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Tipping the Scales

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Become A Dragonslayer! -> Train Dragonslayer Armor -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: DragonSlayer Armor unlocked
Release Date: December 5th, 2008

Objective: Galanoth has asked you to get back his mother's stolen enchanting stones.
Objective completed: You won the roll and recovered a stone. Take it back to Galanoth to learn a new Dragonslayer skill.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Drake
(1) Dravir
(2) Polar Dravir

Additionally, if you have trained 6 or more DragonSlayer skills:
(1) Jacque - Boss

Additionally, if you have trained 12 or more DragonSlayer skills:
(1) Ice Dragon - Boss


Enchanter's Stone


*You fight your way through various Dragons in your quest for one of Galanoth's mother's stones.*

Chance: Well, well, well, come to try your luck, human?
Chance: Brawn isn't going to get you through this, so stop waving that toothpick around. I have more then enough power to incinerate you right now.
Chance: If you want one of my stones (finder's keeper's, kid) you have to play the game and roll the wheel.
Chance: If you win, I can dole out a stone to you, if you lose... haha, you'll have to fight your way through the line again.
Chance: There are ways to make sure Chance is on your side though....

Other information
  • If you have trained 6 or more DragonSlayer skills, a full heal mug will be available to use both before and after battling Jacque.
  • After clearing all monsters, a game of chance will begin. The player must click a button labeled 'Roll! Push me!' and a number between 0 and 100 will be generated. Roll 50 or Higher to Win! (Image)
  • Before a number has been rolled, the player has the option to 'Bribe With A Scale'; selecting this option will remove an Ice Dragon Scale from the player's inventory, but will increase the rolled number by 10 afterwards.
    • Multiple Ice Dragon Scales can be used for a stackable advantage (i.e. 5 can be used for a guaranteed success).
  • Additionally, the rolled number will be increased by the player's LUK/10, rounded up.
  • If you are successful, JACKPOT! will display, and you may 'Complete Quest' and collect your prize. (Image)
  • If you are unsuccessful, Oh No! will display, and you may 'Try Again Soon!' and return to Dragesvard without completing the quest (any Experience and Gold gained will still be saved, however). (Image)
  • A rolled number of 100 may appear as 10 due to size limitations.

    Thanks to
  • diva77677 for Dragesvard link.
  • sunchang and Armakuny for Jacque.
  • monkeyman4241995, GladiLord and masterpika for Ice Dragon.
  • wolfman_naruto for Chance and Enchanter's Stone links.
  • django97 for Ice Scale +10 bonus.
  • GhostBear5 for information.
  • Stephen Nix for coloring and corrections.
  • Slayer Zach for corrections.
  • Lucia for correction.

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