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String Thing

Location: Lim's Weapon Shop (Books 1 and 2) -> Lim -> Quests -> The Clashening -> String Thing
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of
Release Date: October 15th, 2010

Objective: Lim wants to make a map of the universe out of string, and he needs YOUR help searching the night sky for anything unusual!
Objective completed: WHAT is Cysero going to go with THAT? Find out in the final quest of The Clashening, coming up next week!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Biter
(3) Boulder Elemental
(1) Lovey Bear
(5) Shooting Star
(2) Thunderhead
(2) Wind Elemental
(1) Puce Person Nommer - Boss


Nommer Horn (Circlet, Circle, Band, Ring)
Nommer Hide Wrap
Star-studded Belt

Lim: <Character>! Good of you to come back. After that last... experiment... I wasn't sure you'd want to continue the scientific arts.
Lim: But now that you're here, I can DEFINITELY use your help!

Lim: I've heard of this... thing... about string.
Lim: More specifically, it's a theory. STRING Theory. Very complex.
Lim: I must do more reading in order to understand it myself.
Lim: It sound incredibly intriguing, though, and it's gotten me thinking.
<Character>: Uh oh...
Lim: You mean "oh boy!" don't you? Right. I though so! Good good, moving on!
Lim: It got me thinking and NOW... Now I want to build a model of the universe! In STRING!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: You aren't just stringing me along with this idea?
Lim: No sirree! And YOU are going to help me! You see, String Theory explains the universe, so it makes sense to map it with regular string!
<Character>: Ooookay, I'll but that. YOU'RE the scientist, after all.
Lim: There's a telescope in the basement-
<Character>: That's a good place for it.
Lim: There's a telescope in the basement I haven't used yet, HERO, and I'd like you to take it to the top of a mountain.
Lim: Make a map of the night sky to aid my model-building!
Lim: Once you're done, bring the map back to me and I'll have the string all ready for us!
<Character>: Ok, I'm on it!
Lim: <Character> -- Wait!
<Character>: Hmm?
Lim: You'll need to take the telescope with you.
<Character>: Oh yeah.
Lim: It's next to the electric goggle polisher.
<Character>: Of course.
"Yulgar": May I please come down, now? I'm not used to this altitude.
Lim: No.
"Yulgar": I hate being upside down...
Lim: That will teach you to mess with my stuff.
"Yulgar": But you had a beard scratcher! I need one, this thing is driving me nuts!
Lim: You're a magical orb. Don't pretend like you can actually feel it itching. You can't feel anything.
"Yulgar": Hey, man! If I had feelings they would really be hurt now!
"Yulgar": ...
"Yulgar": So.. how are things?

<Character>: Wow, what a beautiful night.
<Character>: Hmm... that's odd...
<Character>: It looks like... a star... but it's getting... bigger?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Oh. That's because it's coming right toward me.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Stink.

<Character>: Ooh-eee! You look like a...
Nommer: Soaring puce person nommer! *Flrglrl*
<Character>: One-eyed, two-horned...
Nommer: Soaring puce person nommer!
<Character>: You look weird to me!
Nommer: *Flrglrp* I eat puce pesons!
<Character>: Mr. Puce Person Nommer, please don't eat me!
Nommer: But SO hungreh! *Glorpflop*

  • Battle

  • Heal

    Lim: Hmm...


    Cysero: ...
    Cysero: Look! No strings attached! This one will work perfectly!
    Lim: What are YOU doing here? Don't TOUCH anything! Put that DOWN!
    Lim: Oh no...

    *Cysero snaps his fingers*

    Lim: Aaaaaaaahhhhh! CYSEROOOOO!
    Cysero: Theoretically, it's string. Technically, it's a broken umbrella.
    Cysero: This is MUCH more fun!
    Cysero: Come on, Admiral Lim of the Astronomy Auxiliary! You, too, <Character>! I have... a PLAN! And I need your help!

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: CyseRedux

    Thanks to
  • TheDanishGuy for reward information.
  • Peachii and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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