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Peachii -> Biggest Thankstaking Ever!, The (11/24/2011 3:16:31)

The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!

Other name: A HUGE Feast

Location: Thankstaking 2011 -> Robina -> A HUGE Feast!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 23rd, 2011

Objective: That Turducken is huuuuuuuuuge!
Objective completed: That Turducken is huuuuuuuuuge!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Bad Apple
(2) Carrotstein
(4) Chocolate Moose
(5) Cranbatty
(5) Death By Chocolate
(1) Devildog
(1) Fork
(7) Jellatinous Cube
(1) Knife
(5) Slimed Potatoes
(2) Spoon
(2) Turkeylime Pie
(2) Unbread Zombie

Dr. Voltabolt

Blade Z-5120 Mach (All Versions)
Staff Z-5120 Mach (All Versions)
Dagger Z-5120 Mach (All Versions)

<Character>: Oishii, that's the last of it.
<Character>: The cornucopia is filled with fruit, Yulgar sent some smoothies, and all the plates are out.
Robina: Couldn't Yulgar come?
<Character>: No, he said he would have come, but for some reason Battleon was overrun by wild boars.
???: Again viz ze feazt of exzezz?
<Character>: !!!
Dr. Voltabolt: You haff no idea how bad that can be for your health. Even your turkey iz bad for you.
<Character>: Oh, come on, you know slipping into a tryptophan induced coma after a big thanksgiving meal is a tradition!
Dr. Voltabolt: I vill haff you know, turkey has no more or less tryptophan than any other fowl.
<Character>: Just promise me you aren't going to find some way to ruin this feast.
<Character>: Two years ago it was turducken. I still shudder at the mess that left.
Dr. Voltabolt: No, I zhall not ruin zis feast. I zhall aid it!
<Character>: And HOW exactly do you plan to aid it?
Dr. Voltabolt: Oh, like zis.

Dr. Voltabolt takes out his shrink gun and zaps everyone, reducing their size

<Character>: Oh.
<Character>: Like that.
<Character>: *Sigh* Here we go again.
Oishii: Look. At the size. Of that turkey. YUM!!!!
Robina: We can't eat yet, we've got to find our way off of this table and get help!
Oishii: *Pout*

After you've found the turducken:
<Character>: Oi... now where did that old--
???: Ooohh look! Party favors!
Cysero: Little miniature heroes! How COOL!
<Character>: No, Cysero, it's ME! Dr. Voltabolt zapped us and made us tiny!
Cysero: Oh. Well, look on the bright side. You can eat your fill and you won't even make a dent in the food!
<Character>: Cysero, isn't there SOMETHING you can do to get us to the right size?
Cysero: Sure hang on a moment.

Using his magic potion Cysero turns everyone back to normal, but he accidentally spills onto the turkey

Cysero: Woops, butterfingers!
Robina: What happens if that stuff gets on the turkey too?


Cysero: Well, on the bright side, you're back to normal size.
<Character>: Cysero!!!!!
Cysero: Happy Thankstaking!

  • Complete Quest


    Directions to complete:

    Entrance -> 2 Right -> 2 Up -> Down -> Left -> Up -> Right -> Down -> Right -> 2 Up -> Down -> Right -> 2 Up -> Right -> Down -> Right -> 2 Up

    Thanks to SalvationXI for correction.

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