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BlackAces -> Conquest & Cat-Napping (10/23/2011 23:50:06)

Conquest & Cat-Napping!

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Seekrat » Conquest & Cat-Napping
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
See below for encounter list

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

«Scene: Battleon. Warlic, Artix, and Galanoth move out of the way as the Terrible Twelve enter the Scene.»

Captain Munch: Surrender, ye stinkin' mammal! We're in charge here!
«You»: I'll never surrender!
Stragath: Save the heroic speech. You've lost.
Fear Drake: Battleon is finally ours!
Queen Hybee: And we have your little kitten, too!
«You»: ElBhe?? No!!

«Scene: The Dark Jungle»

Terrestria: I still don't understand this plan.
Terrestria: I thought the SeekRat wanted revenge on «You». Why is he so interested in this 'Barrius' guy, anyway?
Twig: Will dis mystewious guy show up?
Algern: He will. I know my former teacher quite well.
Algern: ... he will definitely come to rescue his companion.
Terrestria: But you still haven't explained anything. Why capture this little kitten?
Terrestria: Surely no one man... or shadowkitten... is worth fighting a war over.
ElBhe: Says you. I've been known to be the subject of many catfights.
Terrestria: ..........
ElBhe: You doubt me now, but just give it time. I haven't met a lady yet that doesn't fall for my charms.
Terrestria: Don't count on it.
ElBhe: *wink*
Terrestria: ..... hmph.

«The SeekRat enters.»

Seekrat: It's been a while, ElBhe.
ElBhe: Not long enough, you rat. Don't think I've forgotten what you did to my family.
ElBhe: I see you've gotten uglier, though.
Seekrat: I'm sure you haven't forgotten me so soon, but please, don't be so rude. After all...
Seekrat: ... my new looks are entirely thank to you, your universe, and «You».
Seekrat: But it doesn't matter. Now I only have to wait for your owner to save you...
  • Continued!

    «Continues below.»

    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

    Random encounters selected from wave four of the Terrible Twelve War
    BURP (0)
    Huge Rat (0)
    Evil Eye (2)
    Nightraider (3)
    Darkzard (3)
    Tenuous Banshee (3)
    Fundead Kitten (3)
    Sickly Zombie (4)
    Starved BURP (5)
    Exodus Warrior (5)
    Exodus Warrior (5)
    Dark Knight (5)
    Undead Zard (5)
    Drakel Ninja (5)
    Undead Dragon (6)
    Fundead Ripper (6)
    Tentaskull Skulker (6)
    Undead Mage (7)
    Zombie Zard (8)
    Lesser Zombie (9)
    Drakel Ninja (9)
    BURP (10)
    Baby BURP (10)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (10)
    Nightraider (10)
    Demon Knight (10)
    Vampire Bat (10)
    Young Darkness Dragon (10)
    Black Knight (10)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (10)
    Giant Kresh (10)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Doom Sheep (10)
    Scisszard (10)
    Fundead Dragon Hatchling (10)
    Slaxe (10)
    Dracovampiress (11)
    Groggy Goblin (11)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (12)
    Demios (12)
    Undead Mage (14)
    Fat BURP (15)
    NightZard (15)
    Patchwork Moglin (15)
    Razorclaw (15)
    Ogre Shaman (15)
    Demon Cat (16)
    Dastardly Gloop (17)
    Young Darkness Dragon (18)
    NightZard (18)
    Fundead Puma Cub (18)
    Undead Dragon (19)
    Little BURP (20)
    Undead Frog (20)
    Vampire Warrior (20)
    WereBat (20)
    Zombie Commander (20)
    Zombie Knight (20)
    Undead Zard (20)
    Undead Braken (20)
    D.R.O.U.S. (22)
    Dracovamp (22)
    D.R.O.U.S. (22)
    Zombie Zard (22)
    Fundead Shredder (22)
    Tentaskull Slinker (22)
    Banshee (23)
    Exodus Warrior (25)
    Exodus Warrior (25)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (25)
    Bone Knight (25)
    Death Witch (25)
    Undead Freak (25)
    Moglin Freak (25)
    NinjaZard (25)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (25)
    Young Fundead Dragon (25)
    Moonray (26)
    Baby Darkness Dragon (26)
    Demios (28)
    Drakel Ninja (28)
    Mini BURP (30)
    Vampire Lord (30)
    Kresh (30)
    Slaxe (30)
    Pygmy Zombie (30)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (30)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Doom Sheep (30)
    Scisszard (30)
    Undead Commander (31)
    Goblin (31)
    Alpha Dracowolf (33)
    Drakel Ninja (33)
    MechaZombie (34)
    Demon Knight (35)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Dark Djinni (35)
    Black Knight (35)
    Half-Dead Knight (35)
    Half-Dead Knight (35)
    Ogre Shaman (35)
    Fundead Lynx Cub (36)
    Undead Skuller (38)
    Zombie Dragon (38)
    Undead Dragon (39)
    BURP (40)
    Nightraider (40)
    Zombie (40)
    Lesser Droag (40)
    Zombie Commander (40)
    Moglin Phantom (40)
    Vamp (40)
    Elder Vampire (40)
    Undead Frog (40)
    Undead Zard (40)
    Drakel Ninja (40)
    WereBat (40)
    The Horror (42)
    Fundead Lacerator (42)
    Tentaskull Lurker (42)
    Insubstantial Banshee (43)
    Dracovampiress (44)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Undead Mage (45)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Zombie Zard (46)
    Demon Panther (48)
    Demios (48)
    Vampire Warrior (50)
    Undead War Party (50)
    Skull Swarm (50)
    Undead Terror (50)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (50)
    Doom Sheep (50)
    Scisszard (50)
    Fundead Dragon (50)
    Bad Doggie (50)
    Slaxe (50)
    Grabby Goblin (51)
    Drowned Angry Rat (52)
    Giant Horror (52)
    Fundead Tiger Cub (54)
    Dracovamp (55)
    Big Zombie (55)
    Undead Basher (58)
    Monocled BURP (60)
    Big BURP (60)
    Exodus Warrior (60)
    Exodus Warrior (60)
    Vampire Lord (60)
    Veegus (60)
    Elder Vampire (60)
    Drakel Ninja (60)
    Undead Braken (60)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Ogre Shaman (60)
    WereBat (60)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Fundead Eviscerator (62)
    Tentaskull Creeper (62)
    Immaterial Banshee (63)
    Undead Warlord (63)
    Razorclaw (63)
    Zombie Zard (64)
    Darkness Dragon (65)
    Pygmy Zombie (65)
    Dracovamp Lord (66)
    The Dreaded Hood (66)
    Death Knight (66)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Horse (68)
    MechaZombie (68)
    Demios (68)
    Nightraider (70)
    Demon Knight (70)
    Vampire (70)
    Zombie Dragon (70)
    Vrictus Spectre (70)
    Black Knight (70)
    Half-Dead Knight (70)
    Undead Zard (70)
    Doom Sheep (70)
    Scisszard (70)
    Giant Fundead Dragon (70)
    Slaxe (70)
    Undead Dragon (71)
    Grubby Goblin (71)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (72)
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Night Terror (72)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (72)
    Fundead Lion Cub (72)
    Dracolich Rider (75)
    Enormous Horror (75)
    Drakel Ninja (75)
    Lich (75)
    Drakel Ninja (75)
    Enormous Horror (75)
    Fatalis (Undead) (76)
    Drowned Angry BURP (77)
    Rabid BURP (80)
    Vamp Adept (80)
    Shadowfire Knight (80)
    Elder Vampire (80)
    Vamp (80)
    Zombie Zard (80)
    WereBat (80)
    Fundead Flenser (82)
    Tentaskull Prowler (82)
    Wispy Banshee (83)
    Ogre Shaman (85)
    Dracovamp Adept (88)
    Dracovampiress (88)
    Zombie Hydra (88)
    Kharssal (88)
    Droag (88)
    Demios (88)
    Teeny BURP (90)
    The Reaper (90)
    Vampire Lord (90)
    Moglin UberFreak (90)
    Undead Zard (90)
    Doom Sheep (90)
    Scisszard (90)
    Elder Fundead Dragon (90)
    Slaxe (90)
    Undead Dragon (91)
    Gritty Goblin (91)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (92)
    Monocled Wolverine (95)
    Monocled Owl (98)
    Zombie Commander (98)
    Dracovamp Lord (99)
    Kitten of Doom (99)
    Monocled BURP (100)
    Mega BURP (100)
    Nightraider (100)
    Giant Kresh (100)
    Undead Braken (100)
    Big Bad Doggie (100)
    WereBat (100)
    Incorporeal Banshee (103)
    Drowned Angry BURP (107)
    Demios (108)
    Frenzied BURP (110)
    Doom Sheep (110)
    Scisszard (110)
    Slaxe (110)
    Ogre Shaman (110)
    Banshee Messenger (111)
    Undead Dragon (111)
    Grinning Goblin (111)
    Night Terror (112)
    Monocled Wolverine (115)
    Diminuitive BURP (115)
    Monocled Owl (118)
    Monocled BURP (120)
    Huge BURP (120)
    WereBat (120)
    Ethereal Banshee (123)
    D.R.O.U.S. (127)
    Doom Sheep (130)
    Tremendous BURP (130)
    Ogre Shaman (130)
    Monocled Wolverine (135)
    Monocled Owl (138)
    Monocled BURP (140)

  • whackybeanz -> RE: Conquest (10/21/2012 6:39:38)

    Conquest & Cat-Napping!

    The Terrible Twelve have taken over Battleon, and ElBhe has been captured! Join the resistance to free Battleon and rescue ElBhe, before it's too late!

    «You are fully healed.»

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    «Scene: Dark Jungle, where the Terrible Twelve are.»

    Seekrat: You see? My plan worked. We have done what the Sinister Seven could not: we have conquered Battleon!
    Seekrat: But my revenge is not yet complete.
    Algern: Hold it, SeekRat. We had a deal. «You» is out of the picture now, as we agreed...
    Seekrat: Patience, Algern. We both have business with Barrius. And when he arrives, we can take care of things.
    Queen Hybee: How do you know he'll even show up?
    Terrestria: I hope he doesn't. I've always wanted a little kitty...
    ElBhe: Mehehe. See? I told you, worm-woman. No lady can resist my charms.
    Terrestria: ... ugh. Come to think of it, I don't even know why I said something like that...
    ElBhe: I'll have to market this talent of mine, somehow. Maybe as a line of body sprays for men.
    ElBhe: Shadowkitten body spray. Because the shadowkittens make the wimminz go "dawwwww."
    Seekrat: SILENCE! I didn't give you permission to speak!
    Seekrat: Now then, we must make certain that «You» is kept from reaching us...
    Tyranna: But we have captured Battleon! «You» is surrounded by our armies!
    Seekrat: Do not underestimate the adventurers of Battleon. Underestimating them is precisely why they have beaten you all before.
    Seekrat: Now then, we must take strides to ensure...
    Stragath: Wait. Where is the rodent?
    Seekrat: Twig? Probably enjoying his ice cream. Let's get back to the plan, shall we?
    Stragath: Right...

    «Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: «You» in prison. A Guard (a Monocled Wolverine) enters.»

    Guard: You have a visitor.
    «You»: Great. Send 'em on in. I've got nothing better to do. Oh-- Is lunch today going to be the brown sludge or the white sludge?
    Guard: I believe it is GREEN today, prisoner...

    «Twig enters.»

    «You»: Twig! What are you doing here? Why did you help those people?
    Twig: They said we were being scawy... they gave me ice cweam...
    Twig: But they were being mean for weal!

    «Scene zooms in on Twig, who is crying. Scene zooms out.»

    «You»: ... oh, Twig... don't cry...
    Twig: And I helped them be mean to evewyone...

    «Twig cries and the room fills with his tears.»

    «You»: Twig, stop! You'll flood the room at the rate you're crying!

    «A piranha pops out of nowhere and swims away.»

    «You»: .........
    Guard: .........
    «You»: Better hold my breath...

    «Twig continues to cry and the water level rises further as the Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Battleon.»

    «You»: That was awful... Never do that again, Twig.
    Twig: But--
    «You»: I know you were sad, but please don't cry. We almost drowned in there.
    «You»: And I'm pretty sure it gave new meaning to the concept of getting trout-slapped.
    Twig: Sowwy.
    «You»: It's okay. At least I'm freed now... even if it was the strangest escape ever. Deus Ex... Trout?
    «You»: Anyways, now we need to free everyone else, and push these armies out of Battleon for good!
    To War!

    Retake Battleon!
    Now that you've escaped captivity, it's time to fight back! Push the Terrible Twelve's armies out of Battleon for good!
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian mission!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand.

    Artix Krieger the Paladin will join you in battle!
    Dadric the Martial Artist will help you in battle!
    Lavistria of the Elves will help you in battle!

    Twilly: Uh-oh's!! Twilly's is upset! Where did this army comes from??
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
    To Battle!

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    «Scene: Dark Jungle, where the Terrible Twelve minus one are. Guard enters.»

    Guard: My lord, the adventurers have escaped and are decimating our forces in Battleon.
    Seekrat: WHAT!?!
    Seekrat: Come with me, all of you. We're taking direct command of our forces and finishing those pesky adventurers off.
    Tyranna: What about the cat? We can't leave him undefended.
    Terrestria: I'll watch him! I can make sure he's well-fed and cared for and...
    ElBhe: And you'll snuggle me, like the kitten you've always wanted?
    Terrestria: ...ugh. I keep saying such strange things. What sorcery is this?
    ElBhe: There is no sorcery involved. Only my irresistible adorableness.
    Seekrat: Shut up, both of you! Algern can watch over ElBhe.
    Seekrat: Let's get moving. I will not have «You» escape my revenge, not after all this work!

    «All but Algern and ElBhe leave. After they do so, Scene zooms in on Algern cutting ElBhe's leash and then zooms out.»

    ElBhe: I take it you have been wooed by my charms, too?
    Algern: You know why I'm letting you go. I want to prove to Barrius that my method is truly superior.
    ElBhe: You know he won't fight you. He won't fight anyone he considers weak.
    ElBhe: And you proved yourself weak when you refused to complete the ceremony.
    Algern: I needn't allow myself to be possessed to be a powerful shadow warrior. And he will fight me... if I have you.
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
      Optional Full Heal after battle #8
    See below for encounter list. All battles come from 1 wave and the wave is selected at random.

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Seekrat...
    Seekrat: «You»! You will go no further!
    «You»: We'll just see about that, garbage-eater.
    Seekrat: .......... Garbage-eater? Seriously?
    «You»: It's all I could come up with on short notice. Rats eat garbage, right?
    Seekrat: I suppose. A lot of them do, yes. I prefer to eat---
    Seekrat: -- YOU!!
  • Battle with Dadric's help!
  • Battle with Lavistria's help!
  • Battle with Artix's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice«You»: Whew. That's it. We've beaten back the Terrible Twelve!
    «You»: Now I'd better find ElBhe...
    ElBhe: No need!

    «Algern and ElBhe enter.»

    «You»: ElBhe! You're alright! But why is one of the Terrible Twelve with you?
    Algern: Do not pin me up with those fools.
    ElBhe: Algern released me. The rest of the Terrible Twelve left me alone with him to help their armies maintain control of Battleon.
    «You»: Well, uh... thanks, Algern?
    Algern: I did not release him for you. I have my own plans, and they require his help.
    Algern: I shall waste no time on you. My target is Barrius.
    «You»: Who is Barrius?
    ElBhe: My owner. I am Barrius's shadow self.
    «You»: Oh, okay. Wait, you have an owner? Where has he been all this time, anyways?

    «Algern turns.»

    Algern: Wait.... I sense him.... has he gone to their hideout after all?

    «Algern leaves.»

    «You»: ... did he just forget we were here?
    ElBhe: Apparently. Let's hope he keeps forgetting, «You»!
    Terrible 12

    Shop Weapons:
  • SplitRend Lance I
  • Scythe of FreeZing Winds
  • Scythe of Gelid Winds
  • SplitRend Lance II
  • SplitRend Lance G I
  • SplitRend Lance III
  • SplitRend Lance G II
  • SplitRend Lance Z
  • Scythe of Wintry Winds
  • Scythe of Arctic Winds
  • SplitRend Lance IV
  • Scythe of FroZen Winds
  • Scythe of Polar Winds
  • Scythe of Glacial Winds

    Shop Shields:
  • Magnetic Barrier
  • Magentic Guard
  • Magnetic Shield Z
  • Magnetic Bulwark
  • Magnetic Defender
  • Magnetic Protector
  • Magnetic Guardian
    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf
    Guardian Mission!

    The forces arrayed against Battleon are overwhelming, so taking risks may be the only way to win the day! Will YOU take a risk and sneak behind enemy lines to reduce their numbers?
  • Go!
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
    See below for encounter list all battles come from 1 wave and the wave is selected at random

    A commander appears!
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Wave One
    Wave Two
    Wave Three
    Wave Four

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