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Syrena -> Assault on Popsprocket (6/5/2009 23:44:45)

Assault on Popsprocket

Other names: Popsprocket War!

Location: Falconreach -> Popsprocket War-> To Battle, Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> More -> To war!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ex Machina
Release Date: June 5th, 2009

  • Battle Cyklons: The Cyklons are determined to take Popsprocket over before you do them in!
  • Battle Undead Minions: Sepulchure is determined to get to that Energy Orb before you do AND take out the Cyklons!
    Objective completed:
  • Battle Cyklons: Gears and bolts and widgets are EVERYwhere now. I hope Yix can reuse all these parts!
  • Battle Undead Minions: Maybe the togs can use the skeletons bones as chew toys.

    Scaled Yes/No: Yes

    War Meter ( Old Meter)

    Battle Cyklons!
    Wave 1: (2) Cyklon Centurion, (2) Cyklon Pummeler, (2) Cyklon Ratcheter, (1) Gear Golem
    Wave 2: (2) Cyklon Centurion, (1) Cyklon Pummeler, (1) Cyklon Ratcheter, (1) Gear Golem
    Wave 3: (2) Cyklon Centurion, (2) Cyklon Pummeler, (2) Cyklon Ratcheter, (2) Gear Golem
    Wave 4: (2) Cyklon Centurion, (1) Cyklon Pummeler, (1) Cyklon Ratcheter, (2) Gear Golem
    Joke Wave: Cyklon Ratcheter "Are you as geared up for this battle as I am?!"

    Battle Undead!
    Wave 1: (1) Bone Fire, (2) Ghost, (1) Shadowhound, (1) Shake Spear, (1) Shoulder Blades
    Wave 2: (2) Bone Fire, (1) Ghost, (1) Shadowhound, (2) Shake Spear, (2) Shoulder Blades
    Wave 3: (1) Bone Fire, (1) Flying Eyeball, (1) Ghost, (1) Shadowhound, (1) Shake Spear
    Wave 4: (1) Flying Eyeball, (2) Ghost, (1) Shadowhound, (1) Shake Spear, (2) Shoulder Blades
    Joke Wave: Flying Eyeball "Eye don't think you're going to win this one!"


    Battle Cyklons
    Gears of War
    Defender's Medal

    Elite Notas

    Reflecting Edge
    Shining Reflecting Edge

    Elite Zephyrus

    Mirror Sheen
    Shining Mirror Sheen

    Elite Boreas

    Vein of Reversal
    Shining Vein of Reversal

    Battle Undead Minions
    Gears of War
    Defender's Medal

    Balthar's Blade
    Electric Powerblade
    Recyklon Sword

    The Gnome Ranger
    Electric Powerdirk
    Recyklon Dagger

    Gnome Defender
    Electric Powerstaff
    Recyclon Rod

    Side Quests
    Battle Cyklons!
    Battle Undead!
    Undead vs. Cyklons!
    Recruit Voltabolt!
    Sneak Attack
    Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?

    Yix: War has come to Popsprocket, <Character>! Battle the Cyklons and Sepulchure's undead to save our city AND the Energy Orb!

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Yix: It has begun <Character>. The assault on the Cyklon and the undead must begin if our city is to survive.
    Yix: <Character>, for all of your work defending our city on two fronts, I've added an item you can purchase to put in your house. For remembrance!

    Yix: Gather 5 Gears of War, <Character>, to unlock the boss fight and cutscenes!

  • Talk
    Yix: Let's go over the plan one more time, <Character>.
    Yix: For now, you will need to do your best you can until our secret weapon is ready. The rest of us here will work on that.
    Yix: It's your choice whether to go take on the Cyklons or the undead(or both), but just remember.....
    Yix: Sepulchure is after the Energy Orb! If we lose and he gets it, not only will our city be at risk, but eventually the whole world will feel the effects.

  • Talk and Shop
    Yix: The sneak attack has launched, <Character>!
    Yix: As we speak, the Togriders, led by General Sneevord, have charged at the masses of undead and cyklons!
    Yix: If we're lucky, they'll take out a huge chunk of our enemies, allowing you and the other heroes to finish up the battle.
    Yix: The undead are pushing closer to where we believe Balthar hides, though, and the Cyklons are replicating at a rapid rate!

    Yix: The Energy Orb is safe and Sepulchure has been thwarted!
    Yix: With the help of the Togriders, you have managed to vanish ALL the cyklons AND the undead!
    Yix: You have saved our city, and our future.
    Yix: Our city- and the Energy Orb- would have been lost without all of your efforts. You have our gratitude!

  • Heal - Recovers your HP and MP fully.
  • Leave - Returns to main screen.

    War Rare House Shop
    War Shop

    Boss Fight (3,500,000 Waves): To the Orb!

  • Finishing date: 6/19/2009

    Thanks to
    -- ILmaster13 for additional info, New War Meter, New weapons, dialogue, cutsecenes.
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for corrections.
    -- AztecArcher for corrections.
    -- Peachii for rewrite and corrections.
    -- Stridoom for new war wave images and corrections.

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