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Your Secret Is Safe

Other names: Secret, Your Secret Is Safe With Me!

Location: Willowshire -> 3 Right -> Down -> Enter tent -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Secret -> Your Secret Is Safe With Me!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Rock and A Dark Place
Release Date: September 24th, 2010

Objective: Can you distract the monsters long enough for Valencia to escape without getting caught yourself?
Objective completed: The Secret of the Thorn is safe... for now!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: Varies
Gold rewarded: Varies

(X) Ancient Shake Spear (Level 19)
(X) Darkness Elemental (Level 8)
(X) Zombie Tog (Level 7)


Earthflow Chain
Pyroclastic Rope
Avalanche Scar
Sturzstrom Twist

Guardian Fortuna: Whatever happens, <Character>, make sure the Secret of the Thorn is safe!

  • Your Secret Is Safe With Me!
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    *Scene shows the character and Valencia (the Rare Item Hunter) at the old battlefield*

    <Character>: Valencia?! But... I don't understand... why would you steal from the Guardians?
    Valencia: Hmmpfh. I wouldn't say steal, <Character>.
    Valencia: When a very powerful object is held somewhere that's under attack... it's usually a good idea to move it.
    <Character>: Alright... point taken. What are you doing here though? And what is it that Lord Valorus was sworn to protect?
    Valencia: Lord Valorus told me the same story I suspect he told you...
    <Character>: Where he locked himself in the tower basement trying to keep the Secret of the Thorn safe? He still wouldn't tell me what it was....
    Valencia: Well... legend has it, 1,000 years ago, elementals ravaged the land.
    Valencia: This battlefield was the center and this shield was what the monsters rallied behind.... I had to see for myself.... Does it look familiar, <Character>?
    <Character>: It looks... like... like a Doom Knight helm.... Sepulchure? But is he that old?
    Valencia: I'm not sure.... Whatever darkness drives the Doom Knights... gives them their power... definitely is though....
    <Character>: But what does that have to do with the Order of the Thorn?
    Valencia: Isn't it clear, <Character>?
    Valencia: The Towers were built to protect the Orbs. The Order of the Thorn was charged with building the Willowshire Tower... the Tower of Earth!
    <Character>: Wow... So wait... the battle for the Orbs has been going on for 1,000 years?!
    Valencia: Not quite.... Questions are going to have to wait until later, <Character>.
    Valencia: I still have to get the Secret of the Thorn someplace safe and we have a problem....
    <Character>: We're surrounded.... I'll distract them. Get the Secret someplace safe, Valencia!

  • Quest!
  • Heal & potions
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    *The character rides a horse while wearing Valencia's hood so the monsters would think s/he is her and follow him/her.
    In the meantime Valencia would get out of the area and hides the Secret of the Thorn*

    In the minigame you have to dodge the monsters for 124 seconds to fill the bar.
    If you hit a monster, you will have to fight it. One fight subtracts 5 seconds from the amount you have.
    You may restart by pushing the button in the lower left-hand corner.

    *The character gets off the horse back*

    <Character>: I think Valencia just managed to get away... I just hope the Secret of the Thorn is safe!

    *Scene shows Valencia standing outside Falconreach's Guardian tower*

    Valencia (thinking): Hmmm... You really belong in a museum... for now though...

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- Voodoo Master for dialogue rewrite and correction.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.

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