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[image][/image]The Amityvillian

Other names: AmityVillian

Location: Friday the 13th Invasion IV -> Rescue Mission! The Amityvillian,
Location: Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR! -> Takeover! -> Rescue Mission! The Amityvillian,
Location: Falconreach -> Zorbak,
Location: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Zorbak -> Quests -> AmityVillian
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Zorbak's (New) Hideout
Release Date: November 13th, 2009

Objective: Zorbak's Friday the Thirteenth army comes face to face with his new army of baby dracoliches! Can you save the babies from Zorbak's original army?
Objective Completed: No one's going to hurt these babies while you're around!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Deadwood
(3) Eyeball
(2) Skeletal Minion
(7) Slime

Flying Eyeball
Masked Skeleton

Skull King
High Skull King
Dread Skull King
Unlucky Doom Essence

Zorbak: Mehehehe! Alright, baby minions! We had a little mishap with the new Hideout, but that's ok. You'll become brutes as time goes on.
Zorbak: You'll strike fear into the hearts of the Amityville-ites with your bony gaze and menacing manners!
Zorbak: Amityville-ites? Amityville-onians? Amityville-ians? Hmmm. That sounds like a good title for me. The AmityVillain!
<Character>: *snort*
Zorbak: With the power that you all, as my army, bring to me-

*Someone knocks on Zorbak's door three times; he heads outside to see who it is, and an entire army of undead creatures awaits.*

Zorbak: What are you all doing here? Don't you have heroes to be fighting on my behalf?
Army, Army, Army (in unison): *mumble* *grumble*
Flying Eyeball: What do you need US for? You have a whole NEW army to fight for you!
Masked Skeleton: You just want to keep us in the case anything goes wrong with those little boneheads!
Zorbak: "Boneheads?" Mehehehe. YOU really don't have any room to talk.
Army: Destroy them!, Army: RAWR!, Army: Babies bad! Army good!
<Character>: Zorbak, didn't you tell your minions that UNDEAD DON'T TALK?
Zorbak: ......
Zorbak: Mehehehe. Go back to watching my little minions, Nana!
Army, Army (in unison): *snicker*, <Character>: My name is <Character>! NOT NANA!
<Character>: And no. They just screamed about wanting to destroy those helpless little babies. I can't let that happen.
<Character>: Not when I SHOULD be out taking care of this army like I usually do. In fact... *glare*
Army: Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgl?, Army: Weeee-ohhhhh?, Army: Aroooooooo?
Zorbak: Don't you DARE. I need this army as backup in case something happens to the babies!
Zorbak: Don't you ruin my plotting!
Zorbak: <Character>? <Character>! I don't like that look in your eyes...

*You defeat Zorbak's backup army and return to his house.*

<Character>: There. That will take care of THEM! No hurting these little ones on MY watch!
<Character>: That's a mighty nice skull you have there. Poor Yorick! I bet you knew him, Zorbak.
Zorbak: Of course I knew him! He was one of my funniest minions!
Zorbak: You didn't need to take them ALL out. You could have left me with a Deadwood branch or a scoop of slime.
Zorbak: Now I'll have to rebuild that army from scratch!
<Character>: *sweetly* But Uncle Zorbie... you have THIS army! Your little dracoliches. Why do you need another army?
Zorbak: Mehehehehe. BECAUSE, <Character>, I always have a backup plan!
Zorbak: And if my backup plan isn't necessary, I can always join this army with that one!
Zorbak: ......
Zorbak: Or I could have, if you hadn't demolished it!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for dialogue and corrections.
  • Peachii and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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