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Know Your Nature

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Rise of the DragonMage -> Know Your Nature
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Face Your Destiny
Release Date: July 23rd, 2010

Objective: After gaining her Dragon magic back, Elucidas sends Nythera to talk to the DragonLords to gain insight on how normal humans view dragonkind.
Objective completed: What did Nythera just DO?!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Earth Elemental
(2) Flying Eyeball
(3) Mushroom
(1) Decadere Youngling - Boss


Uroboros Circlets (I, II, III)
Uroborus Hoops (I, II, III)
Uroboros Scepter (I, II, III)

Nythera: Those Decadere must be REALLY strong to beat ME! But I'll trounce them soon. I just need to practice a bit!

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    *Loads Elemental Nythera*

    Elysia: Nythera! I almost didn't make it in time! I wasn't sure- and then I didn't know- but then I GOT there and you were hurt and-
    Elucidas: Easy, youngling. The dragon-child is safe, thanks to you. Your mistress would be proud, and so am I.
    Elucidas: In saving Nythera, you have done the Creatioux a great service.
    Elysia: But she's still hurt!
    Nythera: N-no, I'm alright. Really.
    Nythera: I'm just a little shaky. It's a good thing that bolt to my head didn't mess up my hair.
    Nythera: It still looks alright?
    Elysia: You're just joking to make me feel better, aren't you?
    Nythera: Maybe a little. But I AM going to be alright. And now I know that I don't know quite enough to face the Decadere on my own.
    Nythera: I will need to practice, and grow stronger. Spend more time studying my new powers.
    Nythera: Now that I've got some back, I should PRACTICE, right?
    Elysia: *smiles weakly* Right. I think I WON'T be around you when you practice.
    Elysia: When I do magic... weird things happen. Or, at least, they have so far.
    Elucidas: *ahem*
    Elucidas: Young one, you saved Nythera. Your magic acted as you needed it to, WHEN you needed it to the most. That is a good start.
    Elucidas: Nythera, child. You have realized that your powers are not enough- YET- to enable you to face the Decadere.
    Elucidas: It is my thought that you must... align... your dragon nature with your human nature more fully...
    Elucidas: ... now that you have awakened the first of your new powers.
    Nythera: How do I do that?
    Elucidas: We shall send you to the DragonLords.
    Elucidas: They are well-versed in Dragon-kin, and by talking with them, you will learn how ordinary humans view those touched by Dragons.
    Elucidas: Elysia will go with you. She can introduce you to her parents; they will help you, I have no doubt.
    Elucidas: I believe they are staying in Falconreach at present.

    Elysia: Momma, Papa!
    Amara: Oh, 'Lysia, it is so GOOD to see you!
    Amara: You are looking so well. And the glow about you! I can see that life with Celestia agrees with you.
    Gervin: You might not become a DragonLord, but I have no doubt that you will do us, and our Dragons, proud one day, daughter.
    Gervin: But who is this with you?
    Nythera: I am Nythera. You might have heard of me.
    Amara: Ah, yes, yes I think we have.
    Gervin: Warlic's young apprentice, aren't you?
    Nythera: *thinking* Grrr. SO much more than that, if they only realized.
    Nythera: *thinking* Must... stay... polite. Need their help...
    Nythera: Yes, that's me. Only I've unlocked some more of my magic now, the Dragon magic.
    Nythera: The Creatioux Eldest wanted me to talk with you, to see how you view Dragons.
    Amara: That is a very easy request to accommodate. Of course we'll help you. But before we discuss that...
    Gervin: Amara and I were on our way to deal with... an issue... when the two of you entered the Inn.
    Gervin: We really mustn't delay investigating it any longer.
    Amara: Your father is right, Elysia. I'm sorry, Nythera.
    Nythera: But I really need to talk to you! It's important!
    Nythera: Wait, just wait. What IS the issue? If it deals with Dragons, well, I'm half-dragon. Maybe I can help.
    Gervin: Hmm. It may be dangerous. I'm not sure I want you young women to be exposed to such... vileness.
    Amara: No, dear. Look at our daughter, so grown and learning things about Dragons we can't begin to comprehend.
    Amara: And her friend looks... well-suited to dealing with something of this nature.
    Amara: There is an air of... capability surrounding her. Let them come with us.
    Gervin: Very well. We will be traveling to a storage facility which houses troublesome creatures that we DragonLords must deal with.
    Gervin: If you feel faint, or unable to continue, we'll have to leave you at that facilities entrance while we continue on.
    Gervin: So it's best to be sure you want to come with us.
    Gervin: Once we're in the mountain, we may face danger. If we get separated, just keep following the path to the main holding area.
    Nythera: Hmmmph! Someone as skilled as I am... I've never fainted in my life!
    Elysia: We'll be fine, Papa! Trust us!

    Gervin: We've had word that some of the more mundane monsters- less dangerous ones- in the facility have broken free.
    Gervin: Our target is still locked up, thankfully. But we'll need you girls to be careful as we make our way to its holding area.
    Nythera: I'm sure I can handle anything that we come up against.
    Elysia: Don't WORRY so much, Papa! Both Nythera and I have defenses. AND attacks!

    Elysia: Oh! You don't mean- you have a Decadere? Here?
    Nythera: Hmmph. This one looks young. I can handle THIS.
    Nythera: I am attuned to Void magic, and this creature is soaked in the essence of the Void element.
    Nythera: I might not have ALL of my powers...
    Nythera: But I'm certain I can handle this little trouble for you.
    Amara: That would be most appreciated.
    Amara: We're still not sure how THIS one appeared. If, as you say, it's from the Void, perhaps a random portal to it opened somewhere?
    Amara: Gervin will lower the shield for you now, Nythera. Stand back, Elysia!

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    After defeating Decadere Youngling:
    Amara: Oh my! THAT was certainly unexpected! But... what does it mean?

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    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for correction.
    -- Leon ShadowHart for coloring and corrections.

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