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Vampire and Human -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/13/2009 14:18:56)

I completed an offer, followed all the requirements, everything, still no AC's :(. I sent in a message saying I didn't get rewarded, and I even sent them a screenshot showing the activation eMail. It's really aggravating me, since it made me go through half an hour of boring useless adverts and spam just to finish, and now I got nothing! What do I need to do? This is just plain unfair...

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/14/2009 13:54:15)

The best thing that you could do as far as I can see is wait for a response; if you wait a reasonable amount of time and do not receive such, post in the appropriate "Problem Offers" thread.

Clawful Flames -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/14/2009 19:41:10)

Can I make a suggestion?

Add MQ, DF, WF, AQ, and AQW.

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/15/2009 13:51:31)

...DF, AQ, MQ and AQW already have offers available. I don't know if WF has them yet, but it seems a bit early to add them in as yet.

Apocalyptic Silence -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/15/2009 13:59:07)

Cow Face, you can access your WF characters by signing in on the AQ account on the AExtras page. They share the same list.

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/15/2009 14:03:42)

Ah, thank you very much for that explanation. With the information provided by Valane, that means that all the games which Clawful suggested adding... do have offers.

Raven Star -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/16/2009 18:56:16)

Re: AE Extras: Need like a star rating as to reliability ... and delete those that are no longer working. Mosy annoying when you spend time going through all the rigmarole just to find out you did not receive any ACs.


[Moderator] Cow Face

The best thing that you could do as far as I can see is wait for a response; if you wait a reasonable amount of time and do not receive such, post in the appropriate "Problem Offers" thread.

Alot of players are not registered on the forums so perhaps a drop down box on AE Extras page itself where players can leave a comment RE: Offer.

Powo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/18/2009 6:22:48)

What should I do?I still could not access paybuy partner for aqw.

S3phiroth -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/19/2009 0:09:33)

@powo on the Aextras page after u log in and evrything at the bottom of the scroll with the info about AExtras there should be an option to interchange between superrewards and paybuypal or wat eva its called hope that helps

also does any1 know if the superrewards cellphone offers charge u a monthly payment for activating a PIN? i already know the paybuypal ones do i just wanna know if the superrewards ones do as well

Earendl -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/19/2009 7:42:30)

Since most of the offers at my area require me to subscribe to some mobile company that offers monthly ringtones, I have a question.

How fast I can cancel my subscription? Do I have to wait for the next phonebill, or can I cancel my subscription as soon as I get rewarded? Or are these the type of things that I simply can not unsubscribe?

I don't know. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but most of this stuff looks like something that I wouldn't touch with a ten-feet-pole even if it was my only chance of surviving...

Powo -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/19/2009 10:02:46)

I saw an error message but thanks .

Sir Gae -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/19/2009 15:09:49)

i dont have any offers on my super rewards page to [:o]

and where the hell(srry) is the urinating problems on the pay buy partner one I CAN'T FIND IT

oh and i have an error messaage on pay buy partner I WANT THE NAVAL COMMANDER

i cant get ac's none of the systems work

Crowned Sorcerer -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/19/2009 22:36:09)

*sigh*[&o] no free offers for me in both super rewards and Pay buy partner.

Absol262 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/20/2009 0:26:08)

gah...i completely agree with...slayerkid. aextras=blargh. id rather pay 20.00 for 5000 acs than 500.00 on antivirus software to fix my computer after the home shopping network download made a big sign on my desktop saying ALL YOUR COMPUTER ARE BELONG TO US. (no, that didnt happen that would be funny if there was a virus that made memes appear everywhere. LOL.)

dunner87 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/20/2009 11:17:34)

Not sure where else to put this, so I'll put it here.

While I find the extremely few number of offers that actually work very frustrating, I have another, even more frustrating problem. Out of a total of 5 offers, worth 1880 Z-Tokens total, that PayBuyPartner shows as having been successfully completed (they are all under the Offers I Completed tab on My Account), only ONE (worth 80 Z-Tokens) has actually been credited to me. I have sent a help request to PayBuyPartner, but it has been 10 days and still to reply. Furthermore, since their system shows these offers as having been completed and credited, I was unsure of whether the problem might not lie somewhere on AE's side of things. I am not sure whether I should try contacting AE about this, if there is any chance the problem is actually on their side of things, or if there is anything else I can do to try to get the rewards I have earned. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Suzumebachi -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/20/2009 17:12:12)

While I do like this system, there are too many offers that do not reward the coins that they should. Also, I believe the offers should be changed- remove the ones that do not reward, and replace them with something else. I know this isn't much input, but I do not want to say something that has already been stated.

sir tom -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/21/2009 3:54:28)

Does anyone know of any free AExtras in spain that work?

The death warrior -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/22/2009 13:46:58)

Help! I have registred on many pages and played in 15 minutes and longer and no coins help how can i get them?

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/22/2009 14:03:42)

Did you make sure that you completed the offers? If so, did you contact them before posting here?

IcePenguin3 -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/22/2009 17:33:24)

i think i have something wrong with my acc for the xtras cause wheneveri click on an offerand look at my offer status page it says that i tried to do it like 2-5 times which i didnt please help thank you

PS. i have been cut like 1050 ACs because of this
PSS. i am using super rewards

Prince Arthur -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/22/2009 22:02:43)

i sign up for those stuff in aextra and it say it takes 30 min or 15min to give you coins and i
waited for the hold day i got nothing. why???? mod or stuff member's please private message me why.

Cow Face -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/23/2009 11:56:40)

I've said this before, but it seems people aren't getting the message. There is no need to post requests for new offers for any country. We've already had a thread like that, available here: . As the last post in that thread states, they have all of the information that they need for now. Please refrain from posting such messages in the future. Thank you.

To the above: You mean have "Buy a DragonAmulet" as an offer in MechQuest, or something else?

Arzock -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/27/2009 13:27:58)

I was just wondering what does Viewed under status mean? And how do I know if I won't get the coins?

LunarCresselia -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/29/2009 11:03:03)

I applied for AExtras over a week ago but I still haven't got an eMail about it. It said they usually apply within 24 hours...

Vinnitto -> RE: AExtras Discussion Thread (9/29/2009 20:50:55)

Well, this might take a bit to explain. At first when using AE-extras I used to not put in things like my real telephone number and such, but lately I've been using all accurate information.
However in spite of properly completing my offers, I am still not usually receiving ACs. I've successfully completed as many as 10 offers that I have not been given payment for, all of which were FREE offers that gave out less than 250 ACs, with the majority being around 70 ACs.
Now, these offers were all made on the same week as well, and I know the people who run this thing with you Artix Ent don't give refunds if you complete an offer requiring a purchase for game currency/etc, but it would be nice to receive all, if not a portion, of these ACs.
I don't really know what the problem with the offers not properly paying out is, but I wanted to let staff know that I haven't received many of my ACs, and worse, my email address is getting the occasional annoyance, I know I maybe should give an alternate email address than my own, but... yeah, I kinda thought completing the offers honestly and to the point would work...

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