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Peachii -> Zargon Wormhole Saga (7/15/2011 21:33:47)

Zargon Wormhole Saga

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> click on 'Dean Warlic requests your presence' button -> Sys-Zero

Locations Available:

Missions Available:
  • Zargon Wormhole Intro
  • Zargon Arrives
  • Boltavolt's Lair
  • Find Starstorm!
  • Find Boltavolt

    Shops Available:
  • Zargon Wormhole Intro Mods
  • Zargon Wormhole Weapon's Shop
  • Zargon Wormhole Key Card Shop
  • Boltron Mecha
  • Surge Weapons

  • Sys-Zero
  • Dr. Benner

    Before completing Zargon Wormhole Intro:
    Sys-Zero: <Character>? Dean Warlic is summoning you.

    After completing:
    Sys-Zero: <Character>!

  • Shops
    Sys-Zero: <Character>! There's some awesome stuff in the shops!

  • Starstorm?
    Sys-Zero: <Character>! I can't believe we missed Boltavolt!
    Character: If he's going after Starstorm, then we may be too late to save Zargon!
    Dr. Benner: What's that about Starstorm... and what do you mean by "too late to save" Zargon?
    Sys-Zero: Dr. Benner, where is she? We have to know, now!
    Dr. Benner: I'll send you her location, but what-
    Character: There's no time to explain! Please give Sys-Zero the coordinates and we'll go now!
    Sys-Zero: Coordinates uploaded - thanks! I'll explain later, Dr. Benner!
    Character: Okay, let's get going before we miss our chance!

  • Find Boltavolt
    Dr. Benner: Oh, do hurry, <Character>! Find out what that flash was!
    Character: Thanks again for your help, Dr. Benner! C'mon, Sys-Zero!

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