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Peachii -> Frostval Fallout (12/11/2010 1:03:58)

Frostval Fallout

Other name: TweatLand!

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 5 -> Act 10
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of We're Gonna Need More Fire...
Release Date: December 10th, 2010

Objective: Can you keep the moglins safe this year?
Objective completed: Moglin-napped!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Red Tog

Frost Moglin
Icemaster Yeti


Twig: Happy Fwostval to me! Happy Fwostval to me! Yummy fwishes for Fwostval! Happy Fwostval to me!
Chilly: <Character>'s here!
<Character>: Twig..
<Character>: What are you doing up there?
Twig: Heehee! I'm decowating!
<Character>: But.. how did you--?
Icemaster Yeti: Don't ask...
Chilly: I'm so glad you're here, <Character>!
<Character>: Don't worry, Chilly. Between Icemaster Yeti and me, no one's gonna take you guys away this year!
Moglin: Didn't you say that last year?
<Character>: Um, probably not those exact words... this year we're all bundled up in a safe place, though and...
Twig: En Guard! Twig will pwotect youse!
(All:) Hahahaha!

Time passes...

Chilly: Let's sing some Frostval carols!

And some more time...

Icemaster Yeti: So.. how are things?
<Character>: Same old, same old.. Crazy villains, saving the world. You know the deal..

A few too many carols, and a bit too much Frostval candy later...

Icemaster Yeti: ...
<Character>: Um..
Icemaster Yeti: <Character>, do something.
Icemaster Yeti: Now.
<Character>: So... maybe we should play a game or something? To pass the time?
Icemaster Yeti: How about moglin throw? We yeti normally play that with penguins but I feel like making an exception...
Twig: That sounds like fun!
<Character>: Let's... let's play something that keeps us all inside.
Icemaster Yeti: Harumph.
Twig: I know! I know! We can play Tweatland! I bwought it with me!
<Character>: TweatLand?
Twig: It's super fun! And you get to twavel through the magical lands of ice cweam and fwish!
Chilly: I like ice cream!
<Character>: Looks like we have a winner then.

While playing...
*Growl* What was that noise?!

<Character>: See guys! There was nothing to worry about at all.
Chilly: *Yawn* Thank you, <Character>.
Twig: I'm.. not... tired. *snore*
Blizzy: It's been a long night. It's time to settle in.
<Character>: I'm going to go take one final look outside.

Scene changes to outside of tent

<Character>: *(Deep breath)* It's beginning to look a lot like Frostval!

<Character>: Alright.. I should get back inside.

Scene changes back inside tent

<Character>: *(Groan)* I should have knocked on wood...

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