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Collision Course

Location: Lim's Weapon Shop (Books 1 and 2) -> Lim -> Quests -> The Clashening -> Collision Course
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Circuit City
Release Date: November 6th, 2009

Objective: Lim loves SCIENCE! Lim wants YOU to love Science, too. Help him with his experiments and expect unexpected results!
Objective completed: Hamster-based particles?! Madness!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Bee-Bot
(2) Beetle-Bot
(5) Metal Elemental
(6) Sneevil-Bot
(4) Tog-Bot

Dr. Voltabolt

Copy of Lim's Blueprint
Bright Pink Egg
Sparkly Egg

Lim: <Character>, <Character>, right on time! I'll need your help to enact my greatest experiment yet: Lim's Had-ron Collider!
<Character>: Lim's Had-ron Collider? What's a "had-ron"? And why do they need to crash into each other?
Lim: Lim's Had-ron Collider! HAD-rons! Colliding the particles of the past, today!
<Character>: Particles? Like dust?
Lim: No no. You know, particles. Like atoms and protons and electrons.
<Character>: But... WHY do you want to collide particles?
Lim: Had-rons are particles that existed yesterday but also exist today. It's paradoxical, but possible. And I want to figure out how they do it.
Lim: Beacause it's NEAT! Science does amazing things. A lot of it is just because someone thought "Hey, wouldn't this be COOL?"
<Character>: Alright, I can see that. I think being a <Class> is nifty, you think playing with temporal particles is fun. My next question: How?
Lim: Oh, the how is the easy part! That's where YOU come in!
<Character>: I had a feeling it'd be something like that. What do you need me to do?
Lim: Well, I have this plan for the LHC all drafted up. I'm just missing the materials to make it.
Lim: If you could haul back some scrap metal for me, any discarded metal will do. I can solder and shape it into just what I need.
Lim: You know, Voltabolt usually keeps some junk around for animation and plotting purposes. He won't be doing anything important with it.

Dr. Voltabolt: <Character>? Just vhat do you zink you are doing here?
<Character>: I know you sometimes need a hand controlling the crazy creations you make here, and I needed some scrap metal, so I thought I'd stop by.
Dr. Voltabolt: Ah! Zat is kind of you. Here, let me gif you a little zomezink as a zank-you prezent.

<Character>: *grunt*
<Character>: Whew! Ok, that's all of it.
Lim: Excellent! This should be just enough.
Lim: Make your way to the fountain in Falconreach in a day or two and you'll see the experiment in glorious action!
<Character>: ....
<Character>: I'll... just.. be back in a couple days, then.
"Yulgar": M' beard hurts.

<Character>: It's very... round. And metallic.
Lim: *sniffs* I know. Isn't it beautiful?! The green light means the particles are colliding as we speak!
Lim: It's so exciting!
<Character>: Now that you mention it... I DO want to see what happens. Is there a chance it could explode? That would be fun, too!
Lim: *glare*
???: Hey, look! Over there! Hamsters of Unusual Size are eating the bushes!
Lim: Hmm?
<Character>: Cool!
Cysero: Ok, little guy.. er, big little guy.. in you go!
Hamster: ...
Cysero: ...And don't forget your buddy!
Cysero: Make me proud!
Cysero: WHOA!
Cysero: Ow.
<Character>: Cysero!
Lim: What did you do, magician?! What did you do to my machine!
Lim: If you've broken it....
Cysero: Broken? Nah, it's perfectly fine. Just give it a couple of seconds.
Lim: If you've damaged my LHC-
Cysero: See? I used it exactly as it was intended.
Lim: What?!
Cysero: L-H-C. Large Hamster Collider.
<Character>: Are you telling me you put hamsters into the collider?
Cysero: Not just hamsters. LARGE hamsters!
Lim: *choke*
<Character>: Hunh. It DOES make sense, in a really roundabout, bizarre way.
Lim: How- why- who- WHAT were you doing putting large hamsters in my machine?!
Cysero: Oh, I was searching for hamtons.
Cysero: See, I came up with this theory about a new alternative magical energy source..
Cysero: ...and I thought your collider here could prove it's existence.
Lim: Get OUT! Get away from my machine!
Cysero: And it looks like it worked! That's the last thing I need for my weapons!
Cysero: Thanks for the help!
<Character>: He's always so happy.
<Character>: And weird.
<Character>: Well, I'm sure he didn't MEAN to interrupt your experiment.
Lim: *deep breath* We will run the experiment AGAIN.
Lim: But it will have to be tomorrow, because today's particles are here NOW. I need them to be here YESTERDAY.

Next Up: Blackhole Fun

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