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dread10 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/3/2009 21:43:23)

im getting that same problem jordendrako described.

pavlu63h -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/4/2009 10:08:21)

I dont now where I should post this, but I have one problem. Some of my offers are complete (even if I check this in Aextras), but I didn`t get any dragoncoins.

maaloxbayot -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/5/2009 2:33:21)

guys , how do i change from paybuypartner to super rewards? cuz there are no offers there just 1 offer that need you to buy something[:(] pls tell how to transfer...if anyone know pls reply or post as soon as possible plss....and pls give offers to philippines tnk u and more power[:D]

ghj5374 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/5/2009 2:48:41)


Canadians need more free offers... >.>

Same for Singapore!There's not a single free offer!

Zyrain -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/5/2009 11:27:17)

Can someone tell me how you're either grouped in :

- SuperRewards


- PayBuyPartner

I think it's because people Upgrade in-game, but I'm not sure...

~ Zyrain

Crowned Sorcerer -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/5/2009 23:13:02)

philippines needs free offers.
i only have one offer and it says i guess u have to buy something with $100.[:(][:(][:(]

dannyche007 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/6/2009 16:04:29)



Three smileys per post at the maximum. - Cow Face

Jaybura -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/6/2009 18:49:22)

Is there a way to switch from PayBuyPartner to SuperRewards? A lot of people are saying its i don't like the "paybuy" I made another account and saw the super rewards..its awesome [:D] I hope its possible to switch [sm=twill4a.gif]

Germain -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/6/2009 22:02:31)

AE i have a request in here in Philippines to add some free offers cause we couldn't that much dollars.
So i'll be thankful if you did that.


oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 1:12:37)

there should be free offers and surveys that give more, not 10 ac's like 1000 ac's that would be highly appreciated

eavo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 3:09:45)

just wondering how you get more offers cuz its getting on my nerves i already did most of mine.....[sm=icon_question.gif]

JBR -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 3:37:58)

please add some FREE offers for at least 100 coins for Philippines!!! thank you! :D

Alan685 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 9:23:42)

I got SuperRewards and I want PayBuyPartner what I can do to get it????
PM me please...

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dannyche007 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 9:55:16)

Add more free apps for Panama T__T[:(]
I dont have 100$ for bidz <.< or even 50...(got scammed)

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GhostyGuy -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 14:30:57)

I got a problem too ...
I did one offer , i got 140 AC from it .
next day i checked AExtras .. and my offer system was SUPER REWARDS !!!
i want to change it back to paybuypartner or smth .
plz change it for me or tell me how i can change it or other ways just change it for me

user: ghostyguy

Dark_trix -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 16:18:02)

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i dowload digsby 3 times and nothing i dont recive my ac what happened?i need to install too?

Overflow -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 16:57:04)

None of the Aextras work for me, I click on them but alls I get is a blank page, I've restarted my cpu and everything but I can't seem to get any of them

hunter lije -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 19:54:21)

Super Rewards have more strict offers they just takes sooooooooooooooo long
OR maybe they just don't wanna waste time and money on us players!!!!
The other reward service was so much better
[sm=Vorpal.gif] [sm=twill2a.gif] [sm=untitledm9zb.gif.bmp]

Alan685 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/7/2009 21:08:53)

We all want PayBuyPartner system!!!!!
I was completing an offer from Pay Buy Partner and when I log in on AExtras next day it says I got SuperRewards...
I want to get PayBuyPartner because I get real money for one offer...
Can someone change it???

Username: Alan685

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NO_merci -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/8/2009 18:32:56)

is it possibe to change from super rewards to paybypartner on aqw?

Kajiton -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/9/2009 1:47:00)

I got switched from PayPal, to SuperRewards, is this suppose to happen? Also, I had an offer on PayPal, that still hasn't gone though, is this switch going to affect it in any way?
Respond please, and thank you.

Ash The Phantom -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/9/2009 3:41:17)

I don't think I like SuperRewards that much. I tried contacting customer service a few times and all I got was a dumb automated message telling me to look over the requirements and try it again. That's no way to treat your customers, if you're going to answer a question, do it with a real person, not a robot. At least PaybyPartner answered your inquiries with an actual answer, not this automatic messaging crap. But they do have one thing in common: They both suck and don't award 90% of the offers you complete. >_>

Please tone this down some; it sounds more like whining than actual discussion. - Cow Face

Sorry, I was a bit peeved at something else when I typed this up, I just needed to vent a bit. >_<

bfsieg -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/9/2009 11:02:33)

i ended up doing two of them twice so far. but i didnt mean to. ill still get tokens for one of them right?

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/9/2009 11:40:10)

I have noticed many posts requesting offers for certain countries. That is not the purpose of the thread. There was already a thread for this purpose and it was locked with the following message:

"Thank you all for your responses.
I think we have enough new information to work with now.
I'm locking the thread.

Please refrain from making such posts in the future. Thank you.

Stone Hart -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/9/2009 13:29:57)

Im sorry if I post this n wrong thread but my problem is I don't have any offers [&:] Here is screenshot. Please fix it.

My username is Stone Hart


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