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Location: Hunter's Paradise

Quests given
Rhoddhu Hunt
Golden Cabit Hunt
Nautiloid Hunt
Scorpiarc Hunt

Shops owned
New Dawn
Note: Shop has no items, is only used for selling resources gained from her quests


Karina: Hi there!

Karina: My name is Karina, I represent the New Dawn.
Karina: We're a group of scholars who gather information about monster threats, and make it available to adventurers like yourself who are willing to help.
Karina: We are able to pay you for your service by buying their pelts from you, and in turn selling it to merchants who craft items from them to sell.
Karina: We're sorry that we can't pay you without first receiving the pelts. The income we get from selling them is how we stay in business.
Karina: You look like a seasoned <Class>, Would you help us out?

Karina: Is it dangerous? Well of course, hun.
Karina: That's why you don't see me downtown Falconreach offering these jobs to regular townsfolk.
Karina: We need tough adventurers like yourself to take down beasts like these.

Karina: Oh, Robina! Of course i know her, she used to be a regular here.
Karina: Next time you see her, tell her to come visit.

Karina: Right now there aren't many, as we've been fortunate to have a lot of help recently. But new jobs open up all the time.

- Rhoddhu Hunt
- Karina: The Rhoddhu is indigenous to the snow fields of Ameron, north of Dragesvard where the terrain is quite dangerous.
- Karina: These furry monsters have been terrorizing the different tribes for years, but their fur pelts make for excellent material for fashioning clothes and supplies.
- Karina: If you're up for it, i'll pay you for every Rhoddhu fur you bring me.

- Golden Cabit Hunt
- Karina: Cabits are fairly common creatures in the mountains to the north-east, and normally have dark fur.
- Karina: But if they live above a certain age, they become very adept at using magic and their fur changes into a beautiful golden color.
- Karina: At this point, they become very dangerous so don't be fooled by its cute exterior.
- Karina: If you can take them down, New Dawn will pay you handsomely for their hide.

- Troglomite
- Karina: Troglomites are cave-dwelling monsters. They are a danger to miners, and we are forever getting requests to thin them out.
- Karina: They are very tough to catch, so I hope you have some tracking skills.
- Karina: New Dawn will supply you with a ration of torches and a proper map for this particular cave system.

- Nautiloid Hunt
- Karina: Nautiloids are aquatic creatures with large, beautiful rainbow shells who often attack merchant ships.
- Karina: Recently we have lost many brave sailors to these beasts, and the towns need their supplies. We have to make the waters safe.
- Karina: The nautiloids are very hard to find, but their shells have potent magical properties that make them highly sought-after on the open market.
- Karina: You'll want to charter a boat. We'll cover the cost of that, however. I'll mark on your map where we've seen them recently.
- Karina: I am prepared to pay you a good deal of gold for every shell you bring back.

- Scorpiarc Hunt
- Karina: Reports are coming from the far west. Somewhere near Popsprocket, in the Shaal forest thrives a creature called a Scorpiarc.
- Karina: These monsters are very hard to find because of their camouflage, so be careful not to get caught by surprise.
- Karina: Their venom is extremely deadly so most monster hunters choose not to pursue this one, making its hide a rare commodity.
- Karina: So <Character>, up for the challenge?

- Barrat
- Karina: This is a bad one.. There is a beast that dwells deep in the Sandsea that has been causing havoc recently.
- Karina: Barrats are luring the villagers out into the harsh desert with their hypnotic cries.
- Karina: At night, the creatures sing to them in their dreams and cause them to wander into the wastes where the hungry Barrats await them!
- Karina: The people of the Sandsea need your help!

Karina: Did you bring back any pelts to sell to me? This is how New Dawn pays you for your service.


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