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Ice Princess

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Right -> Hero -> Talk -> Ice Princess
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Slushroom Princess
Release Date: October 2nd, 2009

Objective: Can Ash and his mystery friend save the Ice Princess from her fate?
Objective completed: Melting the Ice Princess, curing fire breath and getting amnesia. It's all in a days work for an aspiring knight.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes (to highest level in party)

(4) Ice Elemental
(13) Ice Wisp
(6) Snowball


Busted Genji Helm
Genji Blade
Ice Princess Tear

  • Princess joins you as Guest B.

    Twilly: Ok, Dr. Twillies is in!
    Twilly: What seems to be the twouble?
    Alta: Well, we were on our way back from Oaklore...
    Taros: ...and we came to the old bridge...
    Alta: You know the old bridge..
    Twilly: I thinks so..
    Taros: yeah we were crossing the bridge, and all of a sudden..
    Alta: ...I tripped over a GREAT BIG STINKY...
    Taros: ...UGLY Hydra!
    Twilly: *gasp!*
    Alta: Just sitting there!
    Taros: In the MIDDLE of the bridge!
    Alta: I tripped and went over on my ankle.
    Taros: *mutters* Who would just leave it there?
    Twilly: Hmm... this is a pwoblem.
    Twilly: This is the third case of hydra ankle owie-itis syndrome this month.
    Twilly: Which one was it?
    Alta: This one...
    Alta: Is there anything you can do?
    Twilly: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: You just let Dr. Twillies handle this.
    Twilly: How's that feel?

    *Twilly casts a spell and Alta moves her ankle freely.*

    Alta: It feels...
    Alta: Hey, wow! It feels great! THANKS!
    Taros: Thanks Twilly, you're the best!
    Twilly: Ah-ah-ahhh, that's DR. Twilly today. *wink*
    Taros: Hahaha!, Alta: Hahahaha!, Twilly: Ahahahahahehehoo!

    *All of a sudden, there is a fiery blast nearby.*

    Twilly: Uh ohs...
    Twilly: *sniffs the air*
    Twilly: I think Cysero 'sploded something again...
    Twilly: Oh Ash, it's you! No luck with your girl friend?
    Ash: ...
    Ash: Nope...
    Ash: *cough*

    *Twilly heals Ash.*

    Ash: Thanks..
    Ash: She's still as fiery as ever.
    Girl: ...
    Alta: Um... We're gonna get going.
    Taros: Y-yeah... Good luck, Ash!
    Twilly: Aww, Twilly is sorries.
    Twilly: I wish I could heal your voice, but it's not hurtings you... so it's not something to heal. There has to be some bright side...
    Ash: You never need a match again!
    Girl: ...
    Girl: !!!!!!!!!!
    Ash: Eheh... um..

    *Ash runs away and the princess begins chasing and breathing fire at him again.*

    Twilly: Oi.

    Some time later...

    Hero: Um, Ash... ?
    Twilly: Wwoooohhh, Twillies is getting dizzy!
    Warlic: Ahem.
    Warlic: Ash... the hero and I have been talking and may have found the solution to the...
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: issue.
    Hero: The best way to combat fire is with ice. I think you'll be able to find a cure in the Frozen North.
    Warlic: You will have to be very careful, the north is home to many dangerous species.
    Warlic: But one might hold the cure, as most of the monsters in that area have developed natural ways to combat fire.
    Hero: There is also a legend amongst the Kilguins, one of the northern tribes.
    Hero: It tells of a princess frozen deep within a cave that's guarded by frost wisps.
    Hero: They say on very cold nights, you can hear her singing echo out of cave and that she sings about wanting to finally see the sun.
    Warlic: If the wisps are keeping her frozen, then you might be able to use one to freeze the fire out of your friend.
    Ash: We'll head north then!
    Ash: There's a Princess to save!
    Ash: And you'll finally be able to tell us where you're from!
    Girl: ...

    *Ash heads to the Frozen North with the hero and the princess; after defeating several monsters, Ash and the princess share a moment to themselves.*

    Ash: Thanks for coming with me.
    Ash: I just wish..
    Girl: ...
    Ash: I..
    Ash: I guess what I am trying to say is...
    Girl: ...
    Ash: Can.. Do you think you could maybe try to keep up? You're lagging behind a bit.
    Girl: !!!

    *The princess blasts Ash with fire again.*

    Ash: AAAAHHH!
    Ash: Ahahaha! I was just kidding! Can't you take a joke?!
    Girl: *grins*

    *After defeating several more monsters, Ash finds the frozen princess.*

    Ash: Shh, there she is!

    *You see the frozen princess.*

    Ash: She looks so sad..
    Ash: How do we unfreeze her...
    Ash: Hmm...

    *Ash looks around for a moment, and suddenly an idea comes to him; he brings the fiery princess closer to the frozen princess and pinches her, enraging her enough to breathe fire directly at the frozen princess with such force she bounces around the ice cave until she crashes on the ground.*

    Girl, Ash (in unison): ...

    You've earned the title:
    Princess Slayer!

    Ash: She...
    Ash: Uh.... oh.....
    Girl: ...

    *The frozen princess disintegrates, but her spirit is finally free to move on and see the sunlight; before she does, a single tear falls from her eye, and the fiery princess catches it. The ice princess fades into the light, and the fiery princess absorbs the ice princess' tear.*

    Ash: Whoa..
    Girl: I... Ash?
    Ash: You can talk!
    Girl: Ash, I...

    *The ice cave trembles.*

    Ash: ...
    Girl: Figures...

    *The two are buried under a pile of snow.*

    Ash: Ow....
    Ash: Are you, ok, uh... well, what's your name?
    Girl: I...
    Girl: I don't remember... Who... who are you?
    Ash: ...

    *Ash sinks down into the snow.*

    Ash: *(Muffled screams of rage)*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for Next Up, correction, and coloring.
  • Peachii and Sasuke Uchiha for corrections.

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