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Highlord Sendai -> Resident Sneevil: Outbreak (10/2/2010 7:44:53)

Resident Sneevil: Outbreak

Location: Mogloween 2010 -> Irwin Dundee -> Outbreak
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Security Footage
Release Date: October 1st, 2010

Objective: The Zardhunter and Aria need your help in capturing a live zard!
Objective completed: This is definitely not good....

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) CrimsonZard
(10) Frogzard
(2) HyperZard
(10) ProtoZard
(3) Taster
(1) Bob - Boss


Boxhelm (All Versions)
Gud Wun (All Versions)
Professional Boxing Ring

Aria: No, no, there's only three toe's. It has to be a zard...
Zardhunter: 'Oy! You're right, Aria! Three toes! Well I'll be a gorillaphant's uncle!
Aria: Look at how far apart the tracks are too. This one was running back into the woods.
Zardhunter: You sure are a smart one, kiddo!
<Character>: Any new info about the Zard infestation?
Zardhunter and Aria: AAH!
Zardhunter: <Character>! Ah, well, yes.......
Aria: Hi <Character>! You scared me! The Zardhunter here was just teaching me about Zard tracks.
Zardhunter: Right-o, yes! I was teaching little Aria here all I know about Zards! Which is a lot, since I'm a leadin' Zard expert and all that...
Zardhunter: 'Ave I told ya about all the different types o' Zards there are?
<Character> and Aria: Twenty-three.
Zardhunter: Twenty-three! Seventeen of which are exceedingly rare!
<Character>: Uh, yep... did you have any new information about how the Zards got here though?
Zardhunter: Well, uh, we 'aven't made too much progress on that front, mate. There are just too many right now to really detect the source.
Aria: It would really help, <Character>, if you could trap one for us to study!
Zardhunter: ...


Aria: How's the trap coming?
Zardhunter: Crikey, almost done. 'Ey did you 'ear that.
Aria: Hear what, Mr. Zardhunter?
Zardhunter: CRIKEY!!!

*Zardhunter runs across the screen with a zard stuck on his head*

Aria: Oh no!
Zardhunter: GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!

*Zardhunter runs across the screen again with the zard still stuck on his head*

Flashback end

Zardhunter: Oh yeah, mate! Definitely!
Zardhunter: These buggers are super fast and Aria and Me 'aven't had much luck trappin' one ourselves...
Zardhunter: See if ya can find out where they're nestin'! Any information' ya can bring back would be a-mazin'!

After battling your way through

<Character>: Hmmm, there are even more Zards here than before...
<Character>: I wonder...
<Character>: What was it the Zardhunter said when they first appeared...they like small, dark places...
<Character>: I-is that..?
<Character>: Boxes! The Fort!
<Character>: I wonder how the Sneevils are dealing with them...

<Character>: OMG...
<Character>: *sigh*
<Character>: Am I really going to rescue a sneevil?
<Character>: Yep.

After battling your way through

Bob, the Sneevil: Nooo...NOOOO! No beee, noooo beeeeeeeee!
<Character>: No, no, it's ok, little guy. It's not a bee, it's a...a zard. You're safe now though.
Bob, the Sneevil: Bee, bad bee. BAAADDDDDD!

*Bob faints*

<Character>: Poor guy... all alone against all these zards....

*Bob suddenly jumps at the you and tries to bite you*

<Character>: Aah

*Bob's body starts to glow*

<Character>: Oh...oh good! Not good at all......

  • Battle!

    Objective: Completed!

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.
    -- AztecArcher for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Jay for corrections.

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