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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Falconreach Idle! (11/19/2010 17:03:21)

Falconreach Idle!

Falconreach -> "Falconreach Idle!" button -> Start the show! > Falconreach Idle!,
FalconsNest -> Theatre -> Zevox -> Start the show! -> Falconreach Idle!,
Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Bottom Right -> Theatre -> Zevox -> Start the show! -> Falconreach Idle!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 19, 2010

Objective: When Lim needs a new weaponsmith assistant, he figures that the best way to find one is to hold a talent contest! With Serenity, Cysero, and George Lowe as the judges! YOU are a contestant. Good luck!
Objective completed: And now a message from our sponsors!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


George Lowe


Lim: Falconreach. A small town with BIG-name heroes. You'll find everything here, from friendly inn-keepers to upright undead-slayers...
Lim: Mad magic-makers...
Lim: ... to your science-loving host with little to lose and the most to gain.
Lim: We're talking three talented contestants and giving them an opportunity to entertain, educate, and amaze all in the name of winning a spot...
Lim: ... as the assistant to the most logical smith in Lore: ME!
Lim: It's time to meet your judging panel.
Lim: She may make your meals and store your gear, but she can judge more than who'll pay their bill on time.
Lim: Serenity is here to share her sweet take on our contestants' talent!
Lim: And he may have accidentally have turned the Falconreach guardian tower into a fish...
Lim: ... but you can betta Cysero will wax eel-oquent with his praise if our contestants impress him tonight!
Lim: And finally, say hello to the judge with the snazziest glasses and even sassier comments, George Lowe!
George Lowe: I do this judging bit from time to time because the snarky wit you get from your run-of-the-mill commentators...
George Lowe: ... just doesn't crush enough souls.
George Lowe: And where else would I get enough tears to mix with my powdered fruit drink? I'll tell you where. Nowhere, Sonny Jim.

*Camera shows Lim standing next to the three contestants - Aria, the character and a green moglin*

Lim: So get ready to be amazed by an animal act, blown away by the talents of a mechanical-minded moglin...
Lim: And flabbergasted by the martial feats of Falconreach's own <Character> (Audio inserts "Hero")!

*George Lowe rings a gong*

Lim: Who gave you a GONG?!
George Lowe: I thought you could use a hand with your transition.
Lim: *(mutter)* Celebrity judges. They may drive up the show's ratings, but they drive ME mad!
Lim: For our first act, we have amazing Aria and her Amazing Tog Tricks! Let's hope they can all work tog-ether to impress our amazing judges!

*Aria and her three togs perform their part of the show - the togs stand on a ball, jump through a loop and even create a pyramid by standing on each other*

Aria: ...

*Camera shows the judges panel*

Lim: Great job! Classic tog! Let's see what the judges have to say!
Cysero: Good choice of animal; I like togs. They're really useful for guarding shops...
Cysero: ... and apparently for pet shops, not so much for inspiring meditation, though.
Cysero: You can't really contemplate what the sound of one tog barking is, for example.

*One of the togs barks*

Cysero: See? There you go. Done. Finito. Meditation over.
Cysero: Much better to contemplate what the color green feels like.
Cysero: Now THERE'S something you can sink your metaphorical mental teeth into.
Lim: ...
Cysero: If your mind had teeth. Yours might. Mine doesn't. My teeth are in my mouth.
Serenity: I think it was wonderful! Your togs are adorable, and so are you!
Serenity: It's amazing how someone so young could have such a way with animals!
Serenity: Can't you imagine all those darling toggies running about his shop?
Serenity: I can definitely see you winning a place as Lim's assistant.
George Lowe: Those are... togs? Is that what you call them?
George Lowe: Sounds like someone wanted a dinosaur that could play fetch.
George Lowe: My advice? Get yourself a pack of Labradoodles.
George Lowe: Now THAT'S an animal with a name that'll draw crowds. B+ for effort, though, kiddo.

*Aria sticks her tongue out*

Lim: ...
Lim: ... Thanks, judges, for those insightful comments. So... on to our next contestant!

And now, a message from our sponsors...

  • Complete Quest

  • Complete this quest and We now return to your show! to unlock Idle Heroes badge.

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for coloring and corrections.

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