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The Oasis Inn

Location: The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2) -> Zhoom -> Quests -> The Oasis Inn
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Blue Lotus
Release Date: February 1st, 2008

Objective: Zhoom has gone to the dunes to investigate some reports of resistance activity, this is your chance to go to meet your contact here in the Inn.
Objective completed: The thugs were no match for you. You have escaped the Oasis Inn with your life and some important information. If Sha'Rae is right, then you need to head to the Dynasty Tomb and defeat the mummified dragon for Sek-Duat XV!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Desert Thug

Desert Thug

Ancient Treasure
Moglinberry Juice

Zhoom: <Character>, I have had reports of resistance activity out in the dunes. If these reports are right then they are up to something.
Zhoom: If I am lucky I can capture a large number of these rebels at once. I'm going to have to move fast.
Zhoom: That is why I need you to stay behind for this one <Character>. I move faster when I am alone.
Zhoom: You have earned some free time anyway. If you haven't had a chance to talk around town, now is the time.
Zhoom: Maybe you should spend some time at the Oasis Inn. Remember to keep your eyes open for rebel activity.

  • Quest!
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    Explore the Inn until you reach the end...

    Sha'Rae: Thanks for the flower <Character>. You know how I love them. I haven't seen you in so long! How have you been?
    <Character>: Um... Ho. *whispers* have we met?
    Sha'Rae: *whispers* Of course we haven't met. My father said that you were able to be trusted. He didn't mention that you were slow.
    <Character>: Kasuf is your father? He took a bigger risk that I thought, risking himself AND his daughter. He must be really...
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: HEY! I'm not slow!
    Sha'Rae: Are you sure? It took you that long to realize that I called you slow.
    <Character>: We really don't have time for this. Zhoom could be back at any minute and I can't afford to let him catch me with you.
    Sha'Rae: You don't need to worry about that. The resistance activity in the dunes is a distraction.
    <Character>: You mean the rebels set all that up, just so it would be safe to meet?
    Sha'Rae: Yes. We won't get a second shot at taking down Sek-Duat XV, and you are our best hope of doing that.
    Sha'Rae: Several very brave rebels have risked their very lives so we could meet safely, so let's not waste time. I understand that you want the Orb of Light.
    <Character>: Yes. Your father told me that you know something about it.
    Sha'Rae: I do. I've studied the orb for several years in secret. I've read every legends and pieced together some of its history.
    Sha'Rae: I'm fairly sure that the Orb of Light is responsible for the Sek-Duat dynasty. Emperor Sek-Duat The First got his hands on it...
    Sha'Rae: ... and he used its power to take control of the Sandsea.
    Sha'Rae: One history that I read said that after Sek-Duat The First took power he came increasingly paranoid.
    Sha'Rae: He had several children but didn't trust any of them. He thought that all his heirs were after his power and he felt that none of them were worthy.
    Sha'Rae: I doubt that a man like that would have trusted anyone with the source of his power. He probably died before telling anyone where he hid it.
    <Character>: He would have kept it close. That would mean that the Orb of Light is still is his palace somewhere.
    Sha'Rae: I thought the exact same thing. I take back what I said about you being slow.
    <Character>: So I need to get into the palace and find the orb. Any ideas?
    Sha'Rae: Sek-Duat XV already knows that you're working with Zhoom to catch the rebels. You already in his good graces.
    Sha'Rae: But you're going to need to really impress him to get an invite to the palace. I think I know just the thing...
    Sha'Rae: ...you have to defeat my mummy.
    <Character>: I saved your dad, now you want me to fight your mom? You must have had a weird childhood.
    Sha'Rae: *blink blink*
    Sha'Rae: I take back taking back saying you were slow.
    Sha'Rae: I said my MUMMY! I unearthed it when I was researching the Sek-Duat dynasty. I was in their family tomb looking for clues to the orb...
    Sha'Rae: ... then I unearthed my discovery. It's a colossal beast, an undead mummified dragon! I unleashed it on the living world.
    Sha'Rae: Now it just sits in the tomb and destroys anyone who gets too close. This beast is a thorn in Sek-Duat's side.
    Sha'Rae: It seems like he's not comfortable with the idea of a giant mummy dragon walking around in his ancestor's tomb.
    <Character>: AH! So if I defeat your mummified dragon then Sek-Duat XV will be impressed with me and invite to the palace.
    Sha'Rae: That's what I hope, anyway. Once you have an invite to the palace you can come and go as you please... unless Sek-Duat XV kills you.
    <Character>: That's a comforting thought.
    Sha'Rae: You have the ability to get closer to Sek-Duat than any of the rebels every will, and with you at his side... we will have the advantage.
    Sha'Rae: You will be able to foil his plans... get access to palace secrets... who knows what else?! Not to mention you will be able to look for your Orb.
    Sha'Rae: You will find the mummified dragon in the Dynasty Tomb. Now, get out of here before you're discovered!
    Sha'Rae: Oh, and watch your back. Some of the guys in the Inn haven't taken their eyes off you since you came in here.
    Sha'Rae: Good luck <Character>, we're all counting on you. The future of the resistance is in your hands.

    You fight 3 Desert Thugs...

    <Character>: Who are you guys? What do you want from me?
    Desert Thug: You're not the only one looking for the Orb of Light, <Character>.
    <Character>: What did you say? How did you... ?
    Desert Thug: Prince Drakath has put a bounty on your head, hero... and we plan to collect it!

    You fight another Desert Thug...

    Leave the Inn...

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- BesKongetje for information.
    -- Jay for information.
    -- Sven the Destroyer for corrections.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections and additional reward info.
    -- Hemabody for reward info.
    -- Liviaro for reward info.

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