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2 Leagues Under the Sea

Location: Falconreach Dock / Amityvale Dock -> Catch A JohnnyFish, The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Quests -> Two Leagues
Requirements: Catch a Johnnyfish
Release Date: February 26th, 2010

Objective: Ummmm... where'd that fish take you? Better explore and try and find your way.... make sure to check everything!
Objective completed: You found Captain Davey and got the key to his locker! You're just not sure where his locker is... or what's in it.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Galeocerda
(8) SeaMonkey
(5) Unicoral
(1) Captain Davey - Boss


Bright Pink Egg
Striped Egg

Access to Gem Shop


When you start the quest from one of the docks:

<Character>: ...
<Character>: What a wimpy little fish... If I keep it, one of the other fish will probably just eat it.
<Character>: I spent all that time trying to catch something though.. I can't just throw it back.

*A very large fish is shown in the water*

<Character>: Oh well, I'll put him in anyway and if he gets eaten well them's the break--
<Character>: ...
<Character>: His mom is right behind me, isn't she?



<Character>: AAAAHHH! HEY LEGGO!!
<Character>: EEEP! Where are you taking me?!
<Character>: Aww come on, not in the water.. I just finished drying off after falling in earlier.
Fish: *glare*
<Character>: Ok, ok, just don't eat me.
<Character>: Please.

  • Dunk!

    When you start the quest from Aquella:

    Aquella: How did you get down here anyways?

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Clicking on some of the chests can give you potions or extra gold.

    The answer to the combination lock on one of the chests:

    The answer is 743. This unlocks a shop.

    If you click on some of the skulls lying around in various rooms:
    Skele: It was excavated from an ancient tomb, by a hero such as yourself. Though it was his most prized possession, it brought him only ruin.
    Skele: We took it, and braving the storm we fled West attempting to sell it to a people who did not know of its curse.
    Skele: But alas, the storm was too great. We fought it for all we were worth, and on the third hour of the third day, we lost.
    Skele: Woe to those who find it.

    Skele: The cursed seek rest but do not find it...
    Skele: Seven dirty souls, an' each with his own set of misfortunes.

    Skele: Suddenly my eyes grew dim and the sea poured in, as if the ship was drawn to its depths by an unknown force.
    Skele: ...And the four winds laughed.

    After you've defeated Captain Davey, the quest is completed.

    Next Up: Pirate Attack

  • Once you loot the chests, you cannot do it again.
  • Complete this quest to unlock The Locker.
  • Complete this quest to unlock the aquarium section in Monster Zoo.
  • Map

    Thanks to
  • Latedog for rewrite and map.
  • Ghost for notes on content.
  • Stephen Nix for a link.
  • Akaseru for a note.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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