss



Thyton: <Character> we may not be done with this fight yet. The villages are reporting strange noises from the woods in the west.
Thyton: Go investigate the disturbance. It is probably the remnants of the sneeja army... but be prepared for anything.

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Thyton: <Character>, Our worse fears are confirmed. Honda the Iron-Fisted Giant, long time guardian spirit of this village, has been awakened.
    Thyton: Honda has always been regarded as the guardian spirit of the Shadow of the Wind village...
    Thyton:... but we thought that was all that he was... a spirit.
    Thyton: We had no idea that he was a REAL GIANT WITH REAL IRON FISTS!
    Thyton: It is clear that we have forgotten much of what our ninja scrolls have to teach. If we survive, I will dedicate my life to unlocking these skills.
    Thyton: Somehow, Okuchi No Okami used the Jewel of the Four Winds power combined with the spells hidden within our scrolls to awaken Honda...
    Thyton: ... and turned this guardian against us! All of the clan ninjas have returned from their missions to protect the village...
    Thyton: ... But I do not think it will make a difference. Even with the combined power of the clan, we will not be able to stop him.
    Thyton: Honda will only fall to the might of a DragonLord! <Character>, you and <Dragon> must stop him!

  • Summon Dragon
  • Run For Your Life!

    Thyton: You are a true ninja of the wind, <Character>. The future of the clan is in your hands.

  • Titan Fight: Honda - To Battle!
  • Heal
  • Leave

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