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foohy890 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/24/2009 20:05:43)

You shouldn't use ads for credit card companies because a LOT of people just do them with fake info., just because of the enourmos number of coins if you apply. Most people don't really even want to join a credit card company to begin with. You also have to give a LOT of personal information, which isn't a very good idea...

Asgardian Ferret -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/26/2009 9:53:49)

If you change into PayBuyPartner, can you change back to SuperRewards?


SP0RTx9 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/30/2009 15:45:55)

i think it would be cool if you could save up points to get an upgraded acount like dragon lord, gaurdian, or star captian. like 5000 nova gems cost is the same as the cost for upgrades. So you could exchange them

sammy199611 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/31/2009 0:18:54)

if you ask me the offers arent even worth the time
sure theres free ones but most of the ones that give more than jsut 100 or so coins cost more than just buying the coins straight from the game costs

kreauchee -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (7/31/2009 15:28:35)


I didn't get my dc for :

Harry Potter Fans! Which Character is YOUR Favorite? 158dc
Win a Pair of UGG Boots! 179dc
Coffee Drinkers! This little test is for you! 137dc i did this one like ten times and nothing
Do you Drink Beer? Take our Beer Survey! 184dc
Find Santa and Earn a Chance to Win $5000! 341dc

and theres a lot more i did too that didn't work

Edit: BTW the ones that are free also at the end require a cell phone and i don't own one that is what sucks!

amritsahota, be glad you don't have a cell phone. If you gave them the number, they would likely add a charge for $x.xx to your next bill. God, this thread is like wading through a nightmare for a guy who is at all internet savvy. I can only guess how many people in here have had their identities stolen, computers hacked, personal information pillaged, and all to try and save $20 on Coins.

I've said this before and I'll say it again...

DO anything from a site you don't know or research.
DO NOT........for the love of God, do not install strange programs on your PC unless you want a trojan or virus.
DO NOT........give out your real cell phone number.
DO NOT........give out your real name and address.
DO NOT........give out your social security number.
DO NOT........sign up for a freakin' credit card through a 3rd party agency just to get some Coins.
DO NOT........use an email address you want to keep. It will be given out to every spam list there is. Make a new email at and use that one.
DO NOT........expect entitlement to get something for nothing just because this is the internet. Quite the opposite, usually you will get a lot of trouble and no reward.

If you want my opinion as someone who makes, maintains, and fixes computers for his friends and relatives, don't expect too much from the AExtras. If you want to try one that seems safe, doesn't require any downloads or stupid email confirmations, and is on the "List of Good Offers", then go for it. If it isn't on that list (as well as missing from the "problem offers" thread) and it doesn't work out for you, don't whine about it. Just post it to the "problem offers" thread and move on with your life.

Personally, I think the whole AExtra thing is a pretty horrible idea as there are a lot of people who play this game who don't know when to hold off on trying to get free stuff. I know the admins say AE doesn't want people to get malware on their machines but when someone sees an offer on YOUR SITE, you are basically endorsing them as Ok to visit. I dunno. I guess you make money off it so it's all good but I think you guys should have been a LOT more careful with whose offers you accepted.

Camper545 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/1/2009 18:09:09)

well im trying some of these offers but most of them when i finish i dont get anything...i finish it all the way up to the offers that you dont have to do (btw im talking bout the free ones) and when i get up to the offers i just close the screen and i think im suppose to get an e-mail but i never get anything...can someone help me on these and also like 75% of the time when i try to do them it says "page cannot be found"

Lord Kilo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/2/2009 22:21:03)

This system is actually very usefull if you are smart about it. I was able to get 4 offers rewarded with just my email. If it asks for other information, I would just x it out. On the download ones, just click the download button cause then they think you downloaded it, but jst x it out when it says run or save. I got a couple on the download. I've been doing this for two days and I use an alternate free email that I just delete all the messages I get.


JBR -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/3/2009 22:09:06)

I logged in to AExtras (AQWorlds) then most FREE offers are in th link of "" then I found out that link says "Sorry. This page cannot be found..." please do something for Super Rewards and make most offers remove this link "" because we want to take a questionnaire or etc...

guys click this link from most offers...

Sorry. This page cannot be found...

Camper545 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/3/2009 23:31:21)

same jbr ive been getting that a lot...ive only got like 1 offer a day cause of that

The Braken Bard -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/4/2009 8:45:44)

Could Australia get rid of the Nielson one? That is so irritating as it boots you out if you get one wrong as if it were some quiz when it's just a survey.
Also could you increase the amount for AQW Offers? I am barely getting any. I find I get only 20 DC's in DF yet that is enough to buy a couple of things already.

milton55 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/4/2009 10:40:41)

Is it normal that on the status page says I've done some of the offers even tho all i did was look at the requirements to get the Dragon coins? which I'm thinking is the reason why I'm not getting my DC even tho i met the requirements since we aren't allowed to do offers twice.

Protego -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/4/2009 10:48:50)

For some reason when I click on the "Other Offers" in super rewards it says page not found, please fix this.

Found the answer, use FireFox and it should work.

dread10 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/4/2009 11:07:35)

me too i can only do the fetured offers the big boxed ones.

SDF -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/4/2009 15:08:46)

I really don't like Super Rewards. PaybuyPartner is very good but I think it should have more free offers [&:]

Tatsuma Taguchi -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/5/2009 22:20:13)

On Sunday I finished the offer circled in the image here. PLZ help me, I got the card (which I will just cancel now), but I want my reward.


Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/6/2009 15:20:16)

The above belongs more in the List of Problem Offers thread for whichever reward system it's on.

Protego -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/6/2009 16:21:57)

I love AExtras, I actually got 4k ac in two days...WOOT!!!!!

B305777659 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/6/2009 20:11:33)

Scakk by the way nice picture[:)] and i think they should tell us their post adress
so we can post them the money.

Sir Gae -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/7/2009 15:20:28)

The ads have all disappeared on SuperRewards, wat happened I cant get any AC's AND PayBuyPartner isn't good. And I did the Discover Ad and they gave me nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No need for all caps; no more than 3 emoticons per post at a maximum. - Cow Face

darkdragon581 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/7/2009 21:57:29)

somethings going on with super rewards, they arn't listening to reports, 3/4ths of the offers broke, and they are making me really angry!!!! [:@][:@][:@]

Rothgar -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/12/2009 12:20:40)

I thought I'd get some extra AC coins and decided to sign up for a few of the Free options given

I signed up for three things - the three first ones on the list - it says that the AC coins will be delivered on confirmation of email.

It's now been four hours and still have no coins on my account.

I used the email to which I recently changed my account.

What's wrong?

Thes are the offers I signed up for:

Seafight - Spela gratis nu! Striden har börjat
Spela gratis nu! Striden har börjat...
No purchase required to receive AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you register with accurate personal contact info and confirm your email address. Offer reports on a 2 hour delay.
PicturePlay a Game of Vector City Racers for AdventureCoins!
Welcome to Vector City - where oldschool racing has never been better!
No purchase required to receive AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded when you register with valid info for an account and confirm your email address. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.
Join the Perfspot Social Network for Extra AdventureCoins!
Social networking just got better! Meet new people. Try new music. See new videos. Search local businesses. Find old friends and keep in touch with current ones. Sign up for your FREE account today!
No purchase required to receive AdventureCoins
AdventureCoins awarded after completed and confirmed registration. MUST COMPLETE PROFILE AND UPLOAD PICTURE to be awarded AdventureCoins.

Rothgar Red

PS - I posted this here because it seems there is no thread to put QUESTIONS and get answers - I did look att all the threads and see no 'Post Reply' button except here.

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/12/2009 14:24:09)

>_> Reports of problem offers belong in the "Problem Offers" threads, everyone.

Rothgar -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/12/2009 18:22:31)

The list of Problem offers is LOCKED.

The is no general PROBLEM OFFERS thread that can be posted to. I looked THREE times!

The only other threads that are open are:

=AExtras= "PayBuyPartner" List of problem offers and =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of problem offers and my problem is not with any of these - so where do I place my post and get a reply that is not an admonition that my post doesn't belong???

Btw - it's now been more than 12hours since I signed up with the offers I listed above and I have still not gotten one single AC coin.

Rothgar Red

Trick -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/13/2009 10:01:01)

I just do the offers that don't require personal info. :/

jamster jam -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (8/13/2009 12:54:30)

pll lots of pll r askin me how did u get all thoses acs i say a e extras they say how do u use so pll this how u use it frist click a e extras the login at the bottom then go to the botttom again then click free tabs then finish any f those y i say free cuss most pll cant pay if u can u can do witch 1 u want but for now u should be free once u have fisned the advertisment and u no u did wait 1 to 3 days and there u go if it downest work e mail be

bye jamsterjam

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