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Market District

Location: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> Market
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Weaving Emporium
Release Date: March 5th, 2010

Objective: Grocery list: Pick up Boveox Milk, Sneevil Snax, Ember Key. See if the new Heroes Weekly is out yet!
Objective completed: No new Heroes Weekly or Sneevil Snax at the Market, but you found the Ember Key! And learned more about Tomix!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Backalley Beetle
(3) Chaos Weaver Soldier
(5) Underachnid
(4) Undertog


Belarr Girdle
Nerada Wrap
Vashta Cord
Asmodea Belt
Umbral Tie

Tomix: We're headed to the Market District this time, <Character>! I'm almost certain that's where the Ember Key is hidden.
<Character>: Oh, good. I needed to pick up some groceries anyways.
*Invites Tomix as Guest A.*

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    Greed: Howwwwww can I get into that Gate?! It's locked. Locked, locked, locked!
    Greed: I suppose I WILL need to wait on that errant SoulWeaver and that, that meddling <Class> to do my work for me.
    Greed: Hsssss. They can't see me, oh no no no. That would ruin everything.
    Greed: I just need to wait until they get all the keys in the Gate, and then rush in ahead of them.
    Greed: But... perhaps they aren't my ONLY option. There are all those lovely ChaosWeavers.
    Greed: So dark, so hungry for conquest. Beautifully greedy monsters. Yeeeeees, I should see what use they can be to me.
    Greed: ...
    *A purple elemental spirit appears in front of him and Greed flees.*

    Approaching a statue to the left of the starting point, a pop-up headline will say:
    "In memory of Vaal."

    Another pop-up headline appears later in the quest:
    "The market is CLOSED. Get out!"

    Tomix: Aspar!
    Aspar: It is good to see you, my friend. Very good indeed. I have been worried. And I found this... key. I thought you might want it.
    Tomix: Awww, you know I can take care of myself, Aspar. I've come this far without help.
    Tomix: Well, with not a LOT of help. Thanks for finding that Key.
    Tomix: And now I even have <Character>! What could go wrong?
    <Character>: Tomix? ... Who is this?
    Tomix: Who is this? This is ASPAR! He saved my life. He's the elemental Spirit of Kindness.
    Tomix: And he is my closest friend, my SoulAlly. Without him, I would be lost. Nothing.
    <Character>: Then it is a pleasure to meet you, Aspar.
    Aspar: I am sure we will grow to be close friends, as well.
    <Character>: So, how did you and Tomix meet?
    Aspar: That's a, well, I wouldn't call it a FUNNY story, exactly.
    Tomix: It is a FOOLISH story.
    <Character>: Ooh, storytime! Anyone have popcorn? I could use a snack while I listen.
    Tomix: It was at Edelia, the School of SoulWeaving. And I had accepted a very stupid challenge.
    Aspar: From a boy who wanted only to harm you.
    Aspar: But he is buried in obscurity now, and no one will remember his name. He is dead to history, while you...
    Aspar: You will be remembered. He may have issued the challenge which cost you so much, but ultimately, you won. And I am with you.
    Tomix: I accepted a challenge to weave a coat using the Headmaster's SpiritLooms. He had trapped seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits in them.
    Aspar: I heard rumors of the fight, and was drawn to them. I had been watching you grow for a long time.
    Tomix: You had?
    Aspar: You were- ARE- destined to be great. I am attracted to greatness, drawn to it.
    <Character>: So what happened with the challenge?!
    Aspar: He used a forbidden incantation, and it consumed him.
    Aspar: His face turned pale, and his hair changed from a deep crimson to the silver you see now. And his eyes... they WERE blue. Now, they are not.
    Tomix: The spirits I tried to weave were stealing the life energy from me. But Aspar saved me.
    Aspar: I will always try to be there to save you, Tomix. I will be around here, nearby if you need me.

  • Complete Quest


    One of Secundus's soul threads is found at a stall where a Sneevmole is peeking out of before it ducks down. When you first enter the Market District, walk to your right to find that specific stall.

    Next Up: Silkwood Park

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for dialogue rewrite and corrections.
  • Occavatra for spoiler.

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