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Maegwyn -> =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:05:29)

Huge thanks to Plasma Charge for putting together this index separating seasonal rares from perma-rares here

While pondering the selections for Flavescent Friday, Korin came up with the idea of just asking you guys what rare mecha models you would like to see return for NGs.

What would YOU want? Let us know!

Plasma Charge -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:11:27)

I personally would like to see the old shadow purge weapons come back, they have a really unique effect that would help a lot of the newer generation of players.
Other than those there aren't many other weapons that I think are as needed, the AvP war mechas would make a nice addition too.

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:17:47)

Only rare mechas?

Anyhow, my entire list...

Mecha Fryers, Raider/Eagle (unlikely, I know), Prismators, Firework Machine, Resolution (FS&BS), Blundergat, go up to level 42 with SC & NSC Khael Serpents, and Dazzler, higher level Ace Cards.

For those looking, last year's DNs:


MQ's very first annual Flavescent Friday is finally here! Visit Soluna for tons of discounted weapons and mecha models! There are even a few rare weapons from back in the day!

(Flavescent?? It's a real word, meaning a color, defined as "yellow, yellowish, or turning yellow." A symbol of Autumn in areas where the trees change the color of their leaves.)

It was difficult to decide what-all to discount this year - we listened to you on the forums and included as much as was both reasonable and feasible. Re-releasing rares is a tricky proposition, and we wanted to be fair to those who love their weapons that are no longer available in shops while still providing something special. There's a lot of lively discussion on the forums and I hope you'll join in! The main purpose of this shop is to provide items at a discount, so I think we succeeded - there are a LOT of items and mecha models!

My fingers are quite literally numb - actually the tops of my hands, starting around the wrist area. This was a LOT of list-making and typing in the database to get all the prices slashed - and to keep records of the original prices for Sunday at 11AM Server Time, when the shops close and the typing begins again to put them all back to their originals! This shop turned into what Korin called my "baby" - I consulted with him, Warlic, and Vivi plus with you-all on the forums, so I can't really take all the credit. Except for one thing - the typing. I did all the typing. Vivi caught a mistake in pricing before everything went Live and I did the Zorbo dance around the dining room thinking that might be the only error. I made a few more, as it turned out ... I think I closed a window with un-updated tabs prematurely, was what happened. I had 8 windows open in the database with up to 20 tabs per window. I would like to thank some people who alerted me via IRC to those post-release mistakes in the price-slashing - you would recognize them as ZanpakuT˘ and zeke50100 on the forums. Thanks!

I think you should go visit the shops in Soluna to see what's there because there is no way I'm typing out lists - haha! Geekatron chassis! RARE AvP weapons! And MORE!

I did make L33 versions of the Khael series mecha models for NSC, SC, and NG, and an extra NG model at L42 - these have the slashed prices, and will go into the regular shops at regular price when the Flavescent Friday sale ends.

I would have liked to make some higher-level versions of non-rare weapons for this but instead what I'd like to do is to get your input on the forums of what non-rare (available in the game) weapons you would like to see get higher level versions. (Not new specials - that would be a separate project - just higher levels.) And if we make a separate forum thread for that, the link will be on the forums!

@Plasma Charge
Thanks for list... I'll go do that with mine, perhaps. (and congrats on new title. ;))

DragonUltraMaster -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:22:06)

I only have one rare mecha *as I'm awear of* and that's ChronoMech , so that one from me to you :3


Plasma Charge -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:24:36)

Thanks! =D

also I doubt they'll do Prismators two years in a row... that said I wouldn't mind getting one!
Actually I'd love to see the new year sparkler mech, it looked really cool!

I doubt that will happen ever!

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:48:07)

Yeah, not likely. =P

There has never been a new year's mecha as far as I know... If you mean striker, than that was from 4oJ.

I wouldn't mind also seeing the Candle Mods from last Anniversary, more accuracy is good and they were nice mods.
On an uprelated note, Index of Mecha Mods now has a rares section.

Plasma Charge -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:52:06)

wow that was fast!
and yeah I meant the 4oJ striker series

AsayakeSnow -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 17:59:22)

Yes please the Eagle. Or Derpmachine. Or Deflagrator.

Also, turkey talon please.

Plasma Charge -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:01:20)

I'd veto the Derpmachine due to the one day rare factor, the rest would be cool though! =)

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:18:25)

Agreed with no Derpmachine. It was a 1 day rare, it should not return.

Another suggestions: Some of the AvP rares, such as a higher level (or current level, it is pretty cool) Admirals's Cutlass and the Captain's Anchor Toss Series.

ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:21:35)

Eagle seems nice - for SCs and not us. I'm half agreeing on that.

And maybe the Lucky Nubertron since that was what I used to pull through half my MQ life but I had to sell it since I outgrew it. But since that's the case then I hope for a higher level version.

But the one that I want the most it's definitely the Liberty Mech, if it's gonna come back at all.

btw I think when you say NGs is it priced at the usual of 1k or the usual 2k+?

Higher levelled Jameson, Ace Cards, Solar Maces(Y U NO HAV LEVEL 45?) and AvP weapons would be nice. Level 45 Yokai weapons would seem nice but not necessary.

But I'm not surprised if everything that's coming out are SCs only since I think I'm the only NSC alive on the forums [:D]

@ppl below Why ask for Chill Mecha/Shadowhawk? They're coming back anyway. 0_0ps?

yoyoboy X -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:21:52)

Hmm how about the.......oh i know that reaper mecha that was a monthly rare!
Oh and that lucky wolfblade/mystraven/runehawk from st particks day
And most important of all the Chill Mecha! *tries to breathe* [X(]

kim346 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:23:27)

any mods are fine with me

PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:24:58)

No. Not the Prismators. Those are too good for everyone. Never. Never. Never. Never. Never.

Especially in the likes of the people here on the forums.

The only one I'd like is Shadow purge, but I know that that's far too good for everyone to have again. People need to understand that their delusional desires will destroy the game's already zany metagame.

This is what should be on the NO LIST:

  • Eagle
  • Prismator
  • Raider
  • 2009 Clowns
  • Mecha Fryers
  • SCMM's - Any and all of them restricted
  • Shadow Purge/Blight
  • BallDrop Mace
  • Blundergats
  • 2010 4oJ
  • Promos
  • Ticklish Zorbo AND Santa Zorbo
  • Frostvale Gifts 2010
  • Web Cannons from 2009 Zargon Preview
  • Solar Panels
  • Wicked Pumpkins
  • NG Deflagorators

  • Destroy8r9 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:29:17)

    the sdf mechas the sparkler series shadowhawk i want it cheap the eagle and for weps blundergat those letter weapons from the first traveler shop the maypole weapons the dna discombobualtor the generic cloverblade and the mechafryers

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:33:45)

    Serious Gatling, and some other 1st Traveler weapons perhaps?
    Maypole would be a good idea too. What about Leaf Blowers?

    Astroking112 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:39:11)

    If Eagle comes back, I will buy NGs and purchase it, no matter the cost. I love that Eagle.

    ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:47:43)

    @PD All of those weapons suggested by you are perma-rares, yes? If we follow that regime we are now restricted to suggesting Traveller's Weapons for the event to be re-released, or some other holiday rare that's coming back. Then what's the point of Flavescent Friday? In that case I am back to promoting my idea for the Lucky Nubertron, unless War Rares that are not really that OP are not permitted as well, in a higher level, or in any other form be it SC or NG.

    But how much is the NG cost gonna be? 1k or 2k or more expensive since they're not coming back?

    PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 18:51:51)

    @zccheng97: The Point of Flavascent Friday is to buy stuff at extremely low prices. Doesn't mean that's inherently a right to ask for game breaking rares.

    ... And there are plenty of items that are perma rare that aren't in the above list. 10 series of rares does not equate to 50% of MQ.

    If you really wish to have no restriction of choice, fine by me. We'll just have harder enemies.

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:00:35)

    Without such rares, it will be impossible for new players to defeat harder enemies, such as the new X-Treme enemies.

    Anyhow, it is too late for Mecha Fryer, it has been rereleased.

    PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:05:32)

    X-Extreme Enemies are optional. They're not required to fight. Don't see where you'd need those specific rares to beat what's already in the game as far as non-rare content.

    Do you really think that people need the Deflagorator's kind of power to get through the game's basic storyline? No. You can do it with far weaker equipment.

    shattered17 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:13:28)

    I would pick the Pyro Tank-Nics simply because I missed it the first time.

    Incinerator1 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:13:39)

    I wouldn't mind if a couple SCMM would be rereleased like the Nemesis or the Blademaster since I never got the chance to get them. :P

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:14:36)

    Optional, but still. If current enemies are any standard to measure by, in the future we very well may have an enemy strong enough to require such weapons. Even Teravolt can be hard for those without a few rares.

    PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:19:26)

    I don't see any enemy requiring a stunlock to beat at normal mode. Or a 500% DPT to beat. Or Perma-Missing Nerfs. Nor do I see it in the future.

    If any enemy is too hard, why not just ask for a nerf instead of just continuing a vicious cycle? Making rediculously overpowered rares to beat rediculously overpowered rares only fuels a vicious cycle. You should stop and think why every recent enemy now has 100 inherent bonus along with auto-stun resistance.

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