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Tokumo. -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/14/2009 9:09:12)

I also have a problem, It says that I should've been credited over 2,000 coins, but I only have 260? PLEASE HELP!! [:(]

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/14/2009 13:28:32)

Tomuko: What exactly do you mean that it says you "should have" been credited over 2,000 coins? Could you please provide a screenshot?

Tatsuma Taguchi -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/14/2009 19:27:39)

Hey, PayBuyPartner owes me 40 ACs for completing the offer in the image below. plz help.


bode -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/15/2009 7:55:05)

OMG whats happening to SuperRewards?? this is the 2nd time thats happened to my account.. When I click the "view Status offer" button, it only shows a blank page when it should show the offers that i have viewed and waiting to be rewarded. Now how can I email them all the confirmation emails theyre asking me to send them when all i get are blank pages.. You gotta be kidding me SuperRewards, second time in a row??

Besjbo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/16/2009 12:01:06)

Heh, I know this has been said many times before, but AE really needs to devote some of their time to testing every one of the offers, at the very least the free ones. It can't take that long. The vast majority of offers don't give rewards; they just say "Viewed..." even when you've followed instructions. You are lucky to get 1/5 of the coins you deserve. Also, every single download AExtras offer I've seen has been malware. I checked online and all the offers that require you to download something are malware, as far as I know. A family-friendly company that portrays itself as being more ethical than most run-of-the-mill companies does not make itself look good by encouraging scams that download malware onto your computer.

Tatsuma Taguchi -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/17/2009 3:20:20)

Hey, I've tried a bunch of the toolbar download offers in the free section of the SuperRewards system to get some "easy" ACs and things don't look good for the computer I downloaded them on...... It gets pop-ups every time you do something on the Internet and it also gets pop-ups of some very "mature" stuff. How could you let offers that could harm your valued players be there? They need to be removed. Now all I can do is wait for my mom to wipe out the computer and hope that everything blows over, cause no one knows I did it.


amritsahota -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/17/2009 8:29:51)

I didn't get my dc for :

Harry Potter Fans! Which Character is YOUR Favorite? 158dc
Win a Pair of UGG Boots! 179dc
Coffee Drinkers! This little test is for you! 137dc i did this one like ten times and nothing
Do you Drink Beer? Take our Beer Survey! 184dc
Find Santa and Earn a Chance to Win $5000! 341dc

and theres a lot more i did too that didn't work

Edit: BTW the ones that are free also at the end require a cell phone and i don't own one that is what sucks!

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/17/2009 12:42:32)

The above really belongs in the Problem Offers thread.

Tatsuma Taguchi: It may be unfair to blame AE for that. There are many viruses that do the same thing, and it could be coincidence. If you can provide proof that the problem was caused by an AExtras offer, please do so. I am sure that the staff would quickly deal with the problem. I can assure you that Artix Entertainment has no interest in offers that harm people's computers. In the meantime, if you do not already have it, I suggest purchasing/downloading some anti-virus, ad-ware, malware, spyware, etc. programs.

bugattiboy91 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/19/2009 18:46:45)

does anyone know hwy PayBuyPartner keeps sayin i have inquires open when I havent even done an offer or contacted them

Besjbo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 3:33:30)

@Cowface: I don't think what happened with Tatsuma Taguchi is a coincidence. Before doing any of the AExtras download offers I did some research to see if they were safe, and invariably the offers were malware. I know AE means no harm, but they really need to reconsider just who they let onto the AExtras page.

Edit: There are many examples of this, but here is one of them, to give you an example:

In the U.S., on the Mechquest SuperRewards AExtras Page, there is an offer called "Download GamingHarbor to get 1000's of free games!"

A google search for "gamingharbor spyware" shows many people on sites such as Yahoo! Answers complaining about GamingHarbor. One report from a not-especially-reputable website wouldn't be enough to convince me, but there are quite a bit: there's this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. And that's only on the first page of Google. And that's only one offer. Other malware offers include: Webfetti Toolbar, Web Tattoo, Desktop Smiley Toolbar, and Duck Hunt. And I haven't actually downloaded any offers, so I'm not sure if there are other offers that aren't listed as malware on several websites numerous times. Add in the fact that I have only looked through the MQ offers, and the fact that I've only seen the U.S. offers, and there are quite likely many more malware-causing offers in AExtras.

amritsahota -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 8:20:02)

The ones that are free most of them,not all, need a cellphone # at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![:@] [:@][:@]

Dark rider -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 10:07:43)

SuperRewerd is good but could be more AC's on free ones

Terrowin -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 10:33:29)

they dont always work

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 12:27:33)

Besjbo: Thank you very much for doing this research and posting it. I shall make certain to bring this to the staff's attention (if they have not already viewed this thread) as soon as possible.

Scarfacenaruto -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 13:50:09)

ok i did over 50 offers for adventurequest and they keep on saying that they were viewed and i did NOT get my z-tokens and i did everything right i even did they help link thing I WANT MY Z-TOKENS! i dident get z-tokens for any of the 50 offers i did and i am getting sick of this and there is no way that all those offers dont work!

karumaru -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 14:59:05)

is webfetti safe?

Captain Rhubarb -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/20/2009 15:49:25)

We'll try to turn off the "Download GamingHarbor to get 1000's of free games!" offer from our AeXtras system.
It sounds like that toolbar is doing more harm than good.

aceflashwater -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/21/2009 10:19:57)

dear AExtras

i am ace from philippines i am 18 years old, the real problems are philippines has less free offers than the other country and these free offers are less than 50 coins, hope in the near future AE give us more than 50 free offers so that we can have a chance to buy some rare items, because most players are in the philippines country can u give us some free offers those are more than 50-100 coins
because other country have more than free 100 coins offer

DragonSlayerNinja -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/21/2009 11:38:33)
I never got the Not Rewarded thing before.. what do i do?

trozeii -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/21/2009 12:12:37)

Alright, so I've been doing the quizzes for AExtras in the US. First off, the offers were not giving me any results and I mailed you about it and you told me to get proof of completion. I finally figured out what was wrong and have multiple screenies of proof (can get more for the rest of my quizzes posted on the SuperRewards Problem Offers page 6). For example, here are 3 screens of my results (3 out of many quizzes):

I finally thought I was going to get some ACs, but then I get this message. Please copy and paste the entire offer confirmation email (INCLUDING the header) for your participation within the text box. [:@]
The problem is that the quiz site does NOT send any results through email! I would like something to be done about this problem (as soon as it's fixed, I'll provide proof of my completion of the rest of my offers) [&:]

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/21/2009 17:06:32)

DragonSlayerNinja: From the look of it, I'd *guess* that you need to submit more information. Try clicking the link provided under the words "Not Avoided."

Earendl -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/22/2009 3:38:02)

My problem with AExtras is, that content advertized as free isn't free, or contains some sort of malware as already stated in several previous posts in this thread. Another problem I have stumbled upon is, that most of the offers require me to either use credit card (fairly dubious offers, I wouldn't take them even if I had a card) or sign up to a contract that would charge my cell phone on monthly basis.

Basically, what I see when I open AExtras, is a hoax after hoax. Personally I'd rather see AC's turned back to purchasable only than to endanger AE's good reputation with this kind of activity. From what I have read from the forums, most of the players associate these scammers from the offers with AE and do not understand that they're in truth third party operators.

Oh, and if it helps any, I live in Finland. Offers that I see are for Europe and Finland, from both SuperRewards and PayBuyPartner. It looks like most of these offers are poorly translated with google translator, for the most part it isn't even clear to me what the offer is about since the description is complete gibberish, Finnish words thrown together in completely arbitrary order.

gems360 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/22/2009 18:30:03)

Is there gonna be an AExtras system for Warpforce?

Stone Hart -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/24/2009 16:01:53)

My problem is I don't have any super rewards offers all I can see is a black screen. Here is screenshot. Please help me to fix it.

My username is Stone Hart


jatar2498 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/24/2009 16:43:18)

i think u should get some that dont give out personal info i hate when i have to do that[:@]

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