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[image][/image]Grrrberus' Revenge

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> Grrrberus' Revenge
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Secret Revealed
Release Date: May 15th, 2009

Objective: Triskylos, also called "Grrrberus," wants his puppy back. You shouldn't take what doesn't belong to you. Now it's time to face an angry father or three.
Objective completed: GRRRRR!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Grrrberus - Boss


Chickencow Teeth

Valencia: Why don't you go and visit that cute puppy you brought back from the Underworld?
Valencia: Make sure Cysero hasn't turned it into a two-headed fish. Take it for a walk.

  • Quest!

    <Character>: Whew! I never would have guessed that Zeuster and the chickencows could keep such a secret.
    <Character>: I mean, anything bacon-related is sure to interest someone, so eventually the truth will be well-known, I think.
    <Character>: And I'm discussing current events. With a two-headed dog. I wonder if Sir Junn has time to see me.
    Spots: Arf!
    Spots: *whimper*
    <Character>: Don't worry, boys. I'm not mad at you. How about some water? There's a fountain near-by.
    Spots: *bark*!!!
    Spots: *whimper*
    Spots: *whimper*
    <Character>: What's the matter, boys? There's nothing to be scared of, the town's all peaceful today. Let's keep walking.

    Triskylos: *GROWL*
    <Character>: GAH! What are YOU doing here?! You're confined to the Underworld.
    Spots: *whimper*!!!
    Triskylos: *growl* I. Want. My. Child. You stole them. *hackles rise*
    <Character>: One, you're pretty growl-y, you know that? I'm going to call you Grrrberus! It fits much better than your current name.
    <Character>: Two, I didn't steal them, they came willingly!
    Spots: *yip*!
    Spots: *bark*!
    Triskylos: Quiet, pups. <Character>, if you will not return my child to me, I will TAKE them!
    <Character>: Spots and Spots, I'll leave it up to you. Do you want to go back to that dark, cold Underworld or stay up here and play?
    Spots: *woof*!
    Spots: *hoooooowl*!!!
    <Character>: Just as I thought. "Play" it is. Grrrberus, if you take me on, the responsibility for your doom is on your head. Or, well, all three of them.
    Triskylos: *ROAR*

    After defeating Grrrberus:
    Triskylos: *growl* It looks like you really DO care about my pups, <Character>.
    Triskylos: You may keep them, but I'll be keeping an eye on you. Six of them.
    Spots: *BARK*!
    Spots: *yip yip*!
    <Character>: Hear that, pups? You get to stay with me and Cysero! Just think what FUN tricks we'll teach you!
    <Character>: Hmmm. I wonder what you'd bring back if Cysero teaches you "fetch"!
    <Character>: Probably something like a right pink bunny slipper. With fangs.
    Spots: *hooooooooowl*!
    Spots: *yipyipyip*!

  • Complete Quest

  • Complete this quest to unlock Grrrberus! badge.

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Leon ShadowHart for coloring.

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