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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Slushroom Princess (5/30/2009 7:06:27)

Slushroom Princess

Other name: Princess Slushroom

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Right -> Hero -> Talk -> Princess Slushroom
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ash vs. the Volcano
Release Date: May 29th, 2009

Objective: Princess Slushroom has been kidnapped!
Objective completed: This princess.... is in another castle. It looks like Ash has some new armor and learned some new skills at least!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes (to highest level in party)

(8) Mushroom
(5) Tortle



*Ash defeats several monsters before finding a castle; he enters the castle, and finds a flaming flower...*

Ash: WOW!
Ash: This flower is beautiful!
Ash: Maybe it'll cheer up the mystery girl... she doesn't seem to enjoy being a frog...

*Ash defeats several more monsters in his search for a princess to save.*

Browser: FUNGUS!
Browser: My plans are foiled again!
Slushroom: Ffffffoser.
Slushroom: Ffffhank fffou, Ffffash, fffut ffour Fffrinfresss is fin finofer castle! (*Thank you Ash, but our Princess is in another castle!)
Ash: I...
Ash: ...Seriously?!
Ash: You couldn't have told me that 2, 3, even 5 battles ago?
Ash: And have you just been watching the entire time?
Ash: You couldn't help out?
Ash: I mean, you're a retainer, but man, I know you fungi types have some moves...
Slushroom: Fffeesh... fffive feee a bbbreak, fffeere. I fffforfffot fffy bbbafoooka at ffffome! (*Sheesh... give me a break here. I forgot my bazooka at home!)
Ash: ...

*Ash returns to Falconreach and presents the flaming flower to the frog princess.*

Ash: Here you go.
Twilly: Twillies hasn't ever seen a flower like this before...
Ash: I found this in the slushroom castle and thought that it would cheer you up.
Ash: Oh, I... I didn't think you'd eat it...
Ash: Oh wow! It must have been a magic flower!
Princess?: ...
Princess?: ...
Ash: having trouble finding the right words? It's okay, there's no need to thank me...

*Ash leans in for a kiss; the princess gets mad, and shoots a fireball from her mouth directly into Ash's face.*

Ash: That wasn't exactly how I imagined it...
Ash: Ow...
Ash: Well, at least you look human again.... frog wasn't your best look.
Yulgar: Ash...
Twilly: RUN!
Ash: Don't hurt me! Please!
Ash: Stop shooting fireballs at me!!!!
Ash: Okay, I'm sorry for trying to kiss you all those times!
Ash: ...wait, what's that look?
Ash: Oh no, you thought it was only twice didn't you...

Several hours later...

Ash: Phew, ok, I think I lost her...
Ash: ...
Ash: Now, which way is.... uh, out?
Ash: OW!!!!
Ash: Why would someone leave this STUPID junk lying around?!
Ash: Oh... Guess he didn't have much choice.
Ash: Actually, it's not bad.
Ash: ...

  • Ash equips Young Hero Class Armor.

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Ice Princess

    Thanks to
  • ILmaster13 for Browser NPC link.
  • Sasuke Uchiha and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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