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Location: Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> Sitcom
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Pachelbel's Cannon
Release Date: April 24th, 2009

Objective: See what the Magic-eye can see!
Objective completed: Sneed Agreed! You have got the beginnings of an army... sort of. But that will not be enough. Maybe some of the Pactogonal Knights can help you.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Pip
(6) Sneevil
(9) Sneevil Gladiator
(12) Sneevil Ninja

King Sneed

High Paltrin
Low Paltrin

High Pentrin
Low Pentrin

High Pulquin
Low Pulquin

Charged Cog
Grenwog Egg

Yix: We're just about ready to turn on the Far-A-Vision.
Yix: I'm not sure what we'll see but you should prepare yourself for the worst.
Yix: If the picture isn't clear enough just wiggle the antenna on top there.

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    Yix: FINALLY! We're getting something on the Far-A-Vision!
    Yix: Let's see if we can see what our little spy can see.
    Drakath: My lord, we have combed the fortress' upper levels but have found no sign of the intruder.
    Drakath: Who would dare invade our fortress?
    Sepulchure: ...MY Fortress, Drakath. There is only one person on LORE who would dare to risk my wrath. <Character> will pay for this insult!
    Drakath: What do you think <Character> was doing? An assassination attempt?
    Sepulchure: No. <Character> knows that he could never get to me within my own fortress.
    Sepulchure: I have no doubt that it was some ill-conceived plan to spy on me.
    Drakath: The hero left too quickly to have learned anything about our plans to invade Popsprocket with your undead army, destroy the cyklon army...
    Drakath: ... and seize the Energy Orb by force.
    Sepulchure: Then he must have left something within the fortress.
    Drakath: Some sort of.... device?
    Sepulchure: Yes.
    Drakath: Like a machine of some sort that the hero could attack to one of the minions.
    Sepulchure: Yes, something like that.
    Drakath: Um... Something that the hero might have attached to say... a flying eyeball?
    Sepulchure: What are you prattling on about, Drakath?
    Drakath: My Lord. I believe I have found the spy! BEHIND YOU!
    Sepulchure: Drakath, you IDIOT. This was flying behind me the whole time you were describing our plans?
    Drakath: Yes, my lord!
    Sepulchure: That didn't strike you as a little ODD?
    Drakath: I will catch the spy! Just... don't kill me!
    <Character>: This is GREAT! Do we have any popcorn?
    Drakath: I got him! Don't worry!
    Drakath: I got it! I got it!
    Drakath: .... I don't got it.
    Sepulchure: Stand aside, Drakath. I will capture it.
    Drakath: *huff puff* Well done, my lord. Those things are *ZORCH* AHHHHHHHH!
    Sepulchure: Let that be a lesson to you, prince of fools. And as for YOU....
    Sepulchure: ...It does not matter that you know my plans. In fact, I invite you and your friends to try and stop me and my undead army.
    Sepulchure: I have been forgiving so far, <Character>, but that time is over.
    Yix: LUGNUTS! He destroyed the mini-magic eye. BUT IT WORKED! YIPEE!
    <Character>: Try to focus for a second, Yix.
    <Character>: We learned what we needed to from that loudmouth, Drakath.
    <Character>: Sepulchure is bringing WAR to Popsprocket.
    <Character>: We have to do everything in our power to keep him from getting the Energy Orb!
    Yix: We can help you get around Popsprocket but we don't have the numbers or resources to fight a war.
    <Character>: The other heroes of Falconreach will come to the aid of Popsprocket but their numbers simply won't be enough.
    <Character>: We're going to have to find an army somewhere.
    Yix: Where? How? We barely have enough gold to feed ourselves, much less hire an army.
    Yix: All we have access to are warehouse after warehouse of empty boxes!
    <Character>: Hmmmm. That may be all we need. I'm going to need to borrow one of your gryphons...

    King Sneed: What you wanting?
    King Sneed: ... Other than breaking more of sneevil's stuff?
    <Character>: King Sneed. I have come to ask for your help.
    King Sneed: WHAT!?!?! You just knock out lots sneevils on your way here? Now you want HELP?
    <Character>: Uh.... yes?
    King Sneed: You need buy a book on asking politely.
    King Sneed: Or a shrink.
    <Character>: I have noticed that you command a great army of sneevils who will fight bravely and I am willing to pay you well for your services.
    King Sneed: Now you speaking my language, but we no want you gold!
    <Character>: Who said anything about gold? I can give you BOXES! A hundred thousand boxes!
    King Sneed: A HUNDRED THOUSAND BOXES!?!?! ...Nibbleface!
    Nibbleface: Yes, King Sneed?
    King Sneed: Is hundred thousand boxes a lot?
    Nibbleface: Yes, King Sneed.
    King Sneed: ...
    King Sneed: ... More than five?
    Nibbleface: Yes, King Sneed.
    King Sneed: WE DO IT!

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