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Into the Void

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quest -> Rise of the DragonMage -> Into the Void
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Final Showdown
Release Date: June 11th, 2010

Objective: Warlic is going to teach you about the Void in preparation for learning about the Void element. And hopefully giving you back your magic!
Objective completed: The Void is a REALLY pretty place, but as for what lurks inside it... ew. Creepy!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Void Elemental
(6) Void Spawn


Large Chunk of the Void
Medium-sized Chunk of the Void
Small Chunk of the Void
Rotten Void Egg

Nythera: So. Warlic says he wants to talk to me. And after I've been running all over doing his dirty work. What NOW?!

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    *Loads Elemental Nythera*

    Warlic: Nythera, you're back! Good, good. We need to have a talk.
    Nythera: *thinks* Oh boy. Here we go again... I wonder what I did THIS time? Better answer properly, though.
    Nythera: Yes, Warlic. I just got back from surveying that tribe of Wind Elementals.
    Nythera: They HAVE been sweeping Diamond Dust into their funnels to enhance the power of their gusts.
    Warlic: As you posited. That was an excellent thought on your part.
    Warlic: Which brings me to my point. You've improved remarkably since your... mischief... last Summer.
    Nythera: *thinks* That wasn't mischief, that was DESTINY! Hmmmph. And it should have worked too.
    Nythera: Now I understand that the only way my magic will be returned to me is if I work hard and try my best.
    Nythera: So I have been. That magic is MINE, and it's my right to have it.
    Nythera: *thinks* There is SO much I should be able to DO!
    Warlic: And you will, one day. That's why I think it's time we began furthering your education.
    Nythera: It-it is? I mean, it IS!
    Warlic: Now, lets discuss the matter of your magic.
    Nythera: Even better, lets give it BACK!
    Warlic: Nythera...
    Nythera: Fiiiiiine. Discuss away!
    Warlic: You know you have your human magic from your father, yes?
    Warlic: That's what has let you act as my apperantince while your other magics have been blocked.
    Nythera: Right. But it's not enough. I can FEEL the rest of my magic inside me. Like it's pulsing behind a glass wall.
    Nythera: I can... almost... touch it.
    Warlic:: You're sensing your Dragon Magic. And your Void magic.
    Nythera: *thinks* Void magic? I knew about the Dragon magic but...
    Warlic: Before you ask, I will explain. I will try to be brief, as you young ones are impatient.
    Nythera: *thinks* I'm NOT impatient! There's just so much to do, and so little time to do it in. I'm... I'm efficient.
    Nythera: PLEASE go on, Warlic. What is Void magic?
    Warlic: It's more properly Void ELEMENT we will discuss today.
    Warlic: Mastering the basics first is the sure sign of a steady foundation in an education.
    Warlic: Take this tome, it contains advanced magical concepts and practices which you can benefit from studying.
    Warlic: You are familiar with Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. You've studied them extensively these last three months.
    Warlic: But there is a another major element we've never covered: that of the Void.
    Nythera: *thinks* Why do I get such a funny feeling when he says that word?
    Nythera: *thinks* Like recognizing something forgot a long, long time ago.
    Warlic: I am not well versed in the Void. I know of it, that it exists.
    Warlic: But I am not attuned to it like I am to the other elements. I can't touch or manipulate it, only study it.
    Warlic: This will be your area of expertise one day, Nythera. So let's begin.
    Warlic: You should know my methodology by now. To really learn something, you need to study it up close.
    Nythera: *thinks* And then study it over and over and over again.
    Nythera: So this Void element. We're going to study THAT now?
    Nythera: And THEN you'll tell me about Void magic?
    Warlic: Exactly. And we'll do it in the best place TO study it: the Void itself.

    You appear in the Void. You fight monsters until another cutscene:

    Come to us, dragon-child. Come!

    Nythera: Who is THAT? Where is that voice coming from?
    Warlic: Now is not the time to learn the answer.
    Warlic: Any first introduction like that should be taken as a warning, not an invitation!
    Nythera: But-

    Warlic teleports you to his tent:

    Nythera: You should have let me talk to the voice! It knew who I was! It could have helped me learn my magic!
    Warlic: No good can come from that Voice.
    Warlic: If it had been friendly, it would have shown itself and offered an intoduction, rather than to lure you to itself.
    Nythera: But it might know something about my magic.
    Warlic: Now is not the time for you to regain your magic, Nythera.
    Warlic: We are beginning the process of further educating you so that you'll someday soon be able to have your magic restored.
    Nythera: *thinks* Soon, soon, soon. Never NOW!
    Nythera: I'm tired of "somedays" and "soons" and "maybes"! If YOU won't help me get my magic back, I'll find someone who WILL!

  • Complete Quest!

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