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Location: Elemental Attack! - The Storm War -> Rescue!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Diplomatic Mission
Release Date: January 24th, 2009

Objective: Can you get to the tower in time to save Lady Celestia?
Objective completed: You rescued the Priestess from Nytheras grasp!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Note: If you're a non-DA holder, you'll have to return the way you enter and fight the monsters again.
(1) Agitated Orb
(3) Boardrake
(1) Shoggoth

Lady Celestia


Ash: Lady Celestia has been taken!
Ash: I think Nythera came to steal her magic too! You have to go to the tower and save her!

Nythera: The power... there is so much...
Lady Celestia: Nythera, you have no idea what you have done.
Lady Celestia: Not only have you incurred the wrath of the Elemental Lords and called down their avatars upon Falconreach....
Lady Celestia: ... you risk the destruction of Lore with each spell cast!
Lady Celestia: You have no idea how Warlic's magic works! Not even he himself understood fully. If you overload on mana...
Nythera: Stop! I know what I'm doing... I.. I just...
Lady Celestia: Are you asking for my help, Nythera? If you're overloading, you are going to need it.
Nythera: Argh, no! I'm supposed to be the best, I don't need you, just like I didn't Warlic!
<Character>: Lady Celestia! Are you alright?
Lady Celestia: I am fine, <Character>. I think it's time we take our leave though.
Lady Celestia: Quickly, <Character>, we can escape on dragon back! Or, we'll have to fight our way out.

  • Summon Dragon! (plays a minigame)
  • Run Away (Fights back to the entrance)

    Thanks to Peachii for rewrite.

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