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Resolute -> Bombing Run (4/4/2008 17:28:03)

[image][/image]Bombing Run

Location: Battle For Moonridge -> Strike from the skies - On your Dragon!, Moonridge -> DragonFang Inn -> Viamat -> Quests -> Defensive Unit
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: April 4th, 2008

Objective: You and your dragon have the ability to help defend Moonridge in a unique way! Take Artix's lightbombs and stop the undead!
Objective completed: You have thinned out the ground waves of undead but they keep coming up through the ground of the town.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 534
Gold rewarded: 20



Kepi of the Green Gnome
DeathStalker Helm
Champion of the Light
Boo Burry's Helm
Batwing Helm

Defender's Medal
REALLY Special Dragon Chow

Viamat: The town would benefit greatly from your aid. Would you help the Moonridge Knights fend off the undead?

  • Defend the town!
  • Not right now

  • This quest is similar to Fires Over Oaklore quest.
  • You must drop the bombs on the undead and see how many you can take out. There are 10 waves in total that you've to complete.


    Number of Waves required / Total waves
    Wave 1: 16 out of 40
    Wave 2: 18 out of 37
    Wave 3: 19 out of 35
    Wave 4: 20 our of 33
    Wave 5: 21 out of 31
    Wave 6: 20 out of 28
    Wave 7: 18 out of 24
    Wave 8: 12 out of 18
    Wave 9: 9 out of 12
    Wave 10: 7 out of 9

    Thanks to
  • 95wave, acex19, Skharr, cornfield10, Vulcanus II, Lizardking, *Destro and VertofWar.
  • Moglin_HunterXX for reward information.
  • Peachii for correction.
  • Henius Lon for correction.

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