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Change of Heart

Other name: Rescue the girls with Ash

Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 3 -> Big Daddy -> select a Quest! -> Change of Heart
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Young Love
Release Date: February 12th, 2010

Objective: Young love is so often fickle. Can Ophelia's and Ash's awkward flirtation survive her being kidnapped? And how will Lazuli feel about things?
Objective completed: Awww. No Hero's Heart Day festivities for Ash! There's always next year!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Giant Pink Widow
(4) Hugrantula
(3) Skeletal Minion
(1) NosefeRATu - Boss

Big Daddy
Lord Frydae XIII

Token of Affection

Big Daddy: You'd better go get those girls back with Ash, baby. Head through the Forest of Infinite Terror to Lord Frydae's mansion.
Big Daddy: You'll come out of the forest close to it. Don't let Big Daddy- or those girls- down!

  • Rescue the girls with Ash
  • Back

    Head through the Forest of Infinite Terror to Lord Frydae's Mansion...

    After defeating you've reached the tower:
    Lord Frydae XIII: Well, well. <Character> and Ash. I have to admit, I didn't expect the two of YOU to be here.
    <Character>: You never do, Frydae. And really, don't you think you should START?
    Lord Frydae XIII: Or those two girls. So odd, both of them claiming to have my letter, and neither of them having it.
    Lord Frydae XIII: It's like they were protecting someone.
    Ash: But-
    Lord Frydae XIII: I was sure that meddling cherub was involved with the disappearance of my love letter to Queen Safiria.
    Lord Frydae XIII: But since you're here now, why don't you have a chat with my friend, NosfeRATu, while I try talking to those girls about my missive.
    Nosfuratu: *drool*

  • Battle - Fight NosfeRATu
  • Heal - Fully heals you

    Lord Frydae XIII: They're gone!
    Lord Frydae XIII: I don't know where they went! And I STILL don't have my letter!
    Lord Frydae XIII: What will Queen Safiria think of me?!
    Ash: That's because THEY don't have it! I tried to tell you.
    Ash: I have your letter. And now YOU can have it back.
    Ash: Uhhh...
    Ash: It's here somewhere...
    Ash: Er, well... I THOUGHT I had it. I must have left it back by where I met Big Daddy.
    Ash: Sorry!

    They each rush outside to find that Queen Safiria has the girls and with them is Big Daddy

    Queen Safiria: Frydae, tell me you didn't kidnap these girls.
    Lord Frydae XIII: I-I-I, but, my Queen! They had a letter to you! I had to get it back!
    Queen Safiria: I don't WANT your letters, Frydae. They're worse than the ones your father wrote.
    Big Daddy: Frydae, Frydae, Frydae. You need to take lessons from Big Daddy.
    Big Daddy: I recently wrote a self-help book for Vampire Queens and the losers who need help wooing them. It can be yours for the low, low price of-
    Queen Safiria: Not NOW, Valentidus!
    Queen Safiria: As for you, Frydae, I think you own an apology to these two young women AND these two fine heroes who went to rescue them.
    Queen Safiria: These girls are under my protection now, and I have a good deal of respect for <Character>.
    Queen Safiria: And I can tell one day this young man- Ash, was it?- will do many great deeds. Unlike YOU, Frydae!
    Lord Frydae XIII: But- But- No! I refuse!

    Frydae turns into a rat and leaves

    Queen Safiria: *sigh* That fool.
    Queen Safiria: Girls, if you ever need anything, you're welcome in my Castle. I'll be keeping and eye on you.
    Queen Safiria: <Character>, Ash... good evening.

    Safiria fades away

    Ash: Ophelia, Lazuli, Frydae said you escaped!
    <Character>: It takes a good deal of courage and intelligence to break out and sneak around hordes of vampires and ghouls. Nice job!
    Ash: We came to rescue you!
    Ophelia: You mean you fought all that way to save me? Oh ASH! *beaming smile*
    Lazuli: He came to save ME!
    Ophelia: No, me!
    Lazuli: ME!
    <Character>: Girls, girls. We were saving BOTH of you!
    Ophelia & Lazuli: *glare*
    Ophelia: Well, Ash?
    Lazuli: Which one of us did you come to save first?!
    Ash: I- uh...
    Ash: I have to go deliver some more letters! And train!
    Ash: Can't be too strong as a Knight! See you girls later!

    Ash runs away

    Ash: AAAAHHH!
    <Character>: *cough*
    Lazuli: Well, fine! I didn't like you anyways! He probably had cooties, too.
    Ophelia: We got ourselves out of that nasty old vampire's mansion, we don't need help to find heroes!
    Ophelia: Right?
    <Character>: Right! Oh, you were asking Lazuli. Whoops.
    Lazuli: Right! We'll find heroes on our own!
    Big Daddy: You know who you'll like best!
    Big Daddy: Big Daddy endorses your plan, babies! Here's wishing you a Happy Hero's Heart Day!

  • Happy Hero's Heart Day! - Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- Jamenja for information.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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