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Moonridge Knight(s)

Location: That A'Way! (All Versions) -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Down Right, Moonridge, Resident Sneevil: Genesis, MOP, 48 Weeks Later, Falconreach Inn, Restore M.O.P.

Quests given

Shops owned

That A'Way! (Books 1 and 2)

Knight (1): My apologies, traveller. This section of the trade route is locked down while we deal with a small... er.. problem.
Knight (2): Pff... Somebody thought it'd be a great idea to import brainflowers. They didn't realize the road runs past Doomwood.
Knight (1): Right. You don't want to be in here right now... we've got undead running rampant.
Knight (1): Why don't you visit Moonridge while you wait, surely you must be tired from your journey. Also, be sure to check out the armory! *wink wink*
Knight (2): You still getting a cut of the profits, Jim?
Knight (1): Ohhh yeah!
Knight (2): Actually, the real reason you can't travel south of here is because that's where Adventure Quest takes place.
Knight (1): Right, you know... Artix Entertainment's first game. They have their territory and we have ours.
Knight (1): Call it... What would you call it, Mike?
Knight (2): Convenient?
Knight (1): No. I mean, there's a word for this sorta thing.
Knight (2): ...
Knight (2): Laziness?
Knight (1): Oi. Let's just pretend I asked to see your passport and you don't have one.
Knight (2): Why didn't you just say that in the first place?
Knight (1): Because I had to get in that line about shopping at the Moonridge armory. Where our prices shine! *Wink*
Knight (2): Laaaaame.


Knight: Hail, Adventurer! Welcome to Moonridge.

Knight: This is Mayor Dolan's house.

Outside the Guard Tower
Knight: What? I'm resting. I'm tired, ok? ...and I don't think she can see me from here.

Guard Tower
Knight: Got him!

Knight: Oh, there he is.

Outside Dragonfang Inn
Knight: If Hawke asks, please tell her I am doing a good job.

Knight: Our Captain is really tough on us, but she has good intentions. She's very protective of this town. She's probably very nice when not working.

Resident Sneevil: Genesis

Knight: Hail, Adventurer! Welcome to Moonridge.


Knight (1): Welcome every-
Knight (2): Erm, I got this one, Daphne.
Knight (1): Oh? Very well then, have at it.
Knight (2): *ahem* Ok...
Knight (2): ...Welcome to MOP. The *snort* Mercenary Orientation Program.
Knight (2): On behalf of the people of Moonridge, please allow me to thank you for your service...

Knight (2): You mercenaries have been hired based on your proficiency and skill, you come highly recommended...

Knight (2): You mean you guys don't care about why we hired you or what your duties are going to be?

Knight (2): Correct. We're being attacked by-

Knight (2): Uh, yeah sort of. You see-

Knight (2): So.. uh...

Knight (2): R-right.
Knight (2): Well... um, alright then... lets move on. Please everyone proceed to the area behind me.

Knight (1): Hows it going?
Knight (2): ...
Knight (2): Fantastic

Knight (3): Ok folks, Moonridge is providing you with armor and weapons. Please line in a orderl-

Knight (3): But-

Knight (4): Well, actually...
Knight (3): You guys have been assigned to help fend off the recent Zard outbreak. Not the undead.

Knight (3): People, People, please... Ok, who does need a weapon?
Knight (3): Sir?

Knight (3): Aye, Surely you need a blade...

Knight (3): But...

Knight (3): ...
Knight (3): That's a fish.

Knight (3): But... That doesn't even make any sense.

Knight (3): What a crew...

48 Weeks Later

Knight (1): The refugees are still coming in by the dozen, but we are finding places for them.
Knight (1): This eyesore of a building is actually of good use for once.
Knight (2): More refugees incoming!

Knight (2): He's just making sure you're not infected.

Knight (2): Ok, you're good. Please proceed to the medical tent.
Knight (3): Next, please!

Knight (2): Finally... that took forever.
Knight (3): We need to screen them, though.

Knight (2): Wh-who?
Knight (3): Oh, hello there little guy.

Knight (2): By the Avatars....

Knight (3): I... I don't think so.

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

Moonridge Knight: *grin* The guys with the cheesy taste in clothing?

Falconreach Inn (Book 3)

Moonridge Knight: *frowns* That whole room smells like cheese now.

Restore M.O.P.

Knight: Cats with costumes on?

Knight: They're at the inn.

Knight: Yeah, they all wandered into town a while back.
Knight: Most of the townsfolk thought we were being pranked. One of Sir Coldbear's stunts or something.
Knight: Turns out they were just cats someone put in fancy outfits. Although one of them seems to be a bit...odd. It's very broody.

Knight: What?

That A'Way! (Book 3)

Knight: Thanks to a surge in sales at the armory, we're renovating the town at the moment.


Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix and Sagrym for additional dialogue.
  • Jay for location link and additional dialogue.

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