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Location: Popsprocket, Ground To A Halt, The City Fights Back!, Bombs Away!, Morning Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> Left, Popsmashed, Can We Yix Him?, Darkness is Coming, Doom Amulet

Quests given

Shops owned


Airheart: Hi there! I almost have the navitron working on the mechagryphon, but that's why gnomes invented parachutes! Where do you want to go? - Activates Gryphon Flightmaster.

Ground To A Halt

Airheart: Thanks, <Character>! A well-oiled gryphon makes for a smooth flight!

The City Fights Back!

Airheart: Evacuate first, plan later. Go go go!

Airheart: We already tried that. And look what happened!

Bombs Away!

Airheart: They're what?!

Airheart: OMG!

Airheart: Undead are attacking the chains that stabilize the city!

Airheart: Sections of the city are powering down!

Morning Falconreach (Book 3)

Airheart: Popsprocket is... gone. I don't want to talk about it.
Airheart: Popsprocket is... gone.

Airheart: You have to help find my friends!

Airheart: YIX! Get your bald head over here, now!

Airheart: Yix! Something's not right.

Airheart: Yeah, I was gonna get to that part.

Airheart: Alright I will!

Airheart: We're being attacked!


Airheart: YIX!

Can We Yix Him?

Airheart: Yeah, yeah. So?

Airheart: Thank the Avatars! I was starting to lose hope-

Airheart: This is urgent too, <Character>.
Airheart: Eirn has finished an augment that will find Yix!

Airheart: AFTER we find Yix, that is.

Airheart: You have my word, <Character>.

Airheart: Popsprocket.

Airheart: He is there! He should be there!
Airheart: Before Popsprocket collapsed, he was leading the evacuation. I'm telling you, it was pure chaos. Everynome was panicking.
Airheart: I got as many as I could onto the mechagryphons, but he insisted that he needed to stay behind...
Airheart: I couldn't get everynome though...
Airheart: You need to understand, it started to collapse... I had to leave and save the ones I could.

Airheart: He might've survived!
Airheart: He probably had something up his sleeve! He might've gathered all of the survivors and...

Airheart: ...
Airheart: Everything... destroyed...

Airheart: Eirn, start up the augment, please.

Airheart: Here.

Airheart: What the airster was that!?

Airheart: No...
Airheart: Please, no...

Airheart: Avatars...

Airheart: You... you stupid-
Airheart: You airbag!
Airheart: Y-you foolish... fool...
Airheart: Yix...
Airheart: Why did you have to be so stubborn...

Airheart: Hah... Still witty, even in death...

Airheart: Yes. We found him... and I gave you my word.
Airheart: Time for mourning will be later... We'll help you!

Airheart: What... ?

Airheart: Can you squeeze into it?

Airheart: Is this a potato... on a metal rod?

Airheart: Tha... that's...
Airheart: That's Yix's voice!!!

Airheart: What is this?!

Airheart: He what?!

Darkness is Coming

Airheart: ...

Doom Amulet

Airheart: It's like a low-pitched murmur...


Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for link and additional dialogue.
  • ILmaster13 and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Sagrym and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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