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The Sandwitch

Location: The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2) -> Sek-Duat XV -> Quests -> The Sandwitch
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dynasty Tomb
Release Date: February 22nd, 2008

Objective: Sek-Duat XV has commanded you to go into the desert and remove the threat of the Sandwitch!
Objective completed: You finish with the Sandwitch and you are left with crumbs of truth all over the tablecloth of your mind. What could Sek-Duat be planning with the Sandwitch's spell? It looks like you are going to have to keep playing his game to find out.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) The Sandwitch


Hero Sub Staff
6 Inch Hero Combo
Hero Sandwitch Sword
Ancient Treasure
Bright Pink Egg
Golden Egg
Spotted Egg
Striped Egg

Sandwitch: Ah, more of Sek-Duat's goons! Only one of you made it out of here last time... and that was no accident, it was a WARNING.
Sandwitch: Get out of here. There's nothing else that your emperor wants here, Unless... OF COURSE! You were sent to finish the Sandwitch!
<Character>: That's right Sandwitch! Sek-Duat XV has sent me to stop you from preying on the people of the Sandsea.
Sandwitch: To stop ME.... AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Foolish child, you want a fight? You came to the right place.
Sandwitch: THIS Sandwitch bites back!
  • Battle!

    <Character>: If your yaga sisters cast you out, you really MUST be the most wicked creature imaginable.
    <Character>: The people of The Sandsea are good people. They have lived through a lot...
    <Character>: ... too much. They don't need one more bad thing like you in their lives.
    Sandwitch: HAHAHAHAHA! The Sandwitch is not bad. Everyone knows that Sandwitches are GOOD!
    Sandwitch: The Sandwitches sisters cast her out because she WASN'T wicked. The Sandwitch wanted nothing to do with their evil plots.
    <Character>: Know what I think? I think the Sandwitch is full of baloney!
  • Battle!

    <Character>: Another illusion? I'm starting to think that the Sandwitch is a chicken!
    <Character>: If you're a good Sandwitch, then why do you summon people here to your cave in the middle of the night? Those people VANISH!
    Sandwitch: Kid, you've got the Sandwitch all wrong. The people come to the Sandwitch n their own! They want to escape The Sandsea!
    Sandwitch: ... And they know that the Sandwitch can help them escape the sand Sek-Dyat XV's insane rule.
    Sandwitch: The Sandwitch won't get in the rebel's fight, but she will help the frightened ones... The ones who want to run and live free.
    Sandwitch: And the SANDWITCH is not a chicken! If you really want to come face to face with the Sandwitch, she is in the next room... if you can make it.
  • Battle!

    Sandwitch: No more illusions. No more fighting. The Sandwitch senses that you truly wish to help the people.
    <Character>: I do. I need the Orb of Light. The rebels are helping me fight it... and I'm helping them with their goals.
    <Character>: Why would Sek-Duat send me to finish you?
    Sandwitch: Not long ago, Sek-Duat's guards came to this cave and stole a spell from the Sandwitch.
    Sandwitch: Sek-Duat doesn't want anyone to figure out his plans. The Sandwitch knows what spell he stole, and that is a clue to his ultimate goal.
    <Character>: What was the spell that he stole from you? What does it do??
    Sandwitch: That wicked yaga spell raises the dead. The Sandwitch thinks that Sek-Duat XV is obsessed with Sek-Duat the First.
    Sandwitch: He wants to raise his dead ancestor, to continue his rule. It will be a disaster for this land.
    Sandwitch: The Sandwitch does not know all the ingredients in the spell... but she knows the Orb of Light must be used.
    <Character>: So he DOES have the orb, or at least he knows where it is. Thanks Sandwitch. You've helped a lot.
    <Character>: Sek-Duat XV has to think that I got rid of you, so you have to stay hidden until this is all over. Can you do that?
    Sandwitch: The Sandwitch is old, but the Sandwitch is no turkey. She knows how to hide. Good luck hero.
    <Character>: Thanks. I'm going to need it.

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: The Traitor

    Thanks to
    -- Deks for information.
    -- Gamerking159 for information.
    -- Jay for information.
    -- Foligo for information.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.

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