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DkAnsons -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/25/2009 12:35:01)

Latvia REALY need more free offters

Sephiroth X_X -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/25/2009 15:14:48)

WHY doesn't anyone tell us how to fix the aextras page. Everytime I log on it says an error has occured this is my second time asking and still no ones helps!!!

charizare019 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/25/2009 19:03:14)

Help!everytime i clicked a offer,it says [You currently have no clicked offers. ]what should i do!!!

csimon26 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/26/2009 9:25:34)

pls put ae extras in philipines we dont get ac :(

every time i cliked an offer it says you currently have no clicked offer im getting sick of that message
the offer i get are nfo-myserver,ampservice-get rewarded for perspective,wigix,dailysurvey-take dailyservy everyday,taltopia-connect with fans,espin for teens,haboo-hangout for teens. the only offer that i checked and it keeps on saying no clicked offer :( :((

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jordandrako -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/26/2009 23:50:40)

i keep getting this screen when I log in... its been happening for months, can anyone help me?

luohan1234 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/27/2009 1:44:30)

why dun they do it like the other online games are doing sell us cards and we get the AE

DarkWolfX -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/28/2009 10:31:20)

Poland must have more offers for DF,in AQ there are few,in DF... 0
Also when i tried dark orbit survey in AQ it said i didnt qualify for offer,and started to spam my email[:@]

pogg -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/28/2009 16:14:42)

Hey, quick question... how do i log my guy OUT. i tried refreshing and all but nothing. little help...

Come on someone....

ziicks -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/28/2009 19:10:25)

Can anyone please help me?

Game: Aq Worlds
Character: Ziicks
Offer used from SuperRewards: Play the Legendary Game Travian for AdventureCoins...
Requirements: AdventureCoins awarded on free registration. Offer reports on a fifteen minute delay. (I have already registered)
Time Delay: 15 minutes
Time passed: 26 minutes during the time this message was posted
AC reward: 36 ac

I haven't received my 36 AC's yet. Can anyone help me? Should I wait longer ?

oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/30/2009 21:33:48)

how come there are no offers in the philippines huh? there should be some here too, seriously i wait for 24 hours literally and there are no offers.... at least give us some offers pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee

Predatoree -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/30/2009 22:53:10)

We've got some, but Canada need more free offers... wait, I'll let AE respond to the Phillipines. They need offers more than Canada but remember, add more to Canada (I prefer free and quick game-sign ups)!

oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/30/2009 23:52:33)

please put offers please please please put offers here in the philippines
or just in the whole south east asian territory.
PLEASE... put offers here
please put offers here
please put offers here
every time its the same: were sorry and blah blah blah there are no offers in you region.
please at least 5 offers a day is good very very good
ANY OFFER * at least a thousand ac offer or less*

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Kean2012 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/31/2009 2:07:20)

It would be nice if Philippines had various free offers like downloads and quizes.

We are, after all, a bilingual country and more than capable of applying though these things.

That's all, and thank you for your efforts A.E. Staff.

oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (5/31/2009 5:41:01)

i agree with kean2012 a 10000000%, i am after all a 13 year old english prodigy * meaning i am extremely fluent, with excellent spelling, and grammar *
pliz pot mur fri ofrs n da filepins.... sorry... typo... anyway, please put more free offers in the philippines
it is a known fact that many filipinos are huge fans of Artix Entertainment games and products.
thats all

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madness411 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/1/2009 23:07:03)

Alora Dannon: Netflix - Online Movie Rentals 2,400 06/30/2009 Usually Credits Within 15 to 30 minutes

Date Method Description Charge Tax Total
05/30/09 Visa-6974 05/30/09 - 06/29/09 $13.99 $0.84 $14.83


Due to the high level of cheating going on with that particular offer, we are not allowed to give our credits anymore for Netflix. This offer requires express report approvals directly from the advertiser (Netflix) in order for us to credit.


Josh S.
A Better Way To Buy!

This just pisses me off!!!
I'd advise no one to use it.

oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 4:35:50)

why? why? why are there no free or survey offers? seriously, what are we supposed to do with cream that we wont even use? GIVE THE PHLIPPINES MORE FREE OR SURVEY OFFERS!!!!

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ziicks -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 4:49:47)

Can you please add more free offers for SuperRewards in the Philippines? Thanks.[:D]

shadowfalcon -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 13:30:37)

i was wondering i have 3 ac total is there a free aextra for usa that will get me enough ac to get iryerris

saiyen -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 17:06:10)

this is weird i signed up for "Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones for CASH!" and still didnt get my z-tokens, i tried it on a few other and waited even more then 15mins and still didnt get it, ive even confirmed my email on some of them.

master thade -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 17:33:09)

i have found that they are spam magnets

test them first and make so they can steal out e-mails

naturemancer -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 17:40:56)

they need to make more offers for Argentina

oneandonlygammarai -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/2/2009 21:04:55)

more free or survey offers for the philippines

enjeng -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/3/2009 2:48:38)

Freeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Offers at Philippines in DF,MQ, AND AQW

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Rokurai.Exe -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/3/2009 17:24:49)

Hey could you add more (free) AExtras for ontario canada [sm=icon_twisted.gif] Praferably ones that give lots of AC [sm=icon_twisted.gif]

princess_meru1 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (6/3/2009 21:06:30)

i filled out one of the surveys that is supposed to give credit in 15-30 minutes, however i am curious how exactly you guys would know weather or not we finish the survey? i have been waiting a little over the time with no reward. please fix as many bugs as you can.

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