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Holger Schmerz -> Thievilchauns (3/13/2009 21:30:28)


Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - A Ghoulish Attack -> Rescue Mission
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 13th, 2009

Objective: Zorbak convinced the sneevilchauns to steal him a pot of gold so that he could pay for his most recent invasion efforts. He didn't count on how canny the undead are!
Objective completed: Zorbak really knows how to come out on top! He paid off his fighting forces AND gained more minions. He's some lucky moglin.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Bone Fire
(5) Shake Spear
(4) Shoulder Blades
(4) Sneevilchaun

B. ShakeSpear
Davy Bones
R. Stiltsken

Defender's Medal
Unlucky Doom Essence

<Character>: What are you guys doing together?!
Davy Bones: Why wouldn't we be together?
<Character>: You two are supposed to be off fighting, or didn't you know there was an invasion going on?
Davy Bones: Oh, we know. Just like we probably won't be rewarded for our efforts until next year. Just like last time.
<Character>: Well... um...
Davy Bones: And then we saw these little guys lugging this pot o' gold towards Zorbak's hideout, I said to my friend over there "Bill-"
<Character>: He's named.. Bill? That doesn't sound very undead or intimidating.
B. ShakeSpear: Bill is a perfectly fine name. It has an illustrious history, if you must know.
Davy Bones: So i said to myself, "Bill, we can't let Zorbak take advantage of even MORE people. It's bad enough we're bound to serve him.
B. ShakeSpear: And I knew he was right! So we approached our new friends and asked what they were up to.
R. Stiltsken: It was lucky they came across us! Without their help, we would have never known the truth about that misleading moglin.
B. ShakeSpear: We told them that Zorbak was up to no good and was likely only using them to further his nefarious necromantic ends.
Davy Bones: He probably never even intended to pay them.
Zorbak: A-HAH! I thought I was a few fighters short. Just what are you doing with my sneevilchauns and my gold?
Zorbak: You were planning your OWN invasion weren't you? Sabotaging mine and stealing all the glory for yourself!
Davy Bones: *gasp
B. ShakeSpear: Well, I never!
Davy Bones: We are SO insulted!
B. ShakeSpear: I think it will take DOUBLE the gold to get us to go back to fighting now.
R. Stiltsken: Ahem! We are hardly your sneevilchauns! You promised us a reward in return for stealing gold for you. You don't own us!
R. Stiltsken: You weren't even going to pay us, were you?
Zorbak: Is that what these bone-brains told you?
<Character>: Ouch, Zorbak. You might have made a grave error there.
Zorbak: ... I think there's only one thing to do in a situation like this.
R. Stiltsken: Apologize?
B. ShakeSpear: Pay us double?
Zorbak: Nope. This!
Zorbak: New minions! What's yours is mine now. Your minds, your bodies, and your gold!
Zorbak: And that gold, of course, will be distributed to my loyal, fierce, fighting forces!
Davy Bones: All of it?
Zorbak: Every last shiny cent. Provided, that is, that you get back to battling
Davy Bones: You got it, boss!
R. Stiltsken: What about us?! Look what you did to us! ... Master.
Zorbak: You know, I hear there is a LOT of unclaimed gold over in the Necropolis just sitting around in boxes...
R. Stiltsken: Go ooooon...

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