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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Necromancer Klaatu (4/17/2009 20:13:33)

Necromancer Klaatu

Other names: Klaatu

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Warlic -> Three Necros -> Klaatu
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 17th, 2009

Objective: Can you find Klaatu before he unleashes another skeletal horror into Lore?!
Objective completed: You have defeated the necromancer, Klaatu!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bone Fire
(6) Shake Spear
(4) Shoulder Blades
(3) Skelecaster
(1) Klaatu - Boss



Warlic: There is a disturbing wood controlled by the Necromancer, Klaatu.
Warlic: His wicked art allows him to rearrange the parts of his skeletal minions in order to create an unstoppable army of undead.
Warlic: He has even re-made his plants out of bone!
Warlic: Go Ash, and defeat Klaatu!

  • Quest!
  • Done

    Ash: Hmm...
    Ash: "Rotting for Dummies"
    Ash: Weird, the pages are falling apart.
    Ash: "The beginner's guide to ruling the world"
    Ash: Well, I guess you have to start somewhere...
    Ash: "100 Great Uses for the Spleen!"
    Ash: That's...
    Ash: Why?
    Ash: "Build Your Own Bride."
    Ash: "Put the 'romance' in Necromancy!?!"
    Ash: ...
    Ash: I'm... going to pretend I didn't read that.
    Ash: Hmm...
    Ash: I guess this is a Diploma from Necro U? This guy might be tough if he's educated in this stuff.
    Ash: I'd better be ready for anything.
    Ash: ...
    Ash: I really hope I don't have to fight his undead girlfriend.
    Necromancer: Meh eh eh eh!
    Necromancer: It is nearly complete...
    Necromancer: my GREATEST creation!!!
    Necromancer: Meh eh... It will run faster than a hasted Frogzard!
    Necromancer: Meh eh eh... It will rip apart buildings with its powerful attack!
    Necromancer: Meh eh eh eh... It will fly higher than a phoenix!
    Necromancer: Meh eh eh eh eh eh! It will even cut through dragons!
    Necromancer: ... and it is already dead... SO IT CANNOT BE KILLED!
    Necromancer: MEH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH! I am a genious!!! A genious!!!!
    Ash: "Genius", you mean.
    Necromancer: ...hmm?
    Ash: ...
    Ash: Un... HOLY MOLEY!
    Necromancer: I love you, schmookey pookie-poo
    Monster: BLAAAARRRRGGHHHHHhhhphpht
    Monster: *drool*
    Ash: BAD!
    Ash: BAD! BAD! BAD!!!!!
    Necromancer: Meh? How did you get in here!?
    Ash: Are you Klaatu, the Necromancer?
    Klaatu: If you have come to stop me... you are TOO LATE!
    Klaatu: In just a few minutes I will bring my new creation to LIFE!
    Klaatu: ... and the WORLD WILL SEE MY GENIOUS!
    Ash: *cough* "Genius"
    Klaatu: *quiver* No more laughing at my creations...
    Ash: Um... alright...
    Ash: Hmm, you know that leg looks a little wobbly.
    Klaatu: Meh...?
    Ash: Here, I think I can fix it.
    Klaatu: Wait! What are you doing! Step away from that!
    Ash: This leg bone is just a little loose, let me fix it for you...
    Klaatu: No no no no no no no no no!
    Klaatu: !!!!!!
    Ash: ...
    Klaatu: ...
    Klaatu: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My monster!!!!!
    Ash: Whoops?
    Klaatu: I am going to use YOUR body parts to build the next one!
    Ash: Have you ever considered therapy?
    Klaatu: DIE!!!!


    You can find a hidden Old Bag that merits you 10 bonus gold.

    Thanks to
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for correction.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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