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Seeking Advice

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Rise of the DragonMage -> Seeking Advice
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of No Gain Without Loss
Release Date: June 25th, 2010

Objective: Warlic won't help you... Elysia sacrificed herself for you so she CAN'T help you anymore... The only people left to go to are Nythera's parents. I hope they don't say I told you so!
Objective completed: Where Warlic can't take you in learning your magic, the Creatioux WILL!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Seeing Eye Sluggy
(3) Void Elemental
(4) Void Spawn
(4) Wolf


Elucidas' Cord
Creatioux Circle
High Creatioux Circle
A Void-ance Belt

Nythera: Warlic won't help me. Elysia CAN'T help me... I- I guess I'll have to go back to my parents. Maybe they'll know what to do!

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    * Loads Elemental Nythera *

    Elysia: Where- where am I? Why doesn't my magic ever go as planned?!
    Elysia: I knew I could teleport out of the way of that bolt safely, but...
    Elysia: I don't know where I am! It looks like somewhere in the Void?
    Elysia: Probably a place best to be aVOIDed!
    Elysia: ... Now is NOT the time for jokes, Elysia! You've got to figure out where you are and how to get back to Nythera.
    Elysia: You can't help her from inside this place!

    Nythera: Hmmph. I hate being lost!
    Nythera: If I could have my dragon-form, I could FLY! But nooooo...
    Nythera: I'd better start walking, but to where? I can't go back to Warlic.
    Nythera: Lady Celestia isn't at her Grove, and I don't know WHAT happened to Elysia!
    Nythera: She was nice enough, and she TRIED to help. I hope she's not hurt!
    Nythera: She shouldn't have taken that energy blast for me. I could have handled it!
    Nythera: I guess... I suppose I'll have to go home. Maybe my parents can help me.
    Nythera: WITHOUT saying "We told you so."

    Nythera: M-mom? Dad?
    Balaur: Nythera! You've come home!
    Evren: Oh my dear!
    Warlic: After you ran away, I contacted your parents to let them know you were missing.
    Evren: We've been so worried!
    Nythera: I- I- There were the good Void dragons that Elysia took me to, and then they said I was blocked for a good reason.
    Warlic: Those would be the Creatioux. I know of them.
    Nythera: And I got mad...
    Balaur: We know how THAT goes!
    Evren: Hush, dear. Let her finish.
    Nythera: And then I ran into the forest and I kept running and there was a portal like the one Warlic took me to.
    Warlic: You went back into the Void alone? That was VERY dangerous, Nythera.
    Nythera: And there was the Bad Void dragon. And it said they wanted me to be their SLAVE!
    Nythera: As if anyone could keep ME in chains!
    Nythera: And then it started to attack me!
    Nythera: I could have handled it on my own, but Elysia came and the blast hit HER instead of ME and she disappeared.
    Nythera: And now I don't know what to do or where to go. I'm confused and I HATE being confused!
    Nythera: I know what I need to do, and that's get my magic. Then I'll be able to handle those Decadere.
    Nythera: They won't get their hands on ME! I'm far too smart for them.
    Balaur: It's good you came home, Nythera. Instead of running and getting into even MORE trouble, you came to us.
    Balaur: I'm proud of you!
    Nythera: I WANT to be able to do it myself! And I would, if I had my magic!
    Warlic: Nythera, the time for childishness is past. you're old enough now to understand the power of the forces you'll be working with.
    Evren: We've kept you sheltered long enough.
    Balaur: I agree. It's time you began regaining what has been kept from you.
    Nythera: I-it is? I mean, IT IS! I'm glad you finally see things my way!
    Warlic: There is a catch.
    Nythera: There is ALWAYS a catch! But I learned my lesson. I'll cooperate.
    Nythera: *thinking* Go along to get along. And once I get my magic, they'll realize this was the right choice. I'll prove it to EVERYone!
    Warlic: You mentioned the Creatioux. I know of them, as I said.
    Warlic: They would be appropriate Guardians to oversee your re-acquaintance with your powers.
    Warlic: You have the potential to be one of the greatest mages ever. They will shepherd you well.
    Nythera: *sigh* Yes, Warlic.
    Evren: Listen to Warlic, honey.
    Warlic: The path to your magics MUST be found through the Creatioux. I cannot take you any further.

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Leon ShadowHart for dialogue rewrite.

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