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Nemesis' Guardian

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    Level: 135
    Power Level: 135, Mastercraft
    CHA Level: 135
    Price: 711,970 2,299,549
    Sellback: 355,985 1,149,774
    Location: Nemesis: Justice Goes Blind - Shop V

    Element: Ice
    Training Difficulty: -66

    Rate at -66 CHA: 67%
    Rate at 0 CHA: 100%

    Hits: 2
    Type: Magic
    Element: Ice
    Damage: 22-40, plus 384.9% Stats each
    BTH: 28 plus Stats each

    After its attack, there is a 10*(# of pieces of the set you're in, not counting the pet)% chance of the pet doing a third hit, healing the player by 9-17 plus 157.9% Stats*.

    *Your guardian spirit bestows upon you a rejuvenating gift!

    Once the loyal spiritual guardian of Nemesis, this creature now serves you! This dark and malicious creature will heal you a little bit, the more you resemble its former master! Basic CHA 0; Recommended CHA 0

    Image thanks to BlackAces. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


    A Mastercraft pet; it has the Stat bonus of a Beastmaster pet and Training Difficulty of a non-Beastmaster pet.

    Starts out as 42-78 plus 743% Stats, with 33 BTH. Its attack takes -5 BTH and deals *85/80 damage. Since the attack is 2 hits, each hit deals 50% damage.

    The pet deals 97.5% damage to compensate for the set bonus.
    Set bonus: 0-30 % chance of healing the player by 25% of its original damage. Since the healing attack hits the player automatically, it deals *0.85 damage.

    Essentially, this means the pet's attack is worth 97.5% of a standard pet's attack if no pieces of the set are equipped, and 105% if all the 3 pieces are equipped.

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