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Scakk -> =AExtras= Discussion Thread (5/7/2009 6:08:18)

Please read the FAQ Information Thread first:

This is a new system for us, so please be patient while we work out all the problems and issues.

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Richow -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/7/2009 16:41:48)

Please fix the bug of surveys on the Brazil we need a lot of tht!I cant get the coins and i am waiting 1 week!!!!!![:@][:@][:@]

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SuperDaria -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/8/2009 6:27:44)

The super rewards system is better since I got a lot more offers than the other one.

Kingblaze4 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/9/2009 0:03:16)

Most of the people that do Aextra's are under 12.They put fake,
information and expect to get adventure coins.You should prevent
that by making sure they don't scam they people with fake information.
While,they try to get tons of adventure coins of 1,000 or higher with
fake information wont work.Plus,half of the things on aextra makes
you fill out all of this information,but when the information is completed,
they said that you didn't qualify for the survey,then spam you email.
AE,before you put on survey try them out,or make a new thing to gain
adventure coins.

Predatoree -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/9/2009 13:50:41)

Canadians need more free offers... >.>

Eyelsi -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/9/2009 19:04:26)

We know that we can't link to other country's offers.
So why can't we just post the link of the offers here from each of your country,
so that later we can have many rewards as we want. My country which is Indonesia
doesn't have any offers currently and I really hope someone could do something about that.

Anyway, let's all put our own offers so we can get many rewards.
Is it possible?[:-]

Richow -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/9/2009 22:33:18)

Please fix the bug of survey from Brzil we need that coins the survey its broken a lot of time[sm=hmm.gif]please someone fix this capitain ruybarb help me![sm=puppy_dog_eyes.gif]

kyogre40 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 0:08:24)


Offer reports on a 15 minutes delay

what does this mean?

Edit: I did a free offer that require me to download a program. I have downloaded it, installed it, the "thank you for installing...." appeared, but I still dont get the ACs.

hannanos -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 3:10:21)

can there please be more free offers for australia?[8|] the nielsen one takes too long and is hard to complete.[:@][:'(]

whimsical magic -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 4:29:16)

Hey! Most of them is not free!
Even I completed one which costed me s$6+, it didn't give me any DCs!

maaloxbayot -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 8:41:25)

plssssssssss........give FREE offers to philippines ive waited for about a month and no FREE offers cuz most of them requires u to buy something........[:(]plss give offers that are FREE.......TNX[:D]

shener -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 10:09:43)

free offers for Bulgaria plssss i want them so bad

ILmaster13 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/10/2009 17:04:40)

Did AExtras change looks or what?

kyogre40 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/11/2009 10:40:31)

Plzzzzz give aextras to every country in the world so that ppl stop whining.

wildwingman0 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/11/2009 14:55:47)

may i ask, once i complete all my available offers that i could do in free than how could i unlock more.

BladeCrusher -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/12/2009 2:22:00)

i see no offers on my super rewards page[:o]

Zak -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/13/2009 8:51:29)

i got a new system 4 Ac coins: i can buy them with the cellphone. the only problem is that they have every country accept Italy. There should be for Italy

lRonanl -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/14/2009 12:32:41)

I really want Philippines to have Aextras system free offers but there isn't any offers [:(]
I really wanted to get free ac because its really hard to get a credit card+(off topic:there is no ae upgrade card at toy r us in the philippines [:(] )

zelda027 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/14/2009 19:00:03)

now i see only one offer..
what's happening?

AtlasWing12 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/14/2009 19:34:44)

There are less ads here in the Philippines! No Fair!
And also the revitol ad it stinks we need to pay!!!!!!!!!! who's gonna use that cream!!!!! My dog?!!!!!!!!!!!!

try today there's revitol ad if you like! you need to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

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evil doodoo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/14/2009 23:42:10)

Wow, this is a superb system. I've made 4080 tokens casually, but I refuse to believe I even got that much. I only got 2850, but not that I'm complaining... Cool, huh? Unfortunately, I do not know where to get this fixed =P

koki_boy -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/15/2009 7:31:07)

wish that thy will 0fer some free coins in phils.....


Zak -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/15/2009 9:53:09)

since their their AQ,DF,MQ why dont make a system 2 change nova gems and dragon coins in ac coins (i didn't say z tokens because you can get them easily in battle)

hane23 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/16/2009 2:33:24)

i wish that ae teams made free offers here in the philippines bcause $1 in the us is more or less 50 pesos and if i try to buy 2000 ac for $9 that would be about 500 peso alredy... thats alredy 1 week of my allowance

Crowned Sorcerer -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/16/2009 11:17:18)

can u add free offers to philippines pwetty pwease at least 1000 ac coins.

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