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Dark Tower Penitentiary

Other name: Penitentiary

Location: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> Penitentiary
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Mystlyk Museum
Release Date: September 17th, 2010

Objective: Prisons are not the friendliest places at the BEST of times. A prison in Raveloss? REALLY unfriendly! I hope you can find a way out!
Objective completed: There's a way out! Thank goodness. It would have been horrible to be TRAPPED there! But... where's Riadne?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Cave Creeper
(1) Chaos Weaver Guard
(2) Deathwidow
(6) Moldshroom


Verne's Blade (I, II, III)
Verne's Staff (I, II, III)
Verne's Dagger (I, II, III)

ChaosWeaver Guard Helm (All Versions)
Black ChaosWeaver Guard Helm (All Versions)

Tomix: <Character>, thank goodness you're back!
<Character>: I'm sorry I've been away, I've been taking care of things up top. What's shaking?
Tomix: ... Nothing's shaking. We might be underground, but Ravenloss is a very stable city.
<Character>: Nevermind. Have you found more clues about the Bolt Key?
Tomix: I'm afraid that I haven't yet come to a decision about where the Bolt Key could be.
Tomix: And we can't afford to delay our search for the rest of the keys any longer.
<Character>: We'll just have to hope we find the Bolt Key while we're looking for the others.
Tomix: Exactly. I DID translate the runes relating to the Icicle Key, though!
<Character>: Good news! We'll find that AND Riadne, then we'll find the Bolt Key. Then we'll find the others. Then we'll get in the gate!

Tomix: The Icicle Key is in here!
<Character>: You know, I bet there's a good chance Riadne's in here, too.
<Character>: This town belongs to the ChaosWeavers now. I'm sure they're the ones who kidnapped her.
<Character>: What better place to keep a prisoner-
Tomix: Than the prison! <Character>, you're brilliant!
<Character>: Well, maybe not BRILLIANT, but I do come up with good ideas from time to time. Like the time l-
Tomix: <Class>?
<Character>: I AM a <Class>. A very GOOD one. I have many ways to get through that door.
<Character>: Why, let me just flex for a few moments and then I'll show you just how-
Tomix: No time for that! Stand back!
Tomix: After you, my friend.
<Character>: You just want me to draw the attention of any lurking monster, don't you?
Tomix: Yes.
<Character>: I can do that!
<Character>: Chaaaaaaarge!


<Character>: That didn't sound good. Was that...?
Tomix: The door...
Tomix: It's locked...


<Character>: I think you just locked it MORE.
Tomix: We'll have to find another way out.
<Character>: But first, lets take care of finding the key and Riadne!
Tomix: I hope she's not hurt or scared!

<Character>: We've been through the whole prison, and we haven't found the Key OR Riadne! This is the last place to look!
Tomix: The Key has to be here, even if Riadne isn't. The runes on the Equilibrium Gate were very specific!
<Character>: Not TOO specific, or they would have told us WHERE in the Prison to find the Key.
Tomix: <Character>...
<Character>: I know, I know. Stop with the use of stunningly accurate and relevant logical observations, because you don't have a witty quip or ready answer.
Tomix: Thank you.
<Character>: Just one more thing. This food... I wonder how long it's BEEN here? The flies are everywhere!
<Character>: Hey! I think I found-
Tomix: The Key?
<Character>: And our way out of here!

Greed: Hello, my dear Riadne. It isss good to sssee you; you are looking sssso well, now that you are mine!
Greed: My pretty, pretty preciousss!
Greed: But you have not been a very good girl, no no no. My friend are very ANGRY with you!
Greed: But don't worry, I will protect you! Becausssse you are mine!
Greed: They just want to have a few wordssss with you...
Chaosweaver: Djyou haf been sssshpyingk on ussssh!
Chaosweaver: Djyou vatch ussssh! Djyou tells on ussssh to zhe *scoff* Sssshoulweaver!
Chaosweaver: *Hissssssss*
Chaosweaver: *Screech*
Chaosweaver: *RAGE*
Chaosweaver: Tells ussssh vhat djyou haf sssshaid to him!
Riadne: Never!
Chaosweaver: Djyou VILL talkssssh!


One of Secundus's soul threads is found in Vaal's prison cell where two of the Moldshrooms are fought.

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Occavatra for spoiler.

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