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As You Lie Dreaming...

Other name: Dreaming

Location: The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Quests -> Dreaming
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Aboard Alone
Release Date: March 19th, 2010

Objective: What is going on?!
Objective complete: Whoa... that was some nightmare... from now on, less sushi before bedtime!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Kathool Adept

Captain Davey

Love's Craft
Dream Whisper
Deep Stone
Star's Spawn

Aquella: I had a terrible dream while trapped in that bubble!

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    Caran: Haha, Davey was always a bit off, even when he had his skin. Right, sis?
    <Character>: Wait, you knew Davey when he was alive?
    Diawe: Haha, we were part of his crew.
    <Character>: But... but his whole crew are undead pirates? How did you escape getting cursed?
    Diawe: ... We didn't exactly escape getting cursed. We are Death Knights after all.
    Caran: Just goes to show, you can never really avoid your final destination, right sis?
    <Character>: But why aren't you why aren't you a part of his cursed crew now?

    *Scene shifts to Davey's hideout.*

    Captain Davey: Now there, Blue Ears, ye be stayin' in tha there bubble...
    Captain Davey: ...Or I'll make sure ye go the way o' the other elves!
    Aquella: What happened to them? Tell me!
    Captain Davey: Sweet dreams, little one.
    Captain Davey: Hahahaha!

    *Back at The Locker's Inn.*

    Caran: Like I said, Davey was always a bit off. After one particular pillage though... it got worse.
    Diawe: He started spouting off ridiculous stories. "Legends" he insisted.
    <Character>: Legends about what?
    Diawe: Giant yellow mechanicals that patrolled the oceans, fighting monsters in the deepest depths. Totally ridiculous.

    *Davey sits at his quarters alone.*

    Captain Davey: HAAAHAaaahahaaahaa!
    Captain Davey: What?
    Captain Davey: No, I do it on me own time... I need to get me locker and me key.
    Captain Davey: NO, I say. You cannot have her yet.

    *Back at the Inn.*

    Caran: Even worse was the fact he started talking to himself. Arguing with thin air most of the time, it seemed.
    Diawe: If he wants his key, just take it back to him. Be done with it! Who knows how much crazier he's gotten now that his brain is half rotted.
    <Character>: Yeah... thanks.

    *Davey stares at a glowing statue of an octopus.*

    Captain Davey: I want me locker back.
    Captain Davey: When that landlubber brings me it and me key, then I'll give you both.

    Aquella: *sniff* ... *sniff*

    *Back at the Inn again.*

    <Character>: Hi, can I get a room for the night please?
    Miranda: Certainly. You fought very bravely when defending the town from Davey, it's on the house. *smiles*
    <Character>: Thank you.

    *Aquella goes into the dream realm*

    Sleeper: Achoo!
    <Character>: Gesundheit.
    <Character>: Well, I suppose I should turn in for the night.

    You drift into a deep sleep...

    *Explore the area, in your dream. There is a timer at the top of the screen. Regardless of whether you defeat the enemies or not, once the timer runs out, a cutscene will start.*

    <Character>: ...zZzz.. No... stay away...
    <Character>: ...

    *You bump into an octopus-looking creature.*

    <Character>: AAAH! What was that thing?!

    *Running in the opposite direction, the creature blocks your path again.*

    <Character>: OW!
    <Character>: Come on out and fight me like a man!
    <Character>: Or... y'know.. squid.
    <Character>: ..Or something...

    *You wake up from the nightmare.*

    <Character>: AAAAAAAAAHH!!!

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Rescue!

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for a correction.
    -- Peachii for rewrite and corrections.

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