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The Sewers

Other name: Sewers

Location: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> Sewers
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Greedling Games
Release Date: December 10th, 2010

Objective: The sewers UNDER the undercity! Can you manage to get through them in one piece while you hunt for the Aurora Key on your way to freedom?
Objective Completed: You found the Key! I hope Tomix wasn't hurt TOO much by that rockfall!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Backalley beetle
(3) Chaos Weaver Soldier
(1) Perception Embodiment
(4) Underachnid
(3) Undertog


Sludge Bubble

Tomix: We found the key, which is good. We didn't find Riadne, which is bad. Come, <Character>! We must go quickly from here!

  • Quest!
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    *After battling your way through, you come across a huge, red opening in the wall. Inside, you find Murk, who owns a shop called Murk's Sewer Merch*

    Murk: Hello...again...

    *Continuing their way through, Tomix and the character reach a ladder*

    Tomix: <Character>, there!

    *The screen zooms in on a golden key hidden in a small hole in the wall*

    <Character>: I see it, I see it. Now to get it DOWN! I think you can handle that bit, can't you?
    Tomix: Just you watch me!

    *Tomix hits the wall with a powerful attack. Suddenly, the whole sewer starts to rumble*

    <Character>: Tomix!
    Tomix: The wall! I'll get the key, you get out of here!

    *Tomix runs off ahead, the screen turns black, and the rumbling stops*

    <Character>: Tomix! Wait!

    *The screen fades back in and Tomix's hand is shown coming out from under a pile of debris. The character runs into the scene and kneel beside the wreckage*

    <Character>: TOMIX!
    <Character>: Can you hear me?!
    Tomix: *groan* Oooooh. <Character>?
    <Character>: Tomix!
    <Character>: Tomix, DON'T MOVE!
    <Character>: Well, you CAN'T move right now, I know, but don't even try. I'll be back with help as soon as I can.
    <Character>: *Thinks* Where in Lore am I going to find help down HERE?

    *You run off. Later a scene is shown with Aspar suddenly appearing in a purple flash and the character running towards him*

    Aspar: Well, well, well. If it isn't <Class>, Tomix's newest boon companion.
    Aspar: Did you NEED something? Find something you couldn't HANDLE down there?
    <Character>: *Thinks* *(grumble... I thought he was KIND... But I've got to swallow my pride. For Tomix's sake.)*
    <Character>: Yes! Please, Tomix needs you!
    <Character>: He's buried under a pile of rock down there, and I can't shift him.
    <Character>: I'm afraid anything I'll do will hurt him more.
    <Character>: This way!

    *The character and Aspar run off*

    Aspar: Sometimes, <Character>, to be Kind you must cause pain. Watch.

    *Aspar starts to glow and suddenly the rocks are blasted away and Tomix is freed. Tomix's body is shown floating lifelessly in the water nearby. Afterwards, the trio are shown to be somewhere in Ravenloss with Tomix lying on the ground*

    <Character>: Tomix? Tomix... can you speak?
    Tomix: Oooh. What happened?
    <Character>: You got the Key. And a HUGE headache.
    <Character>: But thanks to... Aspar... you aren't hurt anymore than he had to.
    Tomix: *mumble* Aspar is so good to me.... Thank you... my friend.
    <Character>: Come, we will get you back to the Gate, and you will rest.

    *Tomix and the character leave the scene. Then a close-up scene of Aspar is shown with him smirking.*

  • Complete Quest

    Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • Hmm, better investigate this sewer door. Sounds are coming from inside it.

  • Next Up: Altar Hill

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for corrections.
  • Occavatra for pop-up headline.

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