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Akriloth the Fire Dragon

  • The Dragon War: Part 1 (As Akriloth)
  • The Dragon War: Part 3 (As Akriloth)
  • Plasma Dragon Quest (As Ultra Akriloth, Dragon)
  • Frostval in July (As Ultra Akriloth, Dragon)
  • AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 2 - Akriloth & The Fire Orb

    Bio: Akriloth is the most powerful fire creature on Lore. He attacked villages and innocent people in his quest to obtain the Fire Orb. His motive was to conquer Lore by use of the Fire Orb. Through trickery, he manages to get you to both defeat Drakath, and return the Fire Orb to him, transforming into Ultra Magma Dragon, Akriloth. His defeat led to an imbalance in elemental powers. Akriloth since then has returned and risen to power with the Plasma Dragons.

    Function: Tricks you into killing Drakath. Also has an upper hand over Galanoth, Galanoth's worst fear, in the Hall of Fears. Serves as an enemy in six different forms.

    Akriloth Head (Eternal Dragon of Time Head)
    Akriloth Head (Old)
    Alternate image
    Updates thanks to Heartdragon.

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