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Find the Dweller

Location: Lolosia » Board The Red Betty » Talk to Capt. Rhubarb » Quests! » Fishin'? » Find the Dweller!

«Scene: On deck. You can click Floyd* to get him as a guest, or you can click Petey** to get him as a guest.»


Capt. Rhubarb: I suppose ye heard the tale of how it came ta be that we can breathe underwater? All landlubbers can thank ME fer that-- I sent one of me loyal pirates on a special mission and they ended up exploding a ship full o' water-breathing potions.
Capt. Rhubarb: Curiously, I don't quite remember WHO it was. But me, bein' Captain, is the one to blame. Blame me fer keepin' ye from drownin' when ye dive in after that dweller!
  • Dive!

    After each battle, you get a full heal and the message:
    ...The search continues!
  • Regular Mode Boss Fight!
  • Extreme Mode Boss Fight!
    ...(You should be level 75+, or insane...)
    REWARD CHEST: Lolosia
  • Profundal Shank
  • Aphotic Shank
  • Abyssal Shank.
  • Benthic Shank

    Capt. Rhubarb: Good work, matey! yer welcome on my crew any time!
  • Thanks!

    «Return to inside the ship»

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