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The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions

Other names: Dimension Cats

Location: Lim's Weapon Shop (Books 1 and 2) -> Lim -> Quests -> The Clashening -> Dimension Cat
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Mayonnaise Cubed
Release Date: September 1st, 2010

Objective: There was a famous Gnome named Schroedinger who also used cats in his experiments. This is not like that.
Objective completed: I wonder what kind of spells you'd cast with Nekomancy?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Bear
(4) Raven
(5) Tuskmonger
(2) Wolf

Mysterious Stranger

Mr. Poofles (15-55)

Lim: Come step right up and I'll tell you a tale. A tale of a fateful trip- no, wait. I mean I'll explain an experiment I'm about to do. Iiiiit's SCIENCE!

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    "Yulgar": Can you please invent a beard scratcher?
    "Yulgar": This thing itches like CRAZY. I'm gonna go nuts.
    Lim: No.
    "Yulgar": Aw, come on. You've got one, too, it'd be good for both of us.
    Lim: Yes, but I have hands.
    "Yulgar": Ok, ya got me there. How 'bout if I clean the shop for you?
    "Yulgar": Oh wait.. yeah, the no hands thing... Lemme get back to ya.
    <Character>: Lim?
    Lim: <Character>, <Character>, <Character>! Are you bored of running around Lore?
    Lim: Tired of the same old forest and deserts and oceans?
    Lim: Done with talking to the same people you've talked to over and over again...
    Lim: ...Who never seem to have anything NEW to say?
    Lim: Me, too! THAT is why today we're going to explore alternate dimensions!
    <Character>: You mean like outer space? Or inner space?
    Lim: No no no. Those are ADJACENT dimensions. We're investigating ALTERNATE dimensions!
    <Character>: Whatever you say, Science-man!
    Lim: Exactly the right train of thought to have when we're about to do SCIENCE!
    <Character>: So, just how are we going to DO this? Are you going to build a portal?
    <Character>: Beam us up using a teletransporticator?
    Lim: That's not even a REAL WORD, <Character>. No. I will tell you what we'll do.
    Lim: Before we can GO to an alternate dimension, we have to prove one EXISTS!
    Lim: And for that, we need...
    Lim: ...a CAT!
    <Character>: .....
    <Character>: .....A cat?
    Lim: Most definitely.
    <Character>: Awww, Kitty!
    Lim: We put a tracker on the cat. Stick the cat in a box. ... Are you with me so far?
    <Character>: Hi, Kitty!
    Kitty: *Mowww?*
    Lim: *Hrn..* Stay with me, <Character>. Focus.
    Kitty: *Reeeeaaaaooowwwrr!*
    <Character>: Oh, I'm with you. But I can ALSO pay attention to this adorable little guy. Yes, you are so cute, aren't you?
    Lim: Now...
    Lim: ...If the cat is in the box, we can't SEE it. Right?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Right.
    Lim: So how do we know it's HERE?
    "Yulgar": ...
    <Character>: Because you just put it in the box.
    Lim: *sigh*
    Lim: If we can't SEE it, we don't have proof that it's HERE.
    Lim: And if it's not HERE, where is it?
    <Character>: Probably escaped in the box when you weren't looking.
    Lim: ...
    Lim: Noooo. If it's not here, it could be in an alternate dimension!
    <Character>: That... could make sense. Convoluted sense, but sense all the same!
    <Character>: And the tracker will show us where the cat is in the alternate dimension?
    Lim: Now you're thinking like a scientist! I knew you had it in you, <Class>!
    <Character>: You should also know something else, Lim.
    Lim: What's that?
    <Character>: Look down.
    Lim: <Character>, you've got to get that cat back!
    <Character>: But... doesn't it have a tracker on it? Can't you just follow that?
    Lim: We have a DIMENSIONAL tracker on Poofles! We don't have a domestic tracker on him!
    <Character>: He could be anywhere!
    Lim: My poor Mr. Poofles!
    <Character>: Don't worry, Lim, I'll-
    Lim: Go go go!!!

    <Character>: Pardon me, but-
    Mysterious Stranger: Would you like to buy a Doom Weapon?
    <Character>: Er... not right now. Have you seen a cat running by?
    Mysterious Stranger: No.
    <Character>: Funny, his footprints lead this way. Have you seen a running box, by any chance?
    Mysterious Stranger: Yes.
    <Character>: Great! Hang on to one of those weapons for me. No time for DOOM, got to save a Kitty!
    <Character>: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

    Cysero: Chapter 17: "Thumbs! More than just an indication of humanity."
    Cysero: Now THIS looks like an interesting chapter... I wonder what kind of power MY thumb has?
    Cysero: Cysero has gained +1 strange box! Doot doot doo dooooooo!
    Cysero: OoooOOOOooo! BOX-KITTY!
    Cysero: Step 1: Box-Kitty!
    Cysero: Step 2: Book!
    Cysero: Step 3: Thumb!
    Cysero: Hmmm. I seem to have a problem here.
    <Character>: Poofles! Cysero, you found Lim's cat!
    Cysero: I'm sorry, you must be mistaken. This is Box-Kitty, my valiant companion in the exploration of thumb-ical arts.
    <Character>: But-
    Cysero: Shhh. I'm about to do magic!
    Cysero: Now, where was I? Oh, right. Step 4: Putting Box-Kitty on book!
    <Character>: Cysero, I REALLY don't think-
    <Character>: What are you-
    Cysero: Shhh!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: WHAT-
    Cysero: President Lim of the Physics Platoon!
    Cysero: I give you... the Nekonomicon!
    Cysero: You've heard of dog-eared books? Well, this is MUCH better than that!
    Cysero: And all thanks to the power of my thumb!
    <Character>: Oh dear.
    Lim: Mr. Poofles! What has magic wrought?!

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