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Stephen Nix -> Dusk Alley (1/8/2010 20:14:06)

Dusk Alley

Location: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> Dusk Alley -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Damien's Draft
Release Date: January 8th, 2010

Objective: Tomix is a SoulWeaver with a mission. He needs to find Greed and destroy him. Can you search the town of Ravenloss with him and help him right the wrong he committed long ago?
Objective completed: You didn't find Greed, but you know where he is now!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Backalley Beetle
(5) Chaos Weaver Beggar
(5) Underachnid

Lost soul

Spider's Kiss (I, II, III)
Spider's Embrace (I, II, III)
Spider's Trap (I, II, III)

Tomix: The alley is in this direction.

*You explore the alley in search for the Cloud Key and/or Greed; while exploring, you find a seemingly homeless person.*

<Character>: Are you alright? Do you need help?
Lost soul: Hssss! Get out! GET OUT!
Lost soul: My alley! Mine! You don't belong!
<Character>: Al... alright. I'll just... leave you... alone.

*You continue searching the alley until you reach a dead end with a cloud symbol on one of its walls.*

<Character>: It's a dead end...

*A pile of bags begin moving slightly.*

Tomix: He is here...

*A Greedling reveals itself from behind the bags.*

Tomix: HALT!

*Tomix traps the Greedling in chains, causing it to tremble.*

<Character>: Greedling! You were one of the ones hiding around Falconreach, weren't you?
Greedling: *shiver* ... *nod*
Tomix: What are you doing here? Where is your master? Speak!

*The Greedling continues trembling with fear.*

<Character>: I don't think it knows how to speak, Tomix.

*Tomix tightens the chains around the Greedling, squeezing it.*

Greedling: ...*squeak!*
Greedling: I... left behind. Master is... is...
Greedling: Noooo... Not tell! Can't tell!
<Character>: Come on, little Greedling. Tomix here won't hurt you.
Greedling: ... *meep*
Greedling: ... Pellow Village. *cringe*
<Character>: Where is that? Is that near here?
Tomix: That name...
Tomix: I've seen it on the Equilibrium Gate, in the runes near the top.
<Character>: Oh! That must be the place behind the gate then. Is that it, little Greedling?
Greedling: *nodnodnod*
Tomix: What does Greed want in there, though? Hmmm. Do YOU know?

*Tomix tightens the chains around the Greedling again, hoping to squeeze more information from it.*

<Character>: Easy Tomix. Easy. Look how scared he is.
Greedling: ... *meep*...

*Tomix loosens the chains again.*

Greedling: Master... wants... Judgement Wheel!
Greedling: He wants to be... *awed* Human! He will be... immortal Human, he say. But... but other ones want it... too.
<Character>: The other corrupt Elemental Spirits?
Greedling: *nodnodnod*
Greedling: He say he... has to get it... first. No see him... anywhere. Must be behind GATE! Must get to Master!

*The Greedling tries to break free from the chains.*

Greedling: Letmego letmego letmego! Plsplspls gotta go gotta go!
<Character>: Awww. Let it go, Tomix. It can't do any more damage without Greed.

*Tomix seemingly allows the Greedling to break free and escape.*

Tomix: I've GOT to get behind that Gate.
Tomix: If Greed is in there NOW, he has plenty of time to search for the Judgement Wheel! He must NOT succeed!
<Character>: WE have got to get behind that Gate. You can't take this on alone.
Tomix: You're right, <Character>, I need you.
<Character>: What if he DOES succeed?
Tomix: At his current power level, Greed can corrupt an entire town.
Tomix: If he achieves his goal, if he becomes an immortal human...

*Tomix hangs his head.*

Tomix: He will turn all of Lore against each other.
Tomix: Wars of avarice and greed will cripple societies. There will be no place left in our world for Kindness or Love. Or anything good.
<Character>: We just won't fail then. We CAN'T fail. It's as simple as that.

*Tomix holds out the Cloud Key, collected from the alley.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Oh, no! A dead end and no sign of the Cloud Key. Better keep looking!
  • You feel a sense of dread walking too close to this door. Better not go in.

  • Thanks to Slayer Zach for corrections.

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